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16 Apr 2022
10 min.

The One-Cent Postal Card of 1873 (American Bank Note Co.)
David Piercey

A short description of the first Newfoundland one cent postcard, issued in 1873, including its usages.

19 Feb 2022
37 min.

The 1923 Pictorial Stamps of Newfoundland, the Photographs, and the Photographer, Robert Edwards Holloway
Brian Damien

The 1923 Newfoundland pictorials, based largely on images from photographer Robert Holloway, were pioneers in depicting landscapes on regular-issue stamps.  Some of the photos were taken on Holloway family vacations in the 1890s.  Designers later took liberties with the interpretation of the original images.  A recent biography of Holloway reveals the backstory behind the photos, as well as a fascinating look at life in St. John's in the years 1874-2004.

19 Feb 2022
7 min.

Correspondence between W.H. Davidson of St. John's and Eugène, Goulmv & Baarfrom of Amsterdam
Klaus Wehlt

Correspondence (4 covers and a postcard) from W.H. Davidson, dealer from St. John's and the cigar manufacturer Eugène, Goulmv & Baarfrom Amsterdam are shown.  Attached to some of this correspondence are stickers or labels in red with the letters "IVY” attached. The significance or meaning of these stickers remains a mystery.

21 Dec 2021
32 min.

Registration Postmarks of St. John's, Newfoundland, to 1949
Brian Stalker

2 Sep 2021
76 min.

Perf Varieties - Cabot Issue Image - Colour Shades
Jim André, Brian Damian, Tony Thompson

Presentation given at BNAPEX 2021 Virtual.

19 Jun 2021
80 min.

Some Fun with a Microscope - The Stamps and Paper Fibres
Tony Thompson

19 Jun 2021
2 min.

Winter Air Mail Service in Newfoundland 1948-1949 - Follow-up
Chris Hargreaves

This is a follow-up to a presentation given on 17 April 2021.

17 Apr 2021
24 min.

Newfoundland's Bonavista Bay Travelling Post Office 1899-1931
Brian Stalker

17 Apr 2021
15 min.

Winter Air Mail Service in Newfoundland 1948-1949
Chris Hargreaves

There is a follow-up to this presentation. The follow-up was given on 19 June 2021.

21 Nov 2020
26 min.

Royal Family 1897-1901
Malcolm Back

Walks through the plate proofs, specimen overprints, stamps, and covers of each denomination of the Royal Family Issue.

21 Nov 2020
31 min.

Framelines on Newfoundland Stamps Printed in the 1930s
Anthony Thompson

Eight printers printed Newfoundland stamps in the 1930s. Six used engraving and two lithography. The characteristics of the stamps from the printers that used engraving are described, focusing on the difference in the appearance of the stamp frame lines.

19 Sep 2020
56 min.

Exhibiting - Panel Discussion
C.A. Stillions, David Piercey, Rob Moore, and David Bartlet

The panel members discuss their reasons for exhibiting, the satisfaction they experienced, and the setbacks they encountered. The attendees chipped in with questions, feedback, and their own exhibiting experiences.

10 Aug 2020
10 min.

Airmail from Canada to Sweden during WW II
Chris Hargreaves

This presentation is a sequel of sorts to Air Mail through Botwood available immediately below.

The presentation discusses a cover from St. John's to Sweden postmarked 25 Feb. 1943. The cover is rated for surface mail, but there was no surface mail to Sweden at the time.

11 Jul 2020
31 min.

Air Mail through Botwood, 1939-1945
Chris Hargreaves

In 1939, Pan American and Imperial Airways flew four trans-Atlantic airmail services. Two routes went through Botwood, Newfoundland. Pan Am suspended flights during 1940-1941, but resumed them in 1942. The presentation solves several mysteries surrounding a First Flight cover postmarked 4 May 1942 marking the resumption of service from Newfoundland to the United Kingdom via the North Atlantic route.

13 Jun 2020
30 min.

Stamp Paper
Anthony Thompson

Describes the paper used to print Newfoundland stamps by Perkins Bacon between 1929-1938 and Waterlow between 1942-1949.

Demonstrates how to analyse paper fibre to determine what raw materials were used to make the stamp paper.

Discusses the changes to the raw materials over the years, and whether the source of the softwood pulp for the paper came from Newfoundland or Norway.

13 Jun 2020
27 min.

Two Canadian 'Aniline' Stamps: Two Different Spectroscopic Tales
Richard Judge

Analyses the ink of two aniline stamps using spectroscopy. The stamps are the Canada 1938 $1.00 Château de Ramezay definitive and the Newfoundland 1911 8¢ Prince George commemorative, part of the Royal Family Issue.

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