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23 Dec 2017

The RPO Study Group has provided the newsletters published in 2013.

Besides the numerous hammer usage updates, the six 2013 issues feature articles on:

1. RY-144 Prince Edward Is. postmark
2. Port Dover & Lake Huron Railway
3. Several RPO hammer studies
4. Sherbrooke & Montreal RPO
5. Credit Valley Railway
6. Postal cars for the Intercolonial Railway
7. A new Western Canada registered postmark
8. A 1973 Royal Train postmark

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3 Dec 2017

A report of the St Lawrence Seaway Regional Group Meeting of October 15, 2017 has been posted to the Regional Group pages for the group.

Visit the Regional Group page for the report

1 Dec 2017

BNAPS published four books in November, two of them in its Exhibits series:

►  Postal History of Camp Borden 1916 - 2016 by A. David Hanes (Exhibit series # 96)
Postal history illustrates the story of one of Canada’s most important 20th Century military bases.

►  Canada's Barrel Handstamp Cancels by David Oberholtzer (Exhibit series # 95)
A study of a type of canceller introduced in Canada in 1955.

►  The Thirty-Six Types of the Canada 1898 Two Cent Numeral Issue by Peter Spencer
Identifies the time periods in which the different plates of the 2¢ Queen Victoria Numeral stamp were used to print the stamps.

►  Canada’s Prime Ministers on Stamps and First Day Covers by Gary Dickinson
A review of the stamps and first day covers issued to honour the Prime Ministers of Canada.

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1 Dec 2017

The Dec. 2017 issue of the Dead Letter Office Study Group newsletter is available.

The newsletter features the final installment of Brian Plain’s The Victoria Post Office and Undeliverable Mail 1874 – 1925, information about the closing of the Sydney, NS, Undeliverable Mail Office, and write-ups on three fascinating DLO covers.

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28 Nov 2017

Robert D. Vogel, editor of the 2nd edition of Arthur Klass’ Christmas Seal Ads on Canadian Postcards, lists discoveries made since the book was published by BNAPS in March 2016.

Information on the book itself

Updates to the book

27 Nov 2017

Details about BNAPEX 2018 Ville de Québec - Quebec City are now available. As of today, you can register for the convention and book a room at the convention hotel.

Les renseignements sur BNAPEX 2018 Ville de Québec - Quebec City sont maintenant disponible. Vous pouvez vous inscrire au congrès et réserver votre chambre d’hôtel dès aujourd’hui.


27 Nov 2017

The latest edition of the Pacific Northwest Regional Group is now available for you to read on the website - just follow the link below. The newsletter has details of the September Regional Group weekend meeting.

Visit Pacific Northwest Regional Page

25 Nov 2017

Message from P. Charles Livermore, Chair, BNAPS Board of Directors:

"I am extremely pleased to announce that Jeffrey Arndt has compiled the approved resolutions and administrative changes passed by the British North America Philatelic Society Board of Directors up to 2012. He has integrated these resolutions and administrative changes into the Policy and Procedures Manual that was approved by the Board of Directors at its 2012 meeting. The current version of the document is the result of his work.

"We owe him an incredible round of thanks for the work he has done on this.

"Jeff is working on updates to the Manual. If you have changes you wish to make to this document, they should be placed in the form of a resolution and sent to the Secretary to be placed before the Board."

Note: the Manual is accessible only to BNAPS members.

To view the Manual, log in and click on "Members Only Area" in the "Member Routines" drop-down menu.

11 Nov 2017

A memorial for Bill Topping, who passed away on 21 October, has been posted. Bill is noted for his many publications of western Canada postal history. Besides BNAPS, Bill was a member of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada and the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

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9 Nov 2017

Adri Veenstra has compiled the list of awards won by BNAPS members for BNA exhibits between July and September. The list includes awards won at the PHSC Symposium in Hamilton in July and BNAPEX in Calgary in September.

View the 2017 Q3 BNA exhibit awards

23 Oct 2017

The meeting reports for the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group from 30 September have been posted.

