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This page lists the BNAPS Study Groups, both active and dormant, and provides links to the newsletters of those Groups that have made them freely available. In most cases, the Study Group has made all but the most recent five years available.

For more information about a Study Group or to join one, refer to the Study Groups page. If you would like a new Study Group in your collecting area or would like to re-activate a dormant group, contact the Vice-President Study Groups:
Ron Smith, email.

Admiral Military Mail
D Airmail M Miscellaneous Cancels and Markings
British Columbia Postal History Newfoundland
D Canada Post Ephemeral and Collateral Material D Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, & PEI
M Centennial Pence-Cents Era
Christmas Perfin
Dead Letter Office D Post Cards
D Duplex Cancellations Postal Stationery
Elizabethan II Precancel
D Essay & Proofs Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties
Fakes and Forgeries D Registration
Fancy Cancel and Miscellaneous Markings Revenue
First Day Covers D Roller Cancels
D Flag Cancels RPO
D Illustrated Mail D Semi-Official Airmail
D Inland Waterways D Slogan Cancels
D Internet M Small Queens
King George VI Squared Circle Cancels
D Klussendorf D Transatlantic Mail
Large and Small Queens D Trans-Pacific Mail
D Literature World War II
Map Stamp
  1. D = Study Group is dormant.
  2. M = Study Group has merged with another Group.
  3. The newsletters are copyrighted by individual Study Groups. Individual articles are copyrighted by the author.

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