2001 Exhibit awards won by BNAPS members

To acknowledge the efforts of BNAPS members and the success they have achieved in exhibiting BNA material, we present information about BNAPS exhibit winners at National exhibitions in Canada and the United States and FIP-sponsored International exhibitions.

Awards are for BNA exhibits and BNA literature. If you think we've missed any, let us know.
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The information on this page was provided by Norris (Bob) Dyer.

2001 Overview

Summary of 2001 awards earned by BNAPS members exhibiting BNA material

U.S. and Canada
Award Level Single
Lit. Exhibit Lit. All
Platinum 1 1
Gold 2 22 1 14 39
Large Vermeil 3 1 4
Vermeil 7 15 3 1 9 34
Large Silver 3 3
Silver 4 23 2 15 44
Silver Bronze 3 2 6 1 2 14
Bronze 2 4 7
Total 19 62 12 7 2 44 146
2001 Exhibit Awards

Competition Awards at CHICAGOPEX, November 16-18, 2001, Rosemont, Illinois


Vermeil: Earle L. Covert and William C. Walton - Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue of Canada and Newfoundland, 7th Edition
Silver/Bronze: Larry Goldberg - Precancels/Canada
Silver/Bronze: Richard M. Morris - Color Guide for the Admiral Issue of Canada
Bronze: Dale Speirs - Calgary Philatelist


The British North America Philatelic Society has recently announced a new award to recognize philatelic research and writing on Canadian/British North American-related military postal history. This literature award honors the late Major E.R. "Ritch" Toop, a well-known Canadian military postal historian, and long-time BNAPS member.

Major Toop's numerous books and articles, many co-authored with fellow Society member, Lt. Col. W.J. Bailey, are considered to be the best reference material on Canadian and BNA military postal history and postal markings.

The Award will be presented on an annual basis (subject to appropriate conditions) to anyone (Society or non-Society members) writing or editing worthy articles, books, monographs, and other similar literature associated with Canadian or BNA military history. A jury will select the relevant work. The Award consists of a stylized certificate and cash honourarium.

The 2001 recipient of the E.R. "Ritch" Toop Military Literature Award was Dean W. Mario for his editorship of the Canadian Military Mail Study Group Newsletter, within BNAPS. The award was announced at the September BNAPEX convention in Ottawa.

Competition Award at SESCAL 2001, October 5-7, 2001, Los Angles, CA


Silver/Bronze: Larry Goldberg - Precancels/Canada

Competition Awards at HAFNIA 01, October 16-21, 2001, Copenhagen, Denmark

Large Vermeil: Herbert L. McNaught - (B.N.A.) Canada, the Half-Cent Small Queen Issue
Silver: David Piercey - Fisheries of the North Atlantic

Competition Awards for VANPEX 2001, October 27-28, 2001, Richmond, B.C.

Gold, Grand Award, BCPS Award and BNAPS Award: Jack Wallace - BC-Vancouver Island - Stamps & Covers To, From, Within & Between the Two Colonies
Gold & Reserve Grand: J. Richard Fleet - Victoria 1865 - Second Bill Stamp Issue
Gold: Tom Watkins - The Development of Canada's Semi-Official Airmail
Vermeil: Barry Brown- Revenues for War - World War I & II
Vermeil: John Keenlyside - Postal Markings of Victoria, B.C., 1871-1900
Vermeil: Bill Topping - Canadian Pacific Ship Marks
Silver: Alex Hadden - Canadian Scout & Guide Cancellations
Silver: Peter Jacobi - Rossland - the Golden City
Silver: Jon Johnson - Canadian Pacific Railway - Perfins
Silver: Arlene Sullivan - Automatic Christmas - Stick N Tic Greetmore Stamps

NOTE: VANPEX 2001 was given National status for this year on a provisional basis. "BCPS" stands for the British Columbia Philatelic Society.


