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This page lists the BNAPS study groups, both active and dormant, and provides a convenient set of links to resources the groups have provided. The resources include:

  • Newsletters
    Some study groups make their newsletter available immediately upon publication. Other groups have requested a delay of one to five years before making them freely available. Some make their newsletters available only to their own members.
  • Virtual meetings
    Spurred on by COVID-19 restrictions on travel and gatherings, study groups have embraced virtual meetings as a forum for exchanging information and making presentations. The groups have made available recordings of the presentations; however, due to privacy concerns, access to most recordings is restricted to BNAPS members.
  • Other resources
    Some study groups have prepared resources such as: background on the formation and activities of the group, introduction to the group's study areas, handbooks, group website, list of reference material, etc.

Some study groups were active for a period of time, but are currently dormant. Dormant groups that published newsletters are listed below if the newsletters are available online. These groups have a "D" preceding their name.

Some study groups eventually merged with another group. These groups have an "M" preceding their name.

For more information about a study group or to join one, refer to the Study Groups page. If you would like a new study group in your collecting area or would like to re-activate a dormant group, contact the Vice-President Study Groups by email:
Ron Smith, studygroups@bnaps.org.

The newsletters are copyrighted by individual study groups. Individual articles are copyrighted by the author.

Links to newsletters, virtual meetings, and other resources

  • = Newsletter
  • = Virtual meeting video
  • = Other study group resources
  • D = Study group is dormant
  • M = Study group has merged with another group
Air Mail  
British Columbia Postal History    
M Centennial    
Dead Letter Office    
Digital Philately    
D Duplex Cancellations    
Elizabethan II
Fakes and Forgeries  
Fancy Cancel and Miscellaneous Markings    
First Day Covers  
D Flag Cancels    
D Illustrated Mail    
D Inland Waterways    
King George VI
D Klussendorf    
Large and Small Queens  
D Literature    
Map Stamp    
Military Mail  
M Miscellaneous Cancels and Markings    
Pence-Cents Era
D Post Cards    
Postal Stationery  
Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties  
D Registration    
D Roller Cancels    
D Semi-Official Airmail    
D Slogan Cancels    
M Small Queens    
Squared Circle Cancels    
D Transatlantic Mail    
D Trans-Pacific Mail    
World War II    

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