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About the bibliography

This bibliography of Canadian philately was compiled by Cimon Morin, FRPSC. It was published in three volumes over a 22 year period, and then posted online.

  • Volume 1 – Canadian Philately Bibliography and Index 1864-1973
    Published by National Library of Canada, 1976. About 3,500 references.
  • Volume 2 – Canadian Philately Bibliography and Index Supplement
    Published by National Library of Canada, 1983. About 2,300 new references.
  • Volume 3 – Canadian Philately Bibliography and Index Volume 3
    Published by Saskatoon Stamp Centre, 1998. About 4,500 new references.
  • Online edition – Philatelic Bibliography
    Canadian Postal Archives website (managed by Library and Archives Canada), 2004. About 2,300 new references

Each volume consists of new references and corrections to previous volumes. The new references include ones from more recent issues of periodicals indexed in previous volumes plus newly indexed references. The online edition included all the references from the three volumes plus new ones.

The bibliography is an important contribution to British North America philately and is an essential tool for researchers. It is highly regarded by BNA collectors. Unfortunately, the online edition became unavailable when the Canadian Postal Archives website was shuttered in 2018.

As part of its mission to publish and disseminate information about BNA philately to the collecting community, BNAPS began exploring the possibility of hosting the bibliography on its own website. The Society discussed the project with Cimon Morin. He was enthusiastic about relaunching the online bibliography, and volunteered to provide the data he had compiled. BNAPS then approached Library and Archives Canada and John Jamieson of Saskatoon Stamp Centre. Both gave their support to the project.

The database hosted on the BNAPS web server contains all the bibliographic data compiled by Cimon Morin. The web interface to the database, which includes the administrative, search, and results web pages, was developed by BNAPS.

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