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18 Jan 2021

Earle L. Covert provides a year-end update to the listing of illustrated indicia for permit mail. The 31 December 2020 update adds 37 new bulk mailers and 201 new permits to the 30 September 2020 listing.

Canada Post introduced illustrated indicia for permit mail in 2006. The listing also includes forerunners, indicia with illustrations that appeared before 2006.

View the listing of illustrated indicia on permit mail

18 Jan 2021

30 newsletters from eight study groups were posted recently. The year of publication, study group, and number of issues are listed below:

► 2015 Large and Small Queens - 3 issues
► 2015 Military Mail - 5 issues
► 2015 Perfin - 3 issues
► 2015 Postal Stationery - 5 issues
► 2015 Revenue - 1 issue
► 2016 RPO - 4 issues

These study groups have requested a delay of up to five years between publication of their newsletters and posting on the website.

Several study groups have no delay period. Their newsletters were posted upon publication in 2020. The study groups include:

► British Columbia Postal History Research
► Dead Letter Office
► Fancy Cancel and Miscellaneous Markings
► Newfoundland
► Pence-Cents Era
► Precancel
► Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties

The following two study groups also have no delay period. Their most recent newsletters are now posted on the website.

► 2020 First Day Covers - 4 issues (also available on the Study Group's website)
► 2020 Squared Circle Cancels - 5 issues

This year, the King George VI Study Group decided to post its newsletters on the BNAPS website immediately upon publication. However, access to the newsletters published within the last two years is restricted to BNAPS (not just Study Group) members. The newsletters are also available on the Study Group's own website.

These newsletters are an invaluable resource, especially for those collecting the subjects covered by the Study Groups. Thanks to all the editors and contributors.

View the study group newsletters

9 Jan 2021

On 1 January, nine BNAPS members became Emeritus members, having been with BNAPS for the past 40 years.

BNAPS Emeritus members

5 Jan 2021

The January-March 2021 newsletter (No. 182) of the Newfoundland Study Group is online.

The issue features a mix of stamp and postal history articles.

Among the stamps: analysis of the shades of the 1919 15¢ Caribou Issue by John M. Walsh assisted by Richard Judge, a new plate flaw on the 3¢ 1941-1944 Waterlow reprint definitive by Barry Senior, and several flaws reported by Earl Noss.

The postal history front includes a note on a Bell Island postmark by Brian Stalker, the final part of David Piercey's exhibit on Newfoundland fancy cancel postmarks, and "The Earliest, Non-archival Letter from Newfoundland" by Timothy O'Conner.

View the Newfoundland Study Group newsletters

4 Jan 2021

Editor Jim Jung recently published the December 2020 newsletter (Vol. IX, No. 6) of the Pence-Cents Era Study Group. This is his sixth newsletter of the year.

Among the featured articles:

►  Wayne Smith concludes that one of the Pence covers he discussed in the November newsletter is legitimate
►  Jim Jung describes a 1¢ Decimal printed matter rate cover whose contents are more interesting than the cover itself
►  Earl Noss illustrates several plate flaws on the 12½¢
►  Ron Majors describes several Decimal Issue covers to scarce destinations
►  Michael D. Smith analyzes more flaws on the 5¢ Beaver

View the Pence-Cents Era Study Group newsletters

4 Jan 2021

An eight-frame exhibit by Barry Senior, Perforated Initials & Insignia on Stamps of Newfoundland, has been added to the Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE) area.

The exhibit shows the use of perforated initials and insignia (perfins) by companies based in Newfoundland and perfins on Newfoundland stamps by companies from outside Newfoundland. It also examines the use of perforation devices to cancel Newfoundland revenue stamps and the use of SPECIMEN perfins by stamp printing companies.

The exhibit includes many discovery items.

New postings in Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE)

2 Jan 2021

The latest issue of the Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group newsletter, No. 84, December 2020, is available online.

Study Group members have again delivered a smorgasbord of reports on their fancy cancel findings. They include Jim McCormick, Robin Simpson, Bob Stock, Firmin Wyndels, Mike Halhed, Mike Street, Philip Visser, Norbert Horbrath, Jim Davis, Brian Hargreaves, Gary Arnold, Ron Smith, and Guy Jeffery.

Editor David Lacelle notes the formation of an independent Fancy Cancels Facebook group. It was formed in June 2020, and has over 80 members as of the beginning of January. URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3332044113525160%20.. He also describes his approach to fake, bogus, and spurious fancy cancels.

Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group newsletters

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