Gold and Grand Award: Warren Wilkinson - Postal Rates of Canada 1851-1859
Gold and Reserve Grand: John L. Robertson - US & BNA Cross Border Mail April 6, 1851 to UPU
Gold and Myerson Award: Colin D. Lewis - Newfoundland - Postal Rates & Destinations 1857-1900
Gold and Wilmer Rockett Revenue Award: J. Richard Fleet - Province of Canada 1865 Second Bill Stamp Issue
Gold and Ed & Mickey Richardson Award: Brian Murphy - Routes, Rates & Regulations - International Mail 1874-98
Gold and Novice Award: M.R. Cusworth -Prince Edward Island - Developments 1794-1873
Gold: Alan Selby - King Edward VII issue 1901-1912
Gold: H.L. McNaught - The Half-Cent Small Queen Issue of 1882-1897
Gold: John M. Walsh - Newfoundland 1897-1908
Gold: Robert G. Heasman - Machine Cancels of Canada, 1896-1902
Gold: Richard Malott -Canadian Air Mail Interrupted Flown Covers
Gold: Ray Simrak - The SCADTA Air Mail System Canada-Columbia
Gold: Bruce Field - Precancelled Postage Stamps of Canada
Gold: Steven Luciak - Canada and the Korean War
Vermeil: Ronald I. Ribler - The 3-Cent Small Queen
Vermeil: Randall R. Martin - Newfoundland Surface Mail
Vermeil: Eric B. Manchee -Bytown/Ontario Postal History 1829-1867
Vermeil: John G. McEntyre - New Constant Plate Varieties - 1-Cent Quebec Tercentenary
Vermeil: Glenn Playter - A Postal History of Newmarket to 1922
Vermeil: W.G. Robinson - The Railway Mail Service Through Ottawa - 19th Century
Vermeil: Dwight D. Gray - Canadian Interment Camps in World War II
Vermeil: David Handelman - Early Round Canadian Date Stamps & Friends
Vermeil: Edward Zaluski - Canadian Law Stamps
Silver: Michael Cray - Large Queens 1868-1899
Silver: Joseph M. Smith - Jubilee Junque Jewels
Silver: Richard Morris - Official use of the Admiral Issue 1913-1931
Silver: Roger Boisclair - Le Timbre de Noel de 1898
Silver: Earle L. Covert - Provincial, Grand Trunk, Dominion & Montreal Telegraph Companies Prior to 1890
Silver: Robert J. Elias - Wilding & Associated High-Value Definitives
Silver: Richard J. McIntosh - Newfoundland Air Mail, 1919-1949
Silver: John Fretwell - Canada's Registered System
Silver: William Gard - Woodstock, Ontario - The First 100 Years
Silver: Murray Heifetz - Dirigible & Catapult Flights to & From Canada
Silver: Frederick C. Dietz - Semi-Official Air Mail Carriers & Their Precursors
Silver: John Burnett - Postal History of the Mufti Stamps of 1937
Silver: Charles J.G. Verge - Brown Brothers Continental Nurseries 1890-1920's
Silver: Jon Johnson - Director of Records, Militia Dept. 1921-1951
Silver: Gary W. Steele - D.L.O. Covers 1937-1952
Silver-Bronze: Raymond J. Skrepnek - King George VI "Officials"
Silver-Bronze: Tony Shaman - Squared Circles on 3-Cent Jubilees
Bronze: A. S. Bain - Commercial Airways Limited
Bronze: Chris Hargreaves - Aerophilately of B.N.A.
Bronze: John S. Gordon - Squarred Circles on 1898 3-Cent Numeral
Bronze: A.J. Quattrocchi - Miscellaneous Markings

Competition Award at BALPEX 2001, August 31 - September 2, 2001, Baltimore, Maryland


Gold & Grand Award: Jerome V. Kasper - SCADTA Postal Stationery

Competition Award at Peach State Stamp Show 2001, September 28-30. 2001, Atlanta, Georgia

Vermeil: D.D. Gray - Canadian Armed Forces Air Letters & Canadian Interment Camps in WW II

Competition Awards at AIRPEX 2001, September 29-30, 2001, Dayton, Ohio

Gold: Frank L. Shively, Jr. - Canada: The Klondike District: A Revenue Law Stamp Story 1898-1971


Gold: Ray Simrak - The SCADTA Air Mail System: Canada to Columbia, South America


Linn's Stamp News, reports in their September 3rd edition, that BNAPS member George Arfken has been presented the Luff award. This is the highest recognition accorded by the American Philatelic Society.

