BNAPS Study Groups

A popular activity within BNAPS are the many study groups (listed below) that afford members the opportunity to communicate with other members sharing similar interests. Most groups publish their own newsletter in which group members can exchange opinions, ask questions, and report findings. The information published in study group newsletters can lead to the production of specialized handbooks by the BNAPS Publications Committee.

Many study groups meet at BNAPEX, the Annual Convention of the Society. Each group has its own elected officers and minimal dues, which help to cover printing and distribution of the newsletters.

Membership in BNAPS entitles you to apply for membership in as many study groups as you wish, with the first year's dues for one group provided free of charge by the Society.

NOTE: back issues of some study group newsletters are available at this location.

Vice-President Study Groups
Study Group Reporter
Upcoming Study Group Events

No events currently scheduled.

Active Study Groups


  • Chairman (Contact): Andrew Chung email
  • Editor: Leopold Beaudet email

Admiral Study Group web pages

Newsletter: The Admiral's Log
Frequency: irregular

Air Mail

  • Chair: Chris Hargreaves email

Newsletter: The Pilot's Log

British Columbia Postal History

  • Chairman: Tim Woodland email
  • Editor: Morris J.V. Beattie email
  • Associate Editor: Tracy J. Cooper email

Newsletter: British Columbia Postal History Newsletter
Frequency: quarterly


  • Chairman: Peter R. MacDonald email

Dead Letter Office

  • Chairman and editor: Gary W. Steele email

Newsletter: The Canadian Dead Letter Office

Digital Philately

  • Chair: Darin Cherniwchan email

Elizabethan II

  • Chairman: Robert J. Elias email
  • Editor: Jane M. F. Sodero email
  • Treasurer: Derek J. Fleming email


Newsletter: Corgi Times
Frequency: bi-monthly

Fakes and Forgeries

  • Chairman: Ken Pugh email
  • Editor: Jeff Arndt email

Newsletter: Fakes and Forgeries

Fancy Cancel and Miscellaneous Markings

  • Chairman: David M. Lacelle email
  • Associate Editor: Mike Halhed email

Newsletter: Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Newsletter

First Day Covers

  • Chairman: Robert D. Vogel email
  • Editor: Gary Dickinson email

Newsletter: First Impressions

George VI

  • Chairman: Eldon C. Godfrey email
  • Treasurer: Simon F. Claughton email


Newsletter: King George VI Post & Mail

Large and Small Queens

  • Chairman: Darin Cherniwchan email
  • Editor: Victor Willson email

Newsletter: Confederation

Map Stamp

  • Chairman: Rick Friesen email
  • Co-editor: Scott Robinson email
  • Co-editor: Rick Friesen email

Newsletter: The 1898 Christmas Map Stamp Newsletter

Military Mail

  • Chairman: Mike Street email
  • Newsletter Editor and Secretary/Treasurer: Dean W. Mario email

About the Study Group

Newsletter: Canadian Military Mail Study Group Newsletter


  • Chairman and newsletter Editor: Malcolm E. Back email
  • Treasurer/Circulation: Martin G. Goebel email

What Newfoundland collecting is about!!

Newsletter: The Newfoundland Newsletter


  • Chairman: Ronald E. Majors email
  • Editor: James Jung email

About the Pence-Cents Era Study Group

Newsletter: Pence-Cents Study Group Newsletter


  • Secretary/Editor: James D. Graham email
  • Treasurer: Russell D. Sampson email

Newsletter: The BNA Perforator

Postal Stationery

  • Chairman: Earle L. Covert email
  • Secretary/Treasurer (Contact): Michael Sagar email
  • Editor: Robert Lemire email

Newsletter: Postal Stationery Notes


  • Secretary: Gary W. Steele email
  • Interim Editor: David A. Marasco email

Newsletter: Precancels Canada

Railway Post Offices

  • Chairman: Peter J. McCarthy email
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Sean Weatherup email
  • Newsletter Editor: Ross D. Gray email

About the Study Group and RPO collecting

Newsletter: The Newsletter of the Canadian R.P.O. Study Group

Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties

  • Chairman: William W. Radcliffe email
  • Editor: James Jung email

Newsletter: Dots and Scratches


  • Chairman: Frederick P. Angst email

Newsletter: Canadian Revenue Newsletter

Squared Circle Cancels

  • Chairman: Rick Friesen email
  • Co-chairman: Gary D. Arnold email
  • Editor: Gary D. Arnold email

Newsletter: The Roundup Annex

World War II

  • Chairman: William Pekonen email

Newsletter: War Times

Dormant Study Groups

Some study groups are currently dormant. They were active for a period of time, and published newsletters that are available online (see links below). If you have an interest in an area covered by one of these study groups and would like to help reactivate it, please contact the Vice-President Study Groups, Ronald F. Smith (email).

Canada Post Ephemeral and Collateral Material

This Study Group exists to encourage discussion of an often-overlooked aspect of philately - the ephemeral materials that support the stamp issues and postal history of BNA and Canada. From postal bags to order forms, from new issue announcements to Christmas cards from Canada Post executives - we're looking for it or discussing its importance.

Duplex Cancellations

Newsletter: Duplex Cancellations of B.N.A.

Flag Cancels

Newsletter: The Flagpole

Illustrated Mail

Newsletter: Illustrated Mail

Inland Waterways

Newsletter: Nautical Times


Newsletter: The Klussendorfer

Philatelic Literature

Newsletter: Philiography Canada

Post Card

Newsletter: Post Card Matters


Newsletter: The Registry

Roller Cancels

Newsletter: Roller Cancellations of B.N.A.

Semi-Official Airmail

Newsletter: Newsletter of the Semi-Official Airmail SG


Newsletter: The Slogan Box


Newsletter: The Pacific Mail

Transatlantic Mail

Newsletter: Transatlantic Mail

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