2002 Exhibit awards won by BNAPS members

To acknowledge the efforts of BNAPS members and the success they have achieved in exhibiting BNA material, we present information about BNAPS exhibit winners at National exhibitions in Canada and the United States and FIP-sponsored International exhibitions.

Awards are for BNA exhibits and BNA literature. If you think we've missed any, let us know.
Contact Adri Veenstra (email: a.veenstra@chello.nl).

The information on this page was provided by Norris (Bob) Dyer.

2002 Overview


67 BNAPS members won 104 awards for BNA exhibits and literature in 2002. One BNAPS Vermeil was for literature. Only major show awards are included: APS, Canadian national shows, international shows, and BNAPEX 2002. This compares to 146 awards for 87 BNAPS members in 2001. There were fewer Canadian and international shows than in 2001, and BNAPEX 2002 only had 18 exhibits compared to 44 in 2001, probably because of its U.S. venue. These factors contributed to the smaller number of awards.

Of the 67 winners in 2002, 28 had not won awards in 2001. This means a total of 115 different members have won awards during the past two years, almost 10% of our members. Doubtless, there are more who have only exhibited locally or on a regional basis. Thus many in our organization share their philatelic interests with members of the public who attend philatelic shows/exhibitions. This outreach effort helps to create interest in BNA material and must be considered an important method of recruiting new members.

The names of the 67 BNAPS members who won show awards in 2002 are found in the summaries of each show, listed below through the year. I hope I have not missed anyone. Exhibiting takes a lot of time as does philatelic writing and research. The 67 are owed our congratulations.

- Bob Dyer

2002 Exhibit Awards

Competition Awards at SESCAL 2002, October 4-6 2002, Los Angeles, CA

Single Frame

Gold and Grand: Jerome V.V. Kasper - SCADTA Postal Stationery

Competition Awards at CHICAGOPEX 2002, November 22-24, Arlington Heights, IL

Gold: Warren Wilkinson - British Columbia and Vancouver Island Postal History


Silver: John Jamieson, Sasakatoon Stamp Centre - Canadian & BNA Philatelic Literature, 6th ed.


In honour of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee, a commemorative medal has been struck and will be awarded Canadians for their service in various fields. Some of our members have been recognized for their dedication and service to philately, as well as other similar endeavors. The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada and the representative of Her Majesty, has announced the following recipients:

Mrs. Lola Caron, FRPSC
Mr. Andrew Chung
Mr. Wally Gutzman
Mr. John Jamieson, FRPSC
Mr. Jean-Claude Lafleur, FRPSC
Mjr. R.K. Malott, CD
Mr. Cimon Morin, FRPSC
Mr. Kevin O'Reilly
Col. W.G. Robinson, CD, OTB, FRPSC
Mr. Charles Verge, FRPSC
Dr. Norman E. Wagner, O.C., Ph.D., LL.D.
John C. Butters

The above names are the only ones known to the writer. Anyone missing from the list is invited to contact the Webmaster, or Victor Willson, editor of BNA Portraits for further mention. Congratulations is extended to all of the recipients for this special recognition by the Queen.

--- Dean Mario

C. D. Sayles Captures BNAPS Military Writing Award

Military mail collector, writer, and researcher C. Douglas Sayles was awarded the E. R. "Ritch" Toop Award for military writing at the BNAPEX 2002 exhibition and convention held in Spokane, WA, in late Sepember.

Sayles, a prolific Canadian military mail author, gained the award for his numerous contributions to the Candian Military Mail Study Group's (CNMSG) Newsletter along with his articles in BNA Topics. Areas covered included a wide-range of subjects such as the raid on Dieppe, cigarette and field service postcards, and military censor markings. Congratulations are extended to him!

The E. R. Ritch Toop Award for military literature is decided by a jury, and consists of a stylized certificate and a cash honorarium. Anyone qualifies for the award, but all books, articles, and writings must be related to Canadian/BNA military philately, and postal history. "Ritch" Toop was a former Chairman of the CNMSG as well as a dedicated author, researcher, and exhibitor of Canadian military postal history.


Dean Mario was awarded the Vincent G. Greene Award at the September BNAPS 2002 exhibition and convention held in Spokance, WA. The award is given annually for the best article or series of articles that appear in BNA Topics in the previous calendar year. Mario's article was "Newfoundland's PAID ALL and POSTAGE PAID Markings: 1897-1948". It examined all of the reported provisional handstamps used by postal officials as well as some unreported finds.

