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7 Apr 2021

Brian T. Stalker compiled Update #2 to his BNAPS book Travelling Post Office Postmarks of Newfoundland & Labrador (second edition).

This update, dated May 2020, is a cumulative update. It includes the data in Update #1 - Oct. 2018.

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6 Apr 2021

The March 2021 issue, No. 12, of the Precancel Study Group newsletter, Precancel Canada, has been posted.

The newsletter features an article by Lawrence Pinkney entitled "Unauthorized Precancel Stamps and Unauthorized Precancel Covers".

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5 Apr 2021

The latest newsletter of the Squared Circle Study Group, The Roundup Annex, Vol. 42, No. 2, April 2021, is available.

Besides the reports of new discoveries, the newsletter features two articles, one by Rick Friesen about the only documented “parcel post” rate on a Squared Circle Map stamp cover (but is it?) and the second by Gary Arnold that links two items from major collections acquired 30 years apart.

The Study Group is working on an update to the 6th edition of the Squared Circle Handbook (available online - see the link below the newsletters). Do you have new reports to contribute? If so, email them to newsletter editor Gary Arnold at forestgda@gmail.com.

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4 Apr 2021

The March newsletter, No. 183, of the Newfoundland Study Group offers a mix of stamp and postal history articles.

On the stamp side, Anthony Thompson and Earl Noss describe misplaced entries, re-entries, and other constant plate flaws, and pose some questions. In addition, Steve Moreland illustrates a cracked plate flaw on the 1868 1¢ violet Prince of Wales stamp.

On the postal history front, Chris Hargreaves explores air mail through Botwood between 1939 and 1945, and David Piercey pins down the location of the Late Letter Office in St. John’s. What's the "Late Letter Office", you ask. The answer is just a newsletter away.

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3 Apr 2021

The March issue of the newslrtter of the Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group, No. 85, is posted.

It is another bumper issue with reports from Mark Berner, Roger Squires, Jason Broersma, Phil Visser, Ralph Vicero, Robin Simpson, Mike Street, Mike Halhed, Ron Smith, Roger Larsen, Guy Jeffery, Gary Arnold, Don Beaumont, and Robert Coulson.

In addition, editor Dave Lacelle contributes notes on bogus fancy cancels, and Norbert Hobrath describes his book, Canada Oval Parcel Cancels, recently published by BNAPS.

Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group newsletters

27 Mar 2021

In addition to BNAPS members, BNAPEX 2021 Virtual is also open to non-members. Attendance is FREE, but registration is required. Access to the exhibition, seminars, and bourse is restricted to registered attendees. Registration begins in July.

BNAPEX 2021 will feature an online competitive exhibition. The exhibit classes, frame limits, exhibit rules, judging, and awards will be similar to physical conventions. Non-competitive exhibits are also welcome. Best of all, there are NO FRAME FEES! The Exhibition Prospectus is posted on the BNAPEX 2021 Exhibits page.

There will be a virtual bourse where dealers can introduce themselves and post price lists. Attendees have the option of meeting participating dealers one-on-one virtually using a virtual meeting application such as Zoom or by telephone.

View the BNAPEX 2021 web pages. For all the latest, go to the "News" page.

24 Mar 2021

Basil Burrell died on 29 July 2020. He was a very active aerophilatelist for many years.

He edited the BNAPS Airmail Study Group newsletter, The Pilot's Log, from 1994 to 2004, served as a Director of BNAPS from 1995-2002, and was co-chairman of BNAPEX 2000 Schaumburg, IL. He and his wife Audrey attended many BNAPEX conventions.

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19 Mar 2021

Announcement from BNAPS President Ronald Majors:

I am happy to announce that Paul Grimm of Berwick, NS, has agreed to become the BNAPS Social Media Manager. Paul is a long-time collector specializing in Nova Scotia postal history, Canadian Squared Circle postmarks and the Map Stamp. He has exhibited parts of his collection at BNAPEX conventions.

Belonging to a three-generation farm family, after facing a devastating fire in 1985, Paul decided to go in a new direction and developed a wholesale nursery business. He now owns an online marketing business selling gardening products all over the world. He and his wife Nancy have two married daughters and five grandchildren.

Paul has experience in Internet development, having assembled his own website: http://squaredcirclesofcanada.com/ as well as a Facebook page dedicated to Squared Circles: https://www.facebook.com/Squared-Circle-Postmarks-of-Canada-208564573156708/. Besides philately, Paul is an active musician, barbershop quartet singing, coaching and directing.