Here is what LINN'S said of Arfken:

"Arfken, of Clearwater, Fla., received the 2001 Luff Award for distinguished philatelic research. For more than 20 years, Arfken has researched Canadian and United States philately resulting in the publication of more than 170 articles and five books.

He has been a member of the APS for more than 20 years. His other memberships include the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, the British North America Philatelic Society, the Postal History Society of Canada, the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain, the United States Philatelic Classics Society and the Postal History Society."

Also given the LUFF award in Chicago were David A. Flood and Elizabeth G. Towle.

AUGUST 23-26, 2001, CHICAGO, IL.



Gold and BNAPS Award: Terry Harris - Newfoundland Fiscal Stamps and Usages
Gold: John Walsh - Newfoundland 1897-1918 Royal Family, Dead Letter Seal

Single Frame

Platinum: Bob Dyer - Newfoundland's 1897 Postal Shortage
Silver: Charles J.G. Verge - Brown Brothers Continental Nurseries, 1890-1920's
Silver: Charles J.G. Verge - The Post Office Dispute of 1978



Gold: Earle L. Covert & William C. Walton - Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue of Canada and Newfoundland, 7th ED.
Vermeil: Robin Harris - Centennial Definitve Series 1967-1973


Vermeil: David F. Sessions - Philatelic Fantasies of British North America 1860-1910
Silver: G. Arfken & W. Plomish - Air Mails of Canada: 1925-1939: The Development & Postal History of National and International Mails


Silver/Bronze: Larry Goldberg, Editor - Precancels/Canada

Competition Awards at PHILANIPPON 2001, July 30 - August 5, Tokyo, Japan


Large Vermeil: Fred Fawn - 1898 Map Stamp
Large Vermeil: Richard Malott - Crash Covers (Canada)
Large Silver: Herb McNaught - 1897 Jubilees
Large Silver: William Robinson - Prisoners of War Internee Mail
Large Silver: William Robinson - Post Offices of Alberta


Silver-Bronze: Chris Hargreaves - Canadian Aero Philatelist

Competition Awards at BELGICA 2001 International, Brussels, Belgium June 9-15, 2001


Vermeil: John Anders - Imperial Penny Postage Canada 1898


Large Vermeil: Cimon Morin - Philatelie Canadienne Vol. 3


The jury at ORAPEX 2001 gave Special Recognition for exhibits mounted by young students from three Ottawa schools - Mutchmore, Hopewell and Woodroffe Public Schools. BNAPS member Jill Hare has been working with young collectors at these schools, fostering an interest, awareness, and knowledge about stamps and covers. Jill, with husband Tom, has organized three stamps clubs at the schools for students in grades 3-6. Her devotion to this enterprise resulted in the combined efforts of the students to exhibit on selected topics at the show. She notes that in Ottawa "Youth philately is alive and kicking", and her volunteer work fostering philately in young collectors should surely keep the momentum going for years to come.

BNAPS congratulates the Hares for this outstanding effort.