A jury selects the winner. The award honours one of the hobby's legendary philatelists, the late Vincent Graves Greene, who promoted Canadian/B.N.A. philately.

Competition Awards at PHILAKOREA 2002, Seoul, Korea, August 2-11, 2002


Large Vermeil: Herbert L. McNaught -- Canada: The Half-Cent Small Queen Issue of 1882-1897
Large Vermeil: Joachim R. Frank -- Canada: The Large and Small Queen Issues


Silver-Bronze: Chris Hargreaves -- The Canadian Aerophilatelist


Large Silver: Dan Handelman -- Dead as a Doornail - Closed Ontario Post Offices

Dan is son of David Handelman, and a "family member".

Competition Awards at BALPEX 02, August 30- Sept. 1, 2002, Hunt Valley, MD

Gold: "Fred Greene" --- 19th Century Registered Postmarks of Canada's R.P.O.'s
Gold: Ronald I. Ribler --- Canada's Three-Cent Small Queens
Gold: "El Supremo" --- Postal Developments in Canada as Shown by Registered Mail

Competition Awards at PIPEX 2002, Sept. 20-22, 2002, Richmond, B.C.

Gold: Ian McTaggart-Cowan --- Law Stamps of Yukon
Gold: Ian M. Mowat--- Eastern Arctic Mail 1976-1964
Gold: Norris Dyer --- Postal Shortages, and Surcharged Issues of Newfoundland
Vermeil: Randall R. Martin --- Newfoundland Surface Mail
Vermeil: W. G. Robinson --- Prisoners of War and Internees, 1914-1920
Vermeil: Herbert L. McNaught --- Canada, 1897 Jubilees
Silver: Ron Battersby --- Newfoundland: Selected Covers 1865-1915
Silver: Howard Ness --- 1946 Peace Issue Air Mail Stamp
Silver/Bronze: J. Alex Hadden --- Canadian Scout and Guide Cancellations

Competition Awards at MILCOPEX, September 20-22, 2002, Milwaukee, WI

Gold and Reserve Grand: Warren Wilkinson --- New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Postal Rates 1851-1860

Competition Awards at BNAPEX 2002, Sept. 27-29, 2002, Spokane, WA

Gold & Grand: Warren Wilkenson --- Postal Rates of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
Gold & Reserve Grand: Vic Willson --- Admirals Aweigh - Canadian Foreign Rates, 1912-1928
Gold & Novice Award: Tom Watkins --- The Development of Canada's Semi-Official Airmail
Gold & Meyerson Award (Best Provisional): Norris Dyer --- Postal Shortages, and Surcharged Issues of Newfoundland
Gold: H.L. McNaught --- Canada --- The Half Cent Small Queen Issue 1882-97
Gold: John Cooper --- Study of the Admiral Booklet panes
Vermeil: Gary W. Steele --- Canadian Covers to Foreign Destinations
Vermeil: John Arn --- Red Postage Due Issues - The Stamps and Their Usage
Vermeil: John Cooper --- Newfoundland Booklets
Vermeil: H.P. Jacobi --- "Gems of the Kootenays"
Silver & Richardson Award (Most Innovative and Offbeat): Earle Covert --- Permits
Silver & Nichols Award (Best Military): John Powell --- Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force "D"
Silver: Gord Mallet --- Three Weeks in December 1928 - Canada's Experimental Prairie Airmail
Silver: Joe Smith --- Jubilee Junque Jewels
Silver: John Hillmer --- "Varieties" - Errors, Freaks, and Oddities Caricature Definitive Series 1973-77
Silver/Bronze: John Powell --- Lake Hazen
Silver/Bronze: John Gordon --- The Montreal Barred Circles
Silver/Bronze: John Gordon --- Squared Circles on Postcards


Vermeil: John Gordon (for the Squared Circle Group) --- Squared Circle Cancellations Of Canada, 5th Edition

Competition Awards at Peach State Show 2002, September 27-29, 2002, Sept. 27-29, 2002, Atlanta, Georgia

Vermeil: Dwight D. Gray --- Canadian Internment Camps in World War II
Silver: Dwight D. Gray --- Canadian Armed Forces Air Letters

Competition Awards at AIRPEX XXVII, Sept. 28-29, 2002, Dayton, Ohio

Gold: Frank L. Shively --- The Klondike District: A Revenue Law Stamp Story: 1898-1971
Gold: Frank L. Shively --- 50 Years with the NCR Meter Stamps: 1931-1981

Competition Award at Philatelic Show May 3-5, 2002, Boxborough, Ma.