Paul replaces Hugo Deshaye, the previous Social Media Manager, who has moved on to become BNAPS’s Dealer Liaison and Advertising Manager. I’d like to thank Hugo for his service in setting up and managing the BNAPS Facebook pages. Paul will work with Bill Longley who also wears many hats as our Publicity Officer, CAPEX22 Liaison and Books Dept. Sales Manager and was assisting Hugo with our Facebook pages.

BNAPS officers, directors, and appointed officials

18 Mar 2021

Between 9-12 June 2022, Canada will be home to CAPEX 22, an International philatelic exhibition, Canada's first since 1996. The exhibition will feature the largest showing of one frame exhibits at a single exhibition and a literature competition that encompasses both print and digital media.

BNAPS has launched a Matching Funds Donation Program in support of CAPEX 22. The Society will match member donations to CAPEX 22 up to a total of $10,000. Tax receipts will be provided for donations of $25 or more by Canadian and U.S. members.

BNAPS will become a CAPEX 22 Partner, the highest level of sponsorship, enabling BNAPS to participate in high-visibility events and programs.

View full details of the Program and how to donate

12 Mar 2021

The March issue of Beaver Chatter (Vol. 46, No. 1), the newsletter of the Prairie Beaver Regional Group, is available.

The newsletter features two King Edward VII covers to scarce destinations from George Dresser and four articles by Vic Willson. One of them describes an Elizabethan cover with an incredible number of postmarks, and another describes a challenging philatelic jigsaw puzzle.

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8 Mar 2021

The Map Stamp Study Group was formed by Whitney L. Bradley in 1982. Between 1982 and 1990, he published 21 newsletters. After a ten year dormant period, the Study Group was revived and published 26 newsletters between 2000 and 2008. In 2010, the Group Chair, Orville F. Osborne, created a website for the Group that flourished until January of this year.

Rick Friesen recently volunteered to reinvigorate the Study Group. He contacted several Map Stamp enthusiasts to becomes Study Group members, and invites any BNAPS member with an interest in the Map Stamp to join. For more information, you can contact Rick at rickfriesen5@gmail.com.

The newly reinvigorated Study Group is making all the past newsletters available on the BNAPS website. That's 47 issues of Map Stamp material!

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7 Mar 2021

The Pence-Cents Era Study Group March newsletter (Vol. 10, No. 1) is available.

The newsletter features a well illustrated article by David D’Alessandris entitled "Canadian Interprovincial Mail Via the United States". It discusses mail delivery between provinces before they joined Confederation, mail that transited the United States in its journey from one province to the other.

In addition, Jim Jung illustrates a variety on the 1851 Pence Issue 3d Beaver, and Michael D, Smith describes a plate flaw on the 1859 First Cents Issue 5¢ Beaver.

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6 Mar 2021

The March newsletter (No. 117) of the British Columbia Postal History Study Group is posted.

The issue features a detailed article on Colonial British Columbia and Vancouver Island postal rates to foreign destinations. Other articles touch on Naas Harbour, Cascade City, an SS Comox steamship marking, Jervis Inlet, Irvine’s Landing, Retreat Cove, and Echo Island. Where's Echo Island, BC, you ask? More to the point: how did the Post Office deliver a letter to Echo Island?

Contributors include Andrew Scott, Tracy Cooper, Morris Beattie, Brian Copeland, and Tim Woodland.

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2 Mar 2021

Ron Majors, President of BNAPS, and Mark Berner, Chairman of the Board of Directors, announce the cancellation of BNAPEX 2021 WINNIPEX because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In its place, Ron and Mark announce that BNAPS will hold a virtual online convention, BNAPEX 2021 Virtual.

The convention will include an online exhibition of single and multi-frame exhibits to be judged by a qualified jury, Study Group virtual meetings and seminars, the Annual General Meeting of the Society, social sessions and, if at all possible, a virtual bourse that will allow members and dealers to interact online.

BNAPEX 2021 Virtual

27 Feb 2021

President Ron Majors has announced the appointment of a new Dealer Liaison and Advertising Manager.

After 26 plus years of serving as BNAPS’s Dealer Liaison and Advertising Manager, Hank Narbonne, a well-known Canadian stamp and postal history dealer, has decided to “retire” from that volunteer job. He is NOT retiring from being an active stamp and postal history dealer so his customers should not be concerned.

On behalf of our executive staff and officers, I would like to thank Hank for his years of service to Canada/BNA philately, working with dealers, many advertisers, BNA Topics editors and BNAPS officers in helping the Society to grow and prosper. Over the years, besides being named to the Order of the Beaver in 2003, Hank has been on the Board of Directors, served as BNAPEX dealer liaison, book author (two BNAPS books) and exhibitor. He is also an accredited BNAPS judge.

