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24 Apr 2021
45 min.

Research Beyond – Philatelic Information on Varied Websites
David L. Hobden

Underscores the importance of identifying reference sources when documenting research results, and walks through several invaluable sources, some online, some not, some philatelic, some not, for postal history research.

27 Mar 2021
11 min.

Gwyddion - Freeware
Darin Cherniwchan

Shows how to use the freeware program, Gwyddion, to highlight and analyse stamp and postmark features.

27 Mar 2021
7 min.

Institute of Analytical Philately
Richard Judge

Describes the activities of the Institute of Analytical Philately (IAP) and how to apply to the organization for research grants. The IAP is a non-profit corporation dedicated to sponsoring technical research activities to better the stamp collecting hobby.

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