............Dean Mario and Bob Dyer

Competition Awards at PIPEX 2001, June 6-8, 2001, Spokane, Washington

Gold and Best BNA Exhibit: David Piercey - Fisheries of the North Atlantic
Silver: Jon Johnson - Canadian Pacific Railroad
Silver: Kevin Kienlein - Commercial, Offic. & Private Perfins of & Used in B.C. & Yukon Terr.
Silver: Robin Mowat - Hudson's Bay Company
Silver: Ian Mowat - Morgan Letter 1859-1911


Vermei: John Arn - Canada Semi-Postal Issues - The Stamps and Their Usage
Vermeil and Herst Award for Best Exhibit by a Lady: Arlene Sullivan - Automatic Xmas - Stick-N-Tick Labels -Greetmore
Vermeil: Norris (Bob) Dyer - Edward and Alexandra (NFLD)

Competition Award at NAPEX 2001, June 1-3, 2001, Tysons Corner, Virginia

Vermeil and BNAPS Award: Kimber A. Wald - The Canadian Special Delivery System, 1898-1963

Competition Awards at ORAPEX 2001, Ottawa, Ontario, May 5-6, 2001

Gold, Grand Award and BNAPS Award: John Cooper - A Study of the Admiral Booklet Stamps
Gold and Reserve Grand Award: Terry Harris - Newfoundland Fiscal Stamps and Usages
Gold and PHSC - Best BNA Postal History Award: H. W. Harrison- Early Express Company Operations in Ontario and Quebec
Gold: John W. Walsh - Newfoundland 1897-1918 Royal Family, Dead Letter Seal and Map Stamp
Gold: Major (Ret.) R.K. Malott - Canadian Crash Covers to, from and within Canada 1918-1984
Vermeil: Brian Murphy - Canada: Rates, Routes and Regulations
Vermeil: David Handelman- Early Round Canadian Date Stamps and Friends
Silver: Wally Gutzman - Toronto Postal History 1880-1910
Silver: Dr. Alan Selby - Early Canadian Postal Routes
Silver: Herbert L. McNaught- The 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Issue


Vermeil: Charles Verge - The Post Office Dispute of 1978
Vermeil: H.W. Harrison - Canada's Registered Letter Stamps, Proofs and Essays
Silver/Bronze: Charles Verge - Brown Brothers Continental Nurseries1890-1920
Bronze: H.W. Harrison - Methods Used to Mail C.P.R. Statements to Shareholders

Competition Awards from Philatelic Show 2001, May 4-6, 2001, Boxborough, MA

Vermeil: Randall Martin - Newfoundland Surface Mail
Silver: Richard Morris - The Official Use of the Admiral Issue of Canada

Competition Awards from ROMPEX 2001, May 18-20, 2001, Denver, CO

Silver: Jerry Eggleston - The Admiral Issue of Canada


Three BNAPS members were recently accorded the highest honour of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) and were named as "Fellows" at Royal 2001 held in Dorval, Quebec in April. Honoured were: George Arfken, Dr. John M. Powell, and David F. Sessions.

Long-time service to the RPSC, and/or promotion of Canadian philately in general, are just two of the qualifications necessary for consideration.

George Arfken, of Clearwater, Florida, is widely known for his prolific research and writing on nineteenth century Canadian stamps and postal history. Several of his books are considered standard research tools for the BNA and Canadian specialist.

Dr. John M. Powell of Edmonton, Alberta, is a RPSC Director, Chairman of the Royal's Judging Programme, and Co-Chair of its Youth Education Programme. He is an accredited national judge and Past-President of the Edmonton Stamp Club. He specializes in the stamps and postal history of Iraq, but also collects and exhibits Canadian Arctic postal history (among other varied interests).

David F. Sessions, of Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom, is currently the editor of the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain's journal, Maple Leaves. He is well known for his study and writing on the early rapid-machine cancellations of Canada, but he also recently published a volume on BNA philatelic fantasies in 1999.

Congratulations are extended to all three gentlemen for this well-deserved honour!

