Upcoming BNAPS Events

2 Sep 2021 - 6 Sep 2021
Details updated: 6 Apr 2021

BNAPEX 2021 will be a virtual convention.

The convention will feature:

►  Competitive and non-competitive exhibits posted on the website

►  A dealer bourse with links to dealer sales and the opportunity to have a one-on-one virtual meeting with the dealer

►  A full program of Study Group meetings using Zoom

View the BNAPEX 2021 Virtual web pages

Upcoming BNAPS Regional Group Events

31 Jul 2021

Golden West (group details)

The Golden West Regional group invites you to come to WESTPEX in San Francisco on Saturday 31 July for a meeting commencing at 2PM in room 6096. Speaker TBA

Upcoming BNAPS Study Group Events

No events currently scheduled.

Upcoming Stamp Shows and Exhibitions

9 Jun 2022 - 12 Jun 2022
Details updated: 18 Mar 2021

Between 9-12 June 2022, Canada will be home to CAPEX 22, an International philatelic exhibition, Canada's first since 1996. All 400 exhibit frames will be devoted to one frame exhibits. CAPEX 22 will be the first International One Frame exhibition, and the largest showing of one frame exhibits at a single exhibition. CAPEX 22 will also feature a literature competition, encompassing both print and digital media.

CAPEX 22 will be hosted by the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC), and will be held under the patronage of Federación lnteramericana de Filatelia (FIAF) and the recognition of the Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP). It will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

View the CAPEX 22 website

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