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BNAPS began publishing its journal, BNA Topics, in 1944. It contained a mix of articles on BNA philately and reports on Society activities. Fast forward to 1993 when BNAPS decided to remove the Society activities from Topics, in favour of a new publication, BNA PortraitS. Topics would be devoted to research and tutorial articles, and BNA PortraitS would concentrate on the social side of BNAPS. Both publications appeared on a quarterly schedule.

Among the features found in BNA PortraitS were the President's Report, the Secretary's Report, news about the activities of the study and regional groups, BNAPEX convention information, annual reports of officials, election proceedings, new book publications, etc. The newsletter provides an indispensable historical record of the Society's activities during the time it was published.

The first issue of BNA PortraitS was dated Sept.-Dec. 1993. Charles J. G. Verge was the editor. The newsletter saw 65 issues, the last being Vol. 16, No. 4, Oct.-Dec. 2009. BNAPS retired BNA PortraitS to cut operating costs. Of the material published in the newsletter, the annual reports of officials and the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting and the Annual General Meeting are published on the BNAPS website. Most of the rest was folded back into BNA Topics.

BNA PortraitS Editors

2002 2009 Vic Willson
1995 2001 Everett L. Parker
1993 1994 Charles J. G. Verge

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1993       v1 n1, Sep-Dec
1994 v1 n2, Jan-Mar v1 n3, Apr-Jun v1 n4, Jul-Sep v2 n1, Oct-Dec

1995 v2 n2, Jan-Mar v2 n3, Apr-Jun v2 n4, Jul-Sep v3 n1, Oct-Dec
1996 v3 n2, Jan-Mar v3 n3, Apr-Jun v3 n4, Jul-Sep v4 n1, Oct-Dec
1997 v4 n2, Jan-Mar v4 n3, Apr-Jun v4 n4, Jul-Sep v5 n1, Oct-Dec
1998 v5 n2, Jan-Mar v5 n3, Apr-Jun v5 n4, Jul-Sep v6 n1, Oct-Dec
1999 v6 n2, Jan-Mar v6 n3, Apr-Jun v6 n4, Jul-Sep v7 n1, Oct-Dec

2000 v7 n2, Jan-Mar v7 n3, Apr-Jun v7 n4, Jul-Sep v8 n1, Oct-Dec
2001 v8 n2, Jan-Mar v8 n3, Apr-Jun v8 n4, Jul-Sep v9 n1, Oct-Dec
2002 v9 n2, Jan-Mar v9 n2, Apr-Jun v9 n3, Jul-Sep v9 n4, Oct-Dec
2003 v10 n1, Jan-Mar v10 n2, Apr-Jun v10 n3, Jul-Sep v10 n4, Oct-Dec
2004 v11 n1, Jan-Mar v11 n2, Apr-Jun v11 n3, Jul-Sep v11 n4, Oct-Dec

2005 v12 n1, Jan-Mar v12 n2, Apr-Jun v12 n3, Jul-Sep v12 n4, Oct-Dec
2006 v13 n1, Jan-Mar v13 n2, Apr-Jun v13 n3, Jul-Sep v13 n4, Oct-Dec
2007 v14 n1, Jan-Mar v14 n2, Apr-Jun v14 n2, Jul-Sep v14 n4, Oct-Dec
2008 v15 n1, Jan-Mar v15 n2, Apr-Jun v15 n3, Jul-Sep v15 n4, Oct-Dec
2009 v16 n1, Jan-Mar v16 n2, Apr-Jun v16 n3, Jul-Sep v16 n4, Oct-Dec

Two issues of BNA PortraitS published in 2002 were given the same volume and issue number, Vol. 9, No. 2; however, they were given different whole numbers, 34 and 35.

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