Here are the jury members who judged the competitive exhibits at the BNAPEX conventions.

Note: for several BNAPEX conventions, the jury members are not known.

2023 Halifax, NS Doug Lingard (Chief Judge), Earle Covert, Victor L. Willson, Jeffrey S. Arndt
2022 Calgary, AB Gary Steele (Chief Judge), Steve Friedenthal, Bill Walton
Note: David Hobden and Ken Lemke were slated to be judges, but were unable to attend the convention.
2021 Virtual David Piercey (Chief Judge), Hugo Deshaye, Bill Longley, Grégoire Teyssier
2020 The convention was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 Ottawa, ON Gary W. Steele (Chief Judge), Victor L. Willson, Jeffrey S. Arndt (Apprentice)
2018 Quebec, QC H. Michael Street (Jury Chairman), Mark Berner, Ken Lemke, Peter McCarthy, Hank Narbonne
2017 Calgary, AB Victor L. Willson (Chief Judge), J-Claude Michaud, Gary W. Steele, Mark Berner (Apprentice), David Piercey (CALTAPEX Judge)
2016 Fredericton, NB Bill Walton (Chair), Bill Longley, Andy Ellwood (Apprentice)
2015 Niagara Falls, ON H. Michael Street (Chair), Jean-Claude Michaud, Kathy Johnson (Apprentice), David McLaughlin (Apprentice)
2014 Baltimore, MD Gary W. Steele (Chief Judge), Ken Lemke, Bill Walton
2013 Charlottetown, PE John S. Keenlyside (Chief Judge), Doug Lingard, Victor L. Willson, George LaFontaine (Apprentice)
2012 Calgary, AB H. Michael Street (Chair), Ken Lemke, Bill Longley, Fitz Roett (CALTAPEX judge)
2011 North Bay, ON Bill Walton (Chief Judge), Peter McCarthy, R. F. (Hank) Narbonne
2010 Victoria, BC John S. Keenlyside (Chief Judge), Robert McGuinness, Brian Plain
2009 Kingston, ON Victor L. Willson (Chair), Jack Gordon, Harry Machum, Gary W. Steele (Apprentice)
2008 Halifax, NS H. Michael Street (Chief Judge), Bob Dyer, Bill Walton, R. F. (Hank) Narbonne
2007 Calgary, AB David Piercey (Chief Judge), H. Michael Street, Bill Walton, Tom Gosse (Apprentice)
2006 Sudbury, ON Victor L. Willson (Chair), Bill Walton, Garvin F. Lohman, Bill Longley
2005 Edmonton, AB William G. Robinson (Chair), Doug Lingard, Harry Machum
2004 Baltimore, MD John S. Keenlyside (Chair), Garvin F. Lohman, Jean-Claude Michaud, Joseph E. Foley (Apprentice)
2003 London, ON Victor L. Willson (Chair), William S. Pawluk, John S. Keenlyside (replacing William G. Robinson)
2002 Spokane, WA Bill Walton (Chair), John S. Keenlyside, David Piercey
2001 Ottawa, ON Charles Firby (Chair), Garvin F. Lohman, William Topping, H. Michael Street, Richard Thompson (Apprentice)
2000 Schaumburg, IL Marc Eisenberg, Harry Machum, Ed Harris, William G. Robinson
1999 Vernon, BC Gray Scrimgeour (Chair), Charles Firby, John S. Keenlyside
1998 Orlando, FL Victor L. Willson (Chief Judge), H. Michael Street, Jean-Claude Michaud
1997 St. John's, NF Horace W. Harrison, (Chair), R. F. (Hank) Narbonne, Robert A. Bayes, Robert A. Lee (Apprentice)
1996 Fort Worth, TX Charles Firby (Chair), Ken Ellison, Doug Lingard, William G. Robinson, Victor L. Willson
1995 Edmonton, AB Gray Scrimgeour (Chair), Earle L. Covert, Bill Walton