Vermeil: Randall R. Martin - Newfoundland Surface Mail

Competition Awards At Canada's Sixth National Philatelic Literature Exhibition, May 4-5, 2002, Ottawa, On

Vermeil with Felicitations: Earle Covert and William C. Walton - Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue of Canada and Newfoundland, 7th edition.
Vermeil: John G. Butt and John M. Walsh --- Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue, 5th edition.
Vermeil: Robert C. Smith --- PHSC Journal (2001)
Silver: Susan M. Sheffield --- The Companion Guide to Muskoka District Post Office
Silver: Andrew Chung and Roger F. Narbonne --- The New Specialized Catalogue of Canada Post Official First Day Covers, 2nd edition.
Silver: Christopher Ryan --- Canadian Revenue Newsletter (2000)
Silver: David Sessions --- Maple Leaves
Silver: Robin Harris --- Corgi Times (Vol. 10, 2001-2002)
Silver: Chris Hargreaves --- The Canadian Aerophilatelist (Vol. 17, 2001)
Silver: Virginia St-Denis --- Canadian Stamp News (Vol. 26, 2001-2002)
Silver-Bronze: Joel Weiner --- Canada Inkjet (Jet Spray) Cancels, 1992-2001, 2nd edition.
Silver-Bronze: Dean Mario --- Canadian Military Mail Study Group Newsletter (Nos. 148-152, 2001).
Silver-Bronze: Ross Gray --- The Newsletter of the Canadian R.P.O. Study Group (BNAPS) (Vol. 29-30, 2001/2002)
Silver-Bronze: Larry Goldberg --- Precancels/Canada (Nos. 1-6, 2000-2002)
Bronze: Dale Speirs --- Calgary Philatelist (2001) + Index Nos. 1-52

Competition Awards at Garfield-Perry March Party 2002, March 15-17, 2002, Cleveland, OH

Gold: Kimber A. Wald --- Canadian Special Delivery Stamps and Service, 1898-1954

Single Frame

Gold: Ray Simrak --- The SCADTA System; Canada to Columbia, South America

Competition Awards at Plymouth Show 2002, April 5-7, 2002, Plymouth, MI

Gold: Warren Wilkinson --- New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Postal rates 1851-1860

Single Frame

Gold: Ray Simrak --- The SCADTA System; Canada to Columbia, South America

Competition Awards at ORAPEX 2002, May 4-5, 2002, Ottawa, Ontario

Gold, Reserve Grand, and PHSC Best BNA Postal History Award: Victor L. Willson --- Canadian Nonletter Mail and Postcards of the 19th Century
Vermeil: Herbert L. McNaught --- Canada: 1897 Jubilees
Vermeil: John Anders --- Imperial Penny Post, Canada 1898
Vermeil: Richard Morris --- The Admiral Issue of Canada 1912-1931

Special Studies

Vermeil: Susan Sheffield --- Muskoka Resort Hotel Post Offices
Silver: John H. Hilmer --- Definitives 1972-1977, Caricatures, Errors, Freaks, Oddities

Single Frame

Silver: Herbert L. McNaught --- Toronto Oval Numeral Duplexes

Youth Class

Silver: Danny Handelman --- Now you See it, Now You Don't - Temporary Canadian Post Offices

