BNAPS Officers


Ronald E. Majorsemail

Past President

Ken Lemkeemail

First Vice-President

David McLaughlinemail


Charles Livermoreemail100-08 Ascan Ave, Forest Hills NY 11375-6014 USA

Vice-President Regional Groups

Dave Bartletemail

Vice-President Study Groups

Ronald F. Smithemail


Luc Freveemail



Jeff Arndtemail

Laurent Belisleemail

Mark Berneremail

Hugo Deshayeemail

Chris Greenemail


Barry W. Casanovaemail

Rick Friesenemail

Richard H. Judgeemail

Brian T. Stalkeremail

Gary W. Steeleemail


Board of Examiners

Barry W. Casanovaemail

Convention Committee

Earle L. Covertemail

Elections Committee

Eugene M. Yount,

Ethics Committee

William C. Waltonemail

Finance Committee

George B. Dresseremail

Judging Committee

Victor Willsonemail

Membership Committee

Charles Livermoreemail

Online Resources & Exhibits Committee

Leopold Beaudetemail

Publications Committee

Robert Lemireemail

Web Advisory Committee

Leopold Beaudetemail

Appointed Officials

Awards Coordinator

David P. Freemanemail

BNA Topics Editor

William J.F. Wilsonemail

BNAPS Book Department Coordinator - Publishing

Mike Streetemail

BNAPS Book Department Sales

William R. Longleyemail

CAPEX 2022 Liaison

William R. Longleyemail

Circulation Manager

Ken Lemkeemail

Database Administrator

Leopold Beaudetemail

Dealer Liaison and Advertising Manager

Hugo Deshayeemail

Exchange Circuits Manager

Andy Ellwoodemail


Charles Livermoreemail

Liaison to the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain

Eldon C. Godfreyemail

Member Recognition Coordinator

Adri Veenstraemail

Policy and Procedures Manual Editor

Jeff Arndtemail

Publicity Officer

William R. Longleyemail

Social Media Manager

Paul H. Grimmemail

Study Group Reporter

Robert Lemireemail


Leopold Beaudetemail

Webmaster (Assistant)

Dave Bartletemail

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