BNAPS Order of the Beaver
Order of the Beaver Medal

Order of the Beaver Medal

Induction into the Order of the Beaver (OTB), the Fellowship of the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS), honours members who have met established criteria in the categories of:

  • ►  Distinguished service to BNAPS
  • ►  Service to organized philately in general
  • ►  Advancement of philatelic knowledge through exhibiting and/or writing
  • ►  Regular attendance and participation at the annual BNAPEX conventions

The medal shown at left is awarded to members when they are inducted into the Order of the Beaver. When inducted, they are entitled to add the letters "OTB" after their name. The inductees are listed below, and a number are profiled on the Inductee Profiles page.

In 1997, the members of the Order initiated the BNAPS Order of the Beaver Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize philatelists who have made significant contributions to BNA philately but who might not meet the criteria for induction into the Order of the Beaver. The philatelists who have received this award along with their achievements are the subject of the Lifetime Achievements Award page.

Order of the Beaver Inductees

The Order of the Beaver inductees since 1968, when the Fellowship of BNAPS was established, are listed below.

■ indicates that the inductee is deceased.

2022 J. A. (Jack) Forbes
2019 Ron Majors
Gary Steele
Kenneth Lemke
2017 Dave Bartlet
Leopold Beaudet
Eldon C. Godfrey
2016 Jean-Claude Michaud
Andy Ellwood
Brian Stalker
George B. Dresser
John Jamieson
2011 C.R. McGuire
John Gordon
Harry Machum
2009 Peter McCarthy
2008 Norris (Bob) Dyer
H. Peter Jacobi
Robert K. Lane
2005 William S. Pawluk
James Hansen
Douglas Lingard
John Arn
R.F. (Hank) Narbonne
2002 P. Charles Livermore
John Burnett
Clinton Phillips
Arthur Klass
Jack Wallace

Jonathan Johnson
Robert Lemire
Victor L. Willson
1998 Jerome Jarnick

Charles Firby
Robert A. Lee
J. Don Wilson
1996 George Arfken
John C. (Jack) Arnell
Kenneth Ellison
1994 William (Bill) Walton (Chairman)
1993 E. R. (Ritch) Toop
1992 H. Michael Street (Vice-Chairman)
Horace Harrison
Larry Paige
1990 Earle L. Covert
1989 Clarence Stillions
Edmund Harris
William G. Robinson (Past Chairman)
Robert V. C. Carr
Sam Nickle
1985 Arthur Leggett
1984 John Siverts
1983 Lewis M. Ludlow
James Lehr (Past Chairman)
Allan L. Steinhart
1981 Lee Brandom
1980 Guy des Rivières
Leo LaFrance
Robert Pratt
1978 James Kraemer
1977 James Pike
Charles de Volpi
Edward J. Whiting
1974 Alfred Cook
George B. Llewellyn
Harry W. Lussey

Leslie Davenport
Wilmer C. (Bill) Rockett
Robert J. Woolley
1971 James N. Sissons
Vincent G. Greene
Gerald E. Wellburn

Fred Jarrett
Jack Levine
Edward A. Richardson (Past Chairman)
Clarence Westhaver

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