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14 May 2022
49 min.

International Mail Using the Large Queen Issue
Wayne Smith

Selected Large Queen covers to foreign destinations including Bermuda, Trinidad, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Argentina, South Africa, Great Britain, France, Germany, Rome and the Papal States, Switzerland, Norway, Gibraltar, Malta, India, Siam, Australia, and New Zealand.

Among the covers are some to destinations for which less than five Large Queen covers are known and some showing very scarce rates. The entire exhibit is displayed on the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain website. Go to Displays -> Large Queen Postal History.

27 Feb 2021
121 min.

The Rev. Dr. George F. Dewey Collection
Darin Cherniwchan

7 Nov 2020
21 min.

Canada's Half Cent Small Queen
Garfield Portch

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