Competition Award at ARIPEX 2002, February 15-17, 2002, Tucson, Arizona

Single Frame

Gold: Ray Simrak - The SCADTA System; Canada to Columbia, South America

Competition Awards at ROYAL 2002 ROYALE, March 22-24, 2002, Edmonton

Gold and Reserve Grand: Kevin O'Reilly - The Eastern Arctic Patrol, 1922-1965
Gold: Richard Fleet - Province of Canada - 1865 Second Bill Stamp Issue
Gold: Horace Harrison - Canadian Money Letters
Gold: Robert Heasman - Machine Cancels of Canada 1896-1902
Gold: Dick Malott - Canadian Interrupted Covers to, from and within Canada 1918- 1984
Gold: Bill Pawluk - Canada: Postal Regulations, Rates and Usages, Domestic and International Mail, 1897-1911
Gold: Richard Thompson - The First Decimal Issue of Canada 1859-1868
Gold: Susan Sheffield - Muskoka's Resort Hotel Post Offices
Gold: William Topping - Yukon Airways - A Pioneer Air Mail Company
Vermeil: Herb McNaught - Canada 1897 Jubilees
Vermeil: Harry Voss - Canadian Re-Entries 1852-1953
Vermeil: Peter Jacobi - Mining - B.C.'s Heritage
Vermeil: Barry Brown - Canadian Revenues for War: World War I & II
Vermeil: Ted Nixon - Canada - Airmail Rates & Routes 1937-42
Vermeil: Dick Malott - Armed Forces Air Letters, Forms and Cards
Vermeil: Ian McTaggart-Cowan - Law Stamps of Yukon
Silver: Glen Lundeen - The War Tax Stamps of Canada
Silver: Steven Luciuk - Military Conflicts and Saskatchewan 1865-1945
Silver: Earl Covert - Permits
Silver-Bronze: Dean Mario - Newfoundland in the Second World War, 1939-1945
Bronze: John Rodgers - Go West Young Man

Single Frame

Gold: Jerome Kasper - SCADTA Postal Stationery Vermeil: Jim Brown - British Columbia Airways Limited Air Mail Service Between Victoria And Vancouver - July 23 to Aug. 24, 1928 Silver: Herb McNaught - Canada, Toronto Oval Numeral Duplexes, 1881-91 Silver: Russell Sampson - A Selection of Perfins on the Edward VII Issue of Canada


The Collectors Club of Chicago 'PRATT AWARD" is named for Robert H. Pratt the eminent Newfoundland collector, researcher and author. In 1997 the Club started the "PRATT AWARD" to be given to the author or authors of the best philatelic articles(s) on Newfoundland. The award consists of one thousand dollars to the winner, or to be shared by the winners if there is more than one in a given year.

The Collectors Club of Chicago is pleased to announce this year's winners are Sammy Whaley for an article, "The Newfoundland ((235)) Cancel" in Vol. 58, No. 2, of BNA Topics, Dean Mario for an article, "Newfoundland's 'Paid All' and 'Postage Page' Markings 1897-1948" in Vol. 58, No. 3, of BNA Topics, and Norris Dyer for an article, "Newfoundland's Provisional Postcard and Those Who Exploited it" in Vol. 58, No. 4, of BNA Topics.

Competition Awards at SARASOTA NATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION, February 1-3, 2002, Sarasota, Florida

Gold and BNAPS Award: Horace Harrison - Canadian Money-Letters: Pre-Reg. Mail 1802-1855
Gold: Randall R. Martin - Newfoundland Surface Mail
Gold: Ronald I. Ribler - Canada's Three Cent Small Queens
Vermeil: John M. Walsh - Newfoundland Plate Numbers

Competition Awards at APS AMERISTAMP EXPO 2002, February 8-10, 2002, Riverside, CA


Prix d'Honneur: Norris R. Dyer - Newfoundland's 1897 Postal Shortage


Platinum and Reserve Grand: Norris R. Dyer - Newfoundland's Surcharged Air Mail Stamps
Platinum: Norris R. Dyer - Edward and Alexandra, Newfoundland's Homage to the Prince and Princess of Wales
Vermeil: Ray Simrak - The SCADTA System; Canada to Columbia, South America

* MANUAL OF PHILATELIC JUDGING, Fourth Edition, 1999, American Philatelic Society

[The APS uses a different system for scoring single-frame exhibits in the U.S. than is used in Canada. This extract should help explain it.]

Page 46. "Judging the One-Frame Exhibit

The approach to judging a one-frame exhibit differs from that of a multi-frame exhibit. The exhibitor's effort is concentrated into 16 pages, and to facilitate the assessment and ensure that all aspects of the exhibit are considered and properly evaluated, a point-scoring system is to be used.
Each exhibit is evaluated on a 100-point system. Two 'bonus' points are also available. It is intended that a copy of the scoring sheet will be given to the exhibitor to assist future improvement, therefore, a carefully reasoned scoring is essential.
One-frame exhibits are usually ranked at six levels instead of five. The additional medal is the 'platinum,' for the most superior exhibits."

I wish to thank those who provided me Palmares.

For further information, and to submit information on BNAPS programs and events, you can email me, Norris (Bob) Dyer.

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