2023 awards won by BNAPS members

To acknowledge the philatelic endeavours of BNAPS members and their success in exhibiting BNA material, we list the awards they have won.

The listing covers exhibit awards for BNA exhibits and BNA literature at National exhibitions in Canada and the United States and FIP-sponsored International exhibitions. It also covers non-exhibit awards that recognize the philatelic achievements of members.

Many exhibitions use a points-based system to evaluate exhibits. A number after a medal is the number of points the exhibit was awarded.

If you think we've missed any, let us know. Contact Adri Veenstra (email: a.veenstra@chello.nl) who compiled the listings.

2023 BNAPS member awards, Part II - Apr.-June

IBRA 2023 World Stamp Exhibition, Essen, Germany, 25-28 May 2023

Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Large Gold/96 David McLaughlin The Maple Leaf Issue of Canada 1897-1898
Large Gold/95 Robert Forster Nova Scotia Colonial Postal History
Single Frame
Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Gold/90 John McEntyre Canada 1934: The Cartier Quadricentenary Stamp
Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Large Vermeil/88 Paul Wijnants The postal history of the Prince Edward Islands from 1769 till the moment they joined the Canadian confederation in 1873 (book published privately)
Vermeil/82 William Burden Finding Images for Marler...and Beyond (website)
Vermeil/81 William Burden Small Queen Constant Plate Varieties (website)
Large Silver/76 Andrew Chung & Robert Vogel Canada Post Office Replacement and Publicity First Day Covers (book published by BNAPS)

ORAPEX 2023, Ottawa, ON, 6-7 May 2023

Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Large Gold/96, Grand Award, PHSC Best BNA Postal History Exhibit, BNAPS Best BNA Exhibit, APS Award of Excellence (pre 1900) Brian Murphy Canada's External Mail, 1873 - 24 December 1898
Large Gold/95, PHS Best Postal History, AAPE Award of Excellence-Treatment Grégoire Teyssier Canadian Government Official Postmarks, 1841 - 1939
Large Gold/92, APS Research Award John Hall The Canadian Fiscal War Tax Stamps of World War One
Large Gold/91, APO Best Show Theme, RPSC Excellence - Title Page / Synopsis, John D. Arn White Queen Award Robert J. Elias Use of Canadian Karsh Definitive Stamps
Large Gold/90, Herbert L. McNaught Best Canadian Traditional, BNAPS Best Researched BNA Exhibit Douglas Irwin Canada's Last Airmail Stamp
Large Gold/90, BNAPS Best BNA Two to Four-Frame Exhibit, APS Award of Excellence (1900-40) Sean Weatherup The Colony of Newfoundland - The Gilbert Issue of 1933
Large Gold/90 Raymond Villeneuve Special Delivery Service between Canada and the United States: 1898-1951
Gold/88, APS Award of Excellence (post 1980) Peter MacDonald The 1983 and 1984 Stick n Tick Labels of Canada
Large Vermeil/84 David Schurman Rates, Usage and Varieties on Cover During the Cents Issue Era: 1859 - 1868
Large Vermeil/82, AAPE Gold Award of Honor Patrick Durbano 4-Hole OHMS Perfins: Foreign Destinations
Large Vermeil/82 Peter MacDonald The 1969 Christmas Issue of Canada
Vermeil/77 Richard Baxter Canadian Post Cards of The Edwardian Era and Quebec Tercentenary
Single Frame
Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Large Gold/91, One Frame Grand, BNAPS Best BNA One-Frame Exhibit J. Michael Powell The Jacques Cartier Commemorative Issue of 1934
Large Vermeil/82 Douglas Irwin King George VI Definitive Issue O.H.M.S. Official Stamps and Their Usage
Large Vermeil/82, AAPE Creativity Award John G. McEntyre Introducing Singular First Day Covers
Silver-Bronze/62, AAPE Novice Award John Breukelaar Constant Plate Varieties on the Nova Scotia 8 1/2 cent Queen Victoria

PIPEX 2023, Clackamas, OR, 5-7 May 2023

Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Gold/87 Richard Wilson Dominion of Canada Law Stamps

WESTPEX 2023, Burlingame, CA, 28-30 April 2023

Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Gold/89, BNAPS Best BNA Exhibit Robert Forster Nova Scotia Colonial Postal History
2023 BNAPS member awards, Part I - Jan.-Mar.

2023 Spring National Stamp Show, Edmonton, AB, 25-26 March 2023

Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Gold/87, BNAPS Best BNA Exhibit, PHSC Best BNA Postal History Exhibit Kevin O'Reilly Sovereignty, Substances, Small Centres and Subs: Closed Post Offices of the Northwest Territories
Large Vermeil/83, BNAPS Best Researched BNA Exhibit Steven Friedenthal Canada Postage Meters at War
Large Vermeil/83, RPSC Excellence of Presentation, APS Award of Excellence (pre-1900) Robert Stock Advertising Mail as a Window on Regional Social History
Vermeil/76, BNAPS Best BNA 2 to 4 Frame Exhibit Bruce Pollock The Story of a Remarkable Family from the Cowichan Valley of British Columbia
Large Silver/70, NorthWest Federation of Stamp Clubs Thunderbird Award David Biltek Celebrate Indigenous People, Culture, and History
Large Silver/70 Barend Wissink Niagara Falls as Told through Post Cards
Single Frame
Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Gold/85 David Biltek Variations in the Key of ‘G’
Vermeil/78 Dave Bartlet Hers and His
Large Silver/72 Hal Kellett The Royal Flying Corps Canada 1917-1920

Collectors Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1 February 2023

Non-exhibit Awards
Award BNAPS member Publication
2022 Col. Robert H. Pratt Award for best English language article, series of articles, book, or electronic presentation related to Newfoundland philately Robin J. Moore and John M. Walsh “Newfoundland: Further Exciting Discovery Findings in Design Sizes of Perkins Bacon & Co. 1932 First Resources Issues” in Maple Leaves, Vol. 37, No.8, Oct. 2022

Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition, Sarasota, FL, 20-23 January 2023

Single Frame
Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Large Vermeil/83, AAPE Award of Honor, ATA Medal Philip J. Stager The Quebec Bridge

The Collectors Club, New York, NY, 11 January 2023

Non-exhibit Awards
Award BNAPS member Notes
2023 Alfred F. Lichtenstein Memorial Award Charles Verge For distinguished service to philately

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