1994 Burlington, VT Cliff Guile, Richard Lamb, George B. Arfken
1993 Toronto, ON Charles Firby, John S. Keenlyside, Gray Scrimgeour (Philatelic)
1992 St. Charles, IL Sam C. Nickle (Chief), Horace W. Harrison, Jim Hennok, Marc Eisenberg (Apprentice)
1991 Vancouver, BC Garvin F. Lohman (Chief), C. W. Hollingsworth, Charles J. G. Verge, J. W. White
1990 Galveston, TX William G. Robinson (Chief), Charles Firby, H. Michael Street
1989 Hamilton, ON Bill Walton (Chair), George B. Arfken, William S. Pawluk, William G. Robinson
1988 Virginia Beach, VA Horace W. Harrison (Chair), Richard M. Lamb, Bill Walton
1987 Charlottetown, PE Robert V. C. Carr (Chair), James Lehr, G. Douglas Murray
1986 Dearborn, MI Robert H. Pratt (Chair), William S. Pawluk, Garvin F. Lohman, Charles Firby (Apprentice)
1985 Calgary, AB
1984 San Francisco, CA Robert H. Pratt (Chair), H. Michael Street, Bill Walton, Clell McElroy Jr (Apprentice)
1983 Winnipeg, MB Edward A. Richardson (Chair), James E. Kraemer, Sam C. Nickle
1982 Virginia Beach, VA Horace W. Harrison, C. Ron McGuire, Bill Walton
1981 Ottawa, ON Edward A. Richardson, Harry W. Lussey, William H. P. Maresch
1980 McAllen, TX William H. P. Maresch, Harry W. Lussey, James E. Kraemer
1979 Quebec, QC
1978 West Palm Beach, FL
1977 Edmonton, AB Fred G. Stulberg, Robert H. Pratt, William H. P. Maresch
1976 San Francisco, CA Robert V. C. Carr
1975 Scarborough, ON
1974 Williamsburg, VA
1973 Calgary, AB
1972 St. John's, NF
1971 Halifax, NS
1970 Easton, MD Walter W. Chadbourne, Chris Moore, Narcisse A. Pelletier
1969 Vancouver, BC Vincent G. Greene, James N. Sissons, Gerry Wellburn
1968 Lakeway, TX To mark the 25th anniversary of BNAPS, all exhibits were non-competitive, by invitation only. No awards were given.
1967 Ste. Marguerite Station, QC William Bilden, John Hoker, Ezra Cole, Bernard Harmer, Robert Lyman, William H. P. Maresch, James N. Sissons
1966 Calgary, AB Vincent G. Greene, Clarence A. Westhaver, W. S. Johnstone
1965 Chatham, MA Edward A. Richardson, Leslie A. Davenport, Vincent G. Greene
1964 Muskoka, ON Edward A. Richardson, Robert V. C. Carr, Vincent G. Greene
1963 Williamsburg, VA Vincent G. Greene, Kenneth M. Day, Edward A. Richardson
1962 Ste. Marguerite Station, QC Vincent G. Greene, Kenneth M. Day, Edward A. Richardson
1961 Elmira, NY
1960 Banff, AB Charles P. deVolpi, Bury C. Binks, Leslie A. Davenport, Kenneth M. Day
1959 Atlantic City, NJ
1958 Ste. Marguerite Station, QC Harry W. Lussey (Chair), A. L. Michael, Clare M. Jephcott
1957 Philadelphia, PA Vincent G. Greene, Clare M. Jephcott, Kenneth M. Day
1956 Toronto, ON Vincent G. Greene, B. K. Denton, Lt-Col Lloyd W. Sharpe
1955 Hartford, CT
1954 Niagara Falls, ON
1953 Montreal, QC
1952 Ithaca, NY Adolph Steeg, James C. Goodwin, Vincent G. Greene
1951 Toronto, ON
1950 Philadelphia, PA Kenneth M. Day, Daniel C. Meyerson, Lloyd W. Sharpe
1949 Buffalo, NY Walter S. Bayley, Winthrop S. Boggs, Fred Jarrett

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