Submitted by Dean W. Mario, BNAPS Publicity Officer, via Bob Dyer

Competition Awards at ROYALE * 2001 * ROYAL, Montreal, April 6-8, 2001

Gold & Reserve Grand: Ted Nixon -Canada: 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue
Gold: John Cooper - Canada: The 'Admiral' Booklet Panes
Gold: Richard K. Malott - Canadian Airmail Crash Covers
Vermeil: Peter McCarthy - Canada: Railway Post Office Cancellations
Vermeil: William G. Robinson - Prisoners of War and Internees, 1914-1920
Silver: Wally Gutzman - Toronto Postal Markings, 1880-1910
Silver: Peter Kritz - Canada, the 50's
Silver: Herbert L. McNaught - The 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Issue
Silver: Geoff Russell - Canadian Revenues: "Federal Issues"
Silver: Ray Skrepnek - Canada: King George VI "Officials"


Silver-Bronze: Wally Gutzman - Canada: Directory Service

Competition Award at PLYMOUTH SHOW 2001, April 28-29, 2001, Plymouth, MI

Vermeil: Clinton Many - A Rate Study of the 'Admiral' Stamps of Canada 1912-1928


One Frame

Vermeil: Norris (Bob) Dyer - Newfoundland's 1897 Postal Shortage

Competition Awards at the Edmonton Spring National 2001, March 30-April 1, Edmonton, Canada

Multi-Frame Exhibits

Gold, Reserve, and Best BNA Exhibit: Richard Fleet - Province of Canada 1865- Second Bill Stamp Issue
Gold: Brian Murphy - Routes, Rates & Regulations: Canada's International Mail, 1874 to 1898
Gold: William Robinson - Prisoners of War and Internees, 1914-1920
Gold: Kevin O'Reilly - The Eastern Arctic Patrol 1922-1965
Gold: Tom Watkins - Commercial Usages of Canadian Semi-Official Airmail
Vermei: Earle Covert - The Karsh Photograph of Queen Elizabeth II Used on Canadian Stamps and Postal Stationery
Silver: Earle Covert - Provincial, Grand Trunk, Dominion and National Telegraph Companies prior to 1890
Silver: Herb McNaught - The 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Issue
Silver: Harry Voss - Canadian Re-entries 1852-1953
Silver: Ray Skrepnek - King George VI "Officials" of Canada
Silver: William Pekonen - Canada - 1946 7 Cents Air Mail Issue
Silver-Bronze: William Pekonen - Canada, Re-use Labels and Envelopes
Silver-Bronze: Robert Toombs - RCAF on Radar in Greater India during WWII

One-Frame Exhibits

Vermeil: Ed Harris - Pioneer Post Offices of the Praries
Silver: Steven Luciak - Selected Redirectional, Advisory and Delayed Mail, Saskatchewan 1908-1947
Silver: Bill Wilson - King Edward VII Rate Covers
Silver-Bronze: Joe Werner - Registered Letter Stamps of Canada
Bronze: Hugh Delaney - Only Her Hairdresser Knows for Sure

Competition Award at the Garfield-Perry March Party, March 23-25, 2001, Cleveland, Ohio

Gold and Grand Award: John Robertson - U.S. and B.N.A. Cross Border Mail - April 6, 1851 to U.P.U.

Competition Awards at COLOPEX 2001, March 9-11, Columbus, Ohio


Silver-Bronze: Larry Goldberg, Editor - Precancel Canada, Vol. I, No 1-4
Silver-Bronze: Dail Speirs, Editor - Calgary Philatelist, Issues No 40-45, 2000

Competition Awards at ROPEX 2001, March 16-18, Rochester, New York

Vermeil and BNAPS Award: Herbert L. McNaught - Canada - 1897 Diamond Jubilees

Competition Awards at the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition, Sarasota, Florida, February 4-6, 2001

Gold: Horace Harrison - 19th Century Postmarks of Canada's Railway
Vermeil: Horace Harrison - Early Express Co. Operation in Canada vs. P.O.D
Vermeil: Fred C. Dietz - Canada's Semi-Official Airmail Carriers

I wish to thank those who provided me Palmares.

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