His replacement, effective immediately, will be another popular dealer, Hugo Deshaye, currently the BNAPS Social Media Manager and a member of the Board of Directors. Until a new Social Media Manager is found, Hugo will continue to work alongside Bill Longley, Publicity Officer, to keep a presence on our Social Media pages.

List of officers, directors, and appointed officials

23 Feb 2021

The awards won by BNAPS members in 2020 for philatelic achievements and BNA exhibits are posted along with a year-end summary.

You might suspect that the listing is short because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If so, you would be right. But there's a bright side.

Thanks to Adri Veenstra for compiling the listing.

Awards won by BNAPS members in 2020

14 Feb 2021

The Newfoundland Study Group's virtual meeting on 19 September featured a panel discussion on exhibiting.

Panel members C.A. Stillions, David Piercey, Robin Moore, and David Bartlet, all well-known exhibitors, discussed their reasons for exhibiting, the satisfaction they experienced, and the setbacks they encountered. The attendees chipped in with questions, feedback, and their own exhibiting experiences.

Access to this video presentation is restricted to BNAPS members.

Newfoundland Study Group newsletters and other resources

12 Feb 2021

At its virtual meeting on 26 September 2020, the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group featured a presentation by Chris Ellis entitled Victoria Red Leaf Issue Advertising Postal Cards: History, Design, Regulations.

In his presentation, Chris Ellis explores these Advertising cards, showing their usage, the colourful advertising that graced them, how the rules constrained the advertising, and, inevitably, how the rules were broken.

Access to this presentation is restricted to BNAPS members.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group meetings

7 Feb 2021

Wayne Smith has updated his Canada Pence Issue 1851 – 1859 Cover Census. This is one of five censuses of early covers and postmarks he has compiled.

The census lists over 4,500 Pence Issue covers. Over 50 of them were added in the February 2021 update. In addition, the listing of foreign rates was updated.

View the updated Pence Issue census

1 Feb 2021

BNAPS published seven books between April and December 2020. Three of the books are part of the BNAPS Exhibit Series.

►  First Day Covers of the 1939 Canada King George VI Royal Visit Issue - Donald J. Leblanc

►  Canada Commercial Air Mail Between 1925 and 1954 - Per-Olof Jansson (Exhibit Series # 107)

►  Orange Zest: The Canada Eight Cent 1898 Numeral Issue - Peter Spencer

►  Canadian Postal Stationery Using the Karsh and Wilding Photography of Queen Elizabeth II - Earle Covert (Exhibit Series # 108)

►  The Cameo and Centennial Postal Stationery of Canada - Earle Covert (Exhibit Series # 109)

►  Canada Oval Parcel Cancels - Norbert J. Hobrath

►  R.C.A.F. Christmas Cards 1939-1980 - A. David Hanes

These books may be ordered from the BNAPS Books Agent, Bill Longley

Information on new BNAPS books

31 Jan 2021

On 21 January, Ron Majors announced several new BNAPS appointments.

Luc Freve was appointed to help BNAPS Treasurer Jean-Claude Michaud with accounting practices.

The Board of Directors approved a change in the management of the BNAPS portfolio. The investment portfolio was turned over to a fiduciary advisor. The Finance Committee will now be headed by George Dresser, who chaired our Finance Committee for over a decade. He will be assisted by three other BNAPS members, John Keenlyside, Barry Casanova, and Ron Majors.

CAPEX 22, to be held in Toronto in June 2022, will be the first worldwide exhibition for single frame exhibits only. It will have at least 400 frames. It has been 26 years since Canada last hosted an international stamp show. To ensure that BNAPS will be deeply involved, Bill Longley, currently the BNAPS Publicity Chairman and BNAPS Book Agent, has been appointed as BNAPS liaison to CAPEX 22.

View the document "Recent Appointments" for more detail.

More information

23 Jan 2021

The Squared Circle Study Group has published the Jan. 2021 issue (Vol. 42, No. 1) of its newsletter, The Roundup Annex.

The newsletter has many reports of early and late squared circle strikes and strikes on stamps not previous reported with a squared circle cancel. It also features an article by editor Gary Arnold on "second chance" cancels from Hamilton.

View the Squared Circle Study Group newsletters

23 Jan 2021

Scott Robinson has published his second issue of Dots & Scratches, the newsletter of the Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties Study Group. It is Vol. 8, No. 1, whole no. 25, January 2021.

Scott contributes two articles, one describing his "secret sauce" for plating the 1898 2¢ Map stamp and a second untangling the "broken stamen" flaw on the 1966 5¢ Newfoundland Pitcher Plant stamp.

Brian Hargreaves explores the 1868 ½¢ Large Queen, and Robert Coulson reports what appears to be a triple re-entry on the 1870 ½¢ Small Queen.

