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24 Jan 2022

24 newsletters from eight study groups were posted recently. The year of publication, study group, and number of issues are listed below:

► 2018 Fakes and Forgeries - 2 issues
► 2016 Large and Small Queens - 3 issues
► 2016 Military Mail - 4 issues
► 2016 Perfin - 2 issues
► 2016 Postal Stationery - 4 issues
► 2016 Revenue - 1 issue
► 2017 RPO - 4 issues

These study groups have requested a delay of up to five years between publication of their newsletters and posting on the website.

The Fakes and Forgeries Study Group was formed in 2017. Its first two newsletters, published in 2018, are posted.

The following study group has no delay period. Its 2021 newsletters are now posted on the website.

► First Day Covers - 4 issues (also available on the Study Group's website)

Several other study groups also have no delay period. Their newsletters were posted immediately upon publication in 2021. The study groups include:

► Air Mail - 3 issues
► British Columbia Postal History - 4 issues
► Fancy Cancel and Miscellaneous Markings - 5 issues
► Map Stamp - 4 issues
► Newfoundland - 4 issues
► Pence-Cents Era - 4 issues
► Precancel - 1 issue
► Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties - 4 issues
► Squared Circle Cancels - 6 issues

Two of these study groups, Air Mail and Map Stamp, were revived in 2021 after being dormant for some time.

The King George VI Study Group posts its newsletters on the BNAPS website immediately upon publication. Access to the newsletters published within the last two years is available to all BNAPS members, not just Study Group members. One issue was published in 2021. The newsletters are also available on the Study Group's own website. Issues older than two years are accessible to all viewers. In 2019, one issue was published, and it is now accessible to all.

These newsletters are an invaluable resource, especially for those collecting the subjects covered by the Study Groups. Thanks to all the editors and contributors.

View the study group newsletters

23 Jan 2022

Wayne Smith has updated his Canada Pence Issue 1851 – 1859 Cover Census. This is one of seven censuses of early covers and postmarks he has compiled.

The census lists over 4,500 Pence Issue covers. About 40 were added in the January 2022 update.

View the updated Pence Issue census

23 Jan 2022

Well known and highly regarded stamp dealer John Jamieson, owner of Saskatoon Stamp Centre (SSC), retired last October. The SSC website, which went offline in December, featured many noteworthy articles and online exhibits. John agreed to have BNAPS host them in the Online Resources & Exhibits area of its website.

22 articles (plus an extra one inspired by an SSC article) are available now. The exhibits will appear soon.

List of articles added to the ORE in January

23 Jan 2022

In memory of Bob Dyer who promoted youth philately within BNAPS for many years, BNAPS sponsors the Norris “Bob” Dyer $1,000 Youth Scholarship. The Scholarship, which is administered by the APS, helps defray the costs for a young collector between the ages of 18 and 24 to attend the APS Summer Seminar on Philately.

This year, the seminar takes place on 19-23 June at the American Philatelic Center in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

Applicants must be residents of the United States or Canada and 18 years of age but not older than 24 years of age as of 1 June 2022. The application deadline is 1 March.

Scholarship information and application form

6 Jan 2022

The Jan.-Mar. newsletter (No. 186) of the Newfoundland Study Group is available online.

John M. Walsh reminisces about Newfoundland collector Terrance (Terry) Harris. Two of Terrance Harris's Newfoundland exhibits are posted in the Online Resources & Exhibits area of the website.

John M. Walsh and Robin Moore describe their discovery of design size variations on Newfoundland stamps issued between 1932 and 1938.

Looking for a new scanner to scan your stamps and covers? Before buying, read Anthony Thompson's comparison of eight different scanners, using scans provided by Study Group members Barry Senior, Jim Andre, Malcolm Back, Martin Goebel, Rob Moore, and Tom Meyerhof.

View the Newfoundland Study Group newsletters

6 Jan 2022

The January newsletter, Vol. 11, No. 1, of the Pence-Cents Era Study Group is on the website. Among the articles:

►  Jim Jung illustrates the 1859 1¢ First Cents Issue with the major re-entry at position 58 on cover.

►  With the help of Jim Watt, Michael D. Smith plates an 1858 3d Beaver Pence Issue with experimental perforations. Michael also illustrates an unusual cover with the double epaulettes flaw on the 10¢ First Cents Prince Consort stamp.

►  Grégoire Teyssier describes a newly discovered Pence Issue cover posted to France from Quebec.

►  Richard Thompson continues his exploration of perforation varieties on the First Cents Issue.

►  Peter McCarthy displays a collection of remarkable RPO covers franked by the 1859 5¢ Beaver stamp.

View the Pence-Cents Era Study Group newsletters

5 Jan 2022

BNAPS President Ron Majors has announced the following appointments:

Peter McCarthy, who has had position of Study Group Centreline Reporter for the last eight years, has decided to hang up his keyboard and give someone else the opportunity to take on this very interesting and educational columnist assignment. I would like to thank Peter for his dedication and perseverance in taking the newsletters of our many study groups and summarizing the entire content of each newsletter to a few paragraphs. Taking his place is Robert Lemire, who needs no introduction, having held many positions within BNAPS, from President to editor of BNA Topics and Postal Stationery Notes. Robert is a skilled writer and won’t skip a beat in doing a bang-up job with our Study Group Centreline column. Editors can start sending their latest newsletters directly to Robert at rlemire000@sympatico.ca.

For many years, Jeff Arndt has served as a co-editor of BNA Topics, from 2014-2018, with Ron Majors and later, from 2019 until the 2021Q4 issue, with Bill Wilson. Recently Jeff took on new responsibilities at his work, and feels these would limit the amount of time he could devote to editing BNA Topics. Jeff deserves the thanks of the Society for countless hours of effort during his eight years as co-editor. I personally enjoyed working with Jeff during my stint as co-editor. The good news is that Bill Wilson has agreed to continue in the position of editor of BNA Topics. For the present, Mike Street and Robert Lemire will provide any needed backup to Bill. All new articles and correspondence should be sent to Bill at wjfwilso@ucalgary.ca, 1517 3 St NW, Calgary, AB T2M 2X9, CANADA.

1 Jan 2022

The Map Stamp Study Group, reactivated earlier this year, has just published the fourth issue of its newsletter, Xmas 1898 Map Stamp Report. The December issue, Vol. 1, No. 4, features a mix of stamp and postal history articles:

► Vince Chermishnok identifies all the British Colonies corresponding to the red area on the stamp
► Rick Friesen describes a unique Hamilton duplex cancel on a Map Stamp cover
► With the help of Simon Taylor-Young, Scott Robinson illustrates a newly discovered re-entry on black plate 1, a plate not known for re-entries or retouches
► Arnold Janson shows a cover with two Map Stamps, ostensibly from the same sheet but with different shades

The newsletter also describes three Study Group research projects, with a plea for Map Stamp enthusiasts to participate.

View the newsletters of the Map Stamp Study Group.

1 Jan 2022

On 1 January, eleven BNAPS members became Emeritus members, having been with BNAPS for the past 40 years.

View the list of Emeritus members

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