2021 awards won by BNAPS members

To acknowledge the philatelic endeavours of BNAPS members and their success in exhibiting BNA material, we list the awards they have won.

The listing covers exhibit awards for BNA exhibits and BNA literature at National exhibitions in Canada and the United States and FIP-sponsored International exhibitions. It also covers non-exhibit awards that recognize the philatelic achievements of members.

Many exhibitions use a points-based system to evaluate exhibits. A number after a medal is the number of points the exhibit was awarded.

If you think we've missed any, let us know. Contact Adri Veenstra (email: a.veenstra@chello.nl) who compiled the listings.

2021 BNAPS member awards, Part I - Jan.-June

RPSC Annual General Meeting (Virtual), 14 June 2021

Non-exhibit Awards
Award BNAPS member Notes
Geldert Medal Robin Harris Best article in The Canadian Philatelist in 2020: "Becoming the Understudy: Canada's Repeating 'Canada' Underprint" in Vol. 71, No. 2, Mar.-Apr. 2020.

PIPEX 2021 virtual show, APS World Series of Philately event, 7-9 May 2021

Single Frame
Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Large Gold/93, BNAPS Best BNA Exhibit, BNAPS Research Award Luc Freve From Sail to Rail - California Mail to/from British North America

CANPEX National Virtual One Frame Philatelic Exhibit, 7-30 April 2021

Single Frame
Award Exhibitor Exhibit
Large Gold/92, PHSC Best BNA Postal History Exhibit Cimon Morin Cantons de l'Est - Les premiers bureaux et marques postales
Large Gold/91 Yan Turmine Lake Champlain postal route to/from Canada before 1799
Large Gold/90, RPSC Award for Excellence - Title Page/Synopsis Darcy Hickson International Stamp Cancelling Machines at Brandon, Manitoba 1907-1919
Large Gold/90 Richard S. Wilson Queen Victoria's Federal Law Stamps of Canada
Gold/89 Jean Wang The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children's Christmas Appeals to 1926: The Sweetest of All Charities
Gold/89 Bill Longley Canada's Changeling Postmarks: A Failed Experiment
Gold/88 Colin Banfield The Split Ring Station Postmarks of Prince Edward Island
Gold/87 Rob Leigh Allegory of Progress
Gold/85 Robert Lunn Internal Mails and Postage Rates of Pre Confederation Prince Edward Island
Large Vermeil/84 Mark Berner Use of the Third Bill Stamp in Nova Scotia
Large Vermeil/83 Christopher Ellis The Evolution of Canada's First Official Advertising Stationery Cards
Large Vermeil/83 Kevin O'Reilly A Friendly Invasion: United States Forces at Churchill
Large Vermeil/80 Robert J Elias The Canadian 6 Cent UPU Letter Rate
Large Silver/74 Peter McCarthy Mountain Sheep
Large Silver/73 Peter McCarthy Railway Post Office Markings Used on the Grand Trunk Railway between Montreal and Toronto 1854 - 1923
Large Silver/71 Peter McCarthy Small Boats

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