Michael D. Smith explains how stamps printed from the same plate can exist in different sizes, and Earl Noss reports finding a major re-entry on the 1898 1¢ Numeral and a neat plate flaw on the 1935 13¢ Charlottetown Conference.

View the Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties Study Group newsletters

18 Jan 2021

Earle L. Covert provides a year-end update to the listing of illustrated indicia for permit mail. The 31 December 2020 update adds 37 new bulk mailers and 201 new permits to the 30 September 2020 listing.

Canada Post introduced illustrated indicia for permit mail in 2006. The listing also includes forerunners, indicia with illustrations that appeared before 2006.

View the listing of illustrated indicia on permit mail

18 Jan 2021

30 newsletters from eight study groups were posted recently. The year of publication, study group, and number of issues are listed below:

► 2015 Large and Small Queens - 3 issues
► 2015 Military Mail - 5 issues
► 2015 Perfin - 3 issues
► 2015 Postal Stationery - 5 issues
► 2015 Revenue - 1 issue
► 2016 RPO - 4 issues

These study groups have requested a delay of up to five years between publication of their newsletters and posting on the website.

Several study groups have no delay period. Their newsletters were posted upon publication in 2020. The study groups include:

► British Columbia Postal History Research
► Dead Letter Office
► Fancy Cancel and Miscellaneous Markings
► Newfoundland
► Pence-Cents Era
► Precancel
► Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties

The following two study groups also have no delay period. Their most recent newsletters are now posted on the website.

► 2020 First Day Covers - 4 issues (also available on the Study Group's website)
► 2020 Squared Circle Cancels - 5 issues

This year, the King George VI Study Group decided to post its newsletters on the BNAPS website immediately upon publication. However, access to the newsletters published within the last two years is restricted to BNAPS (not just Study Group) members. The newsletters are also available on the Study Group's own website.

These newsletters are an invaluable resource, especially for those collecting the subjects covered by the Study Groups. Thanks to all the editors and contributors.

View the study group newsletters

9 Jan 2021

On 1 January, nine BNAPS members became Emeritus members, having been with BNAPS for the past 40 years.

BNAPS Emeritus members

5 Jan 2021

The January-March 2021 newsletter (No. 182) of the Newfoundland Study Group is online.

The issue features a mix of stamp and postal history articles.

Among the stamps: analysis of the shades of the 1919 15¢ Caribou Issue by John M. Walsh assisted by Richard Judge, a new plate flaw on the 3¢ 1941-1944 Waterlow reprint definitive by Barry Senior, and several flaws reported by Earl Noss.

The postal history front includes a note on a Bell Island postmark by Brian Stalker, the final part of David Piercey's exhibit on Newfoundland fancy cancel postmarks, and "The Earliest, Non-archival Letter from Newfoundland" by Timothy O'Conner.

View the Newfoundland Study Group newsletters

4 Jan 2021

Editor Jim Jung recently published the December 2020 newsletter (Vol. IX, No. 6) of the Pence-Cents Era Study Group. This is his sixth newsletter of the year.

Among the featured articles:

►  Wayne Smith concludes that one of the Pence covers he discussed in the November newsletter is legitimate
►  Jim Jung describes a 1¢ Decimal printed matter rate cover whose contents are more interesting than the cover itself
►  Earl Noss illustrates several plate flaws on the 12½¢
►  Ron Majors describes several Decimal Issue covers to scarce destinations
►  Michael D. Smith analyzes more flaws on the 5¢ Beaver

View the Pence-Cents Era Study Group newsletters

4 Jan 2021

An eight-frame exhibit by Barry Senior, Perforated Initials & Insignia on Stamps of Newfoundland, has been added to the Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE) area.

The exhibit shows the use of perforated initials and insignia (perfins) by companies based in Newfoundland and perfins on Newfoundland stamps by companies from outside Newfoundland. It also examines the use of perforation devices to cancel Newfoundland revenue stamps and the use of SPECIMEN perfins by stamp printing companies.

The exhibit includes many discovery items.

New postings in Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE)

2 Jan 2021

The latest issue of the Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group newsletter, No. 84, December 2020, is available online.

Study Group members have again delivered a smorgasbord of reports on their fancy cancel findings. They include Jim McCormick, Robin Simpson, Bob Stock, Firmin Wyndels, Mike Halhed, Mike Street, Philip Visser, Norbert Horbrath, Jim Davis, Brian Hargreaves, Gary Arnold, Ron Smith, and Guy Jeffery.

Editor David Lacelle notes the formation of an independent Fancy Cancels Facebook group. It was formed in June 2020, and has over 80 members as of the beginning of January. URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3332044113525160%20.. He also describes his approach to fake, bogus, and spurious fancy cancels.

Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group newsletters

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