2024 awards won by BNAPS members

To acknowledge the philatelic endeavours of BNAPS members and their success in exhibiting BNA material, we list the awards they have won.

The listing covers exhibit awards for BNA exhibits and BNA literature at National exhibitions in Canada and the United States and FIP-sponsored International exhibitions. It also covers non-exhibit awards that recognize the philatelic achievements of members.

Many exhibitions use a points-based system to evaluate exhibits. A number after a medal is the number of points the exhibit was awarded.

If you think we've missed any, let us know. Contact Adri Veenstra (email: a.veenstra@chello.nl) who compiled the listings.

2024 BNAPS member awards, Part I - Jan.-Mar.

2024 Spring National Stamp Show, Edmonton, AB, 23-24 March 2024

Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Large Gold/91, APS Award of Excellence (1940-1980), BNAPS Best Researched BNA Exhibit, John D. Arn White Queen Award Robert Elias Canadian Postal Rates and Fees: Early Elizabethan II Era (1952-1966)
Gold/85 Mark Boyce Hunting in Alberta, 1964-1997
Large Vermeil/83, PHSC Best BNA Postal History Exhibit Steven Friedenthal Canada Postage Meters at War: Canada World War II Patriotic Postage Meter Slogans
Large Vermeil/82, PSSC Specialization Award Philip Visser Owen Sound Fancy Cancels
Large Vermeil/81, BNAPS Best BNA 2x4 Exhibit Jane Sodero First Day Covers and Usage of Canada's 1955 Kayak Hunter
Vermeil/77, ATA Silver Award David Bartlet His and Hers
Large Silver/74, AAPE Exhibiting Excellence Bruce Pollock The Cowichan Voters List of 1898
Single Frame
Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Large Gold/91, RPSC Award for Excellence - Treatment, BNAPS Best BNA Exhibit John McEntyre 1876 First Canadian Weights and Measures Revenue Issues
Large Vermeil/84 Donna Trathen Canada's First RCMP Stamp (1935)
Large Vermeil/80 Raymond Villeneuve Usages of Canada's First Special Delivery Stamp: 1899-1919

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