GHRG Meeting Report

23 Oct 2017

12 members attended the Prairie Beaver Regional Group meeting of 14 October. There were three presentations, a clothesline exhibit, a philatelic literature sale, and several discussions about BNA philately. A meeting report has been posted.

View the Report.

6 Oct 2017

The Oct. 2017 issue of Beaver Chatter, the newsletter of the Prairie Beaver Regional Group, is available.

It has the full schedule of the Group's next meeting on 14 Oct. plus highlights of BNAPEX 2017 in Calgary and an article on a scarce single usage of the 1898 Queen Victoria Numeral Issue.

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13 Sep 2017

At its BNAPEX 2017 meeting in Calgary, the King George VI Study Group decided to reduce the period during which access to its newsletters was restricted to its membership from five years to two. As a result, the newsletters published during 2012, 2013, and 2014 are now being made available to non-members of the Study Group.

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13 Sep 2017

The four most recent newsletters of the Fancy Cancel and Miscellaneous Markings Study Group have been posted - nos 72 to 75.

What a huge amount of information the editor, Dave Lacelle, packs in each issue with the help of the Study Group members!

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13 Sep 2017

Hugo Deshaye created the BNAPS Facebook page in August 2017. There is both an English and a French page.

Hugo is the page's Administrator. Ken Lemke is the Co-administrator.

12 Sep 2017

All the Awards pages now list the exhibit and service awards given out at BNAPEX 2017 Calgary.

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5 Sep 2017

Please select this link to view the 2017 Palmares from BNAPEX 2017 in Calgary

View BNAPEX 2017 Calgary Palmares

23 Aug 2017

Dixie Beavers held a meeting at CHARPEX 2017 in Charlotte NC on Saturday.

View Dixie RG webpage

20 Aug 2017

Three notable BNA philatelists have passed away:

►  John Beddows, well regarded dealer from North Bay, ON, on 21 July
►  John Hillson, expert on the Small Queens issue, prolific author, and Fellow of the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain, on 15 July
►  Iain Stevenson, postal history and revenue collector and exhibitor, on 1 March

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18 Aug 2017

The August 2017 newsletter of the Pence-Cents Era Study Group features articles about:

►  Another repeating constant plate flaw, this time on the 7½d stamp

►  Multiples of the Decimal Issue with their position identified using documented plate flaws

►  A cover with a 10 cent stamp posted in the U.S. Did it reach its destination?

View the Pence-Cents Era Study Group newsletters

13 Aug 2017

Multiple sections of the online Perfin Handbook have been updated. The new entries can be identified by the date: 2017 08 01.

Il y a une mise à jour de plusieurs sections du Manuel des perfins qui est disponible en ligne. Ces sections sont identifiées par la date : 2017 08 01.

New ORE postings

12 Aug 2017

Robert Lunn's one-frame exhibit, "Internal Mails and Postage Rates of Pre-confederation Prince Edward Island", has been posted in the Online Resources and Exhibits area.

The exhibit displays one of the earliest by-favour covers, dating back to 1792, and covers the stampless period and the pence and decimal periods.

New ORE postings

12 Aug 2017

Robert H. Pratt recorded his Newfoundland collection on slides, over 4,000 of them, which he donated to the Collectors Club of Chicago. In a project led by Clarence A. Stillions, BNAPS digitized the slides. John M. Walsh assembled the slides by subject matter and stamp issue into approximately 30 pdf files and posted them on his website. Besides Newfoundland, there are two files of Canadian material covering the early issues and revenue stamps.

New ORE postings

4 Aug 2017

With David Marasco stepping in as interim editor, the Precancel Study Group has published a new newsletter, No. 7, Sept. 2017.

Articles feature the use of precancels to mail medals for veterans of the WW I, the reproduction of a very early Post Office notice on the use of precancels, a catalogued precancel variety on cover, a question about the use of high denomination precancels, the identification of roller precancels, and an example of the 21 roller cancel on a pair of the 1/2 cent QV Maple Leaf.

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3 Aug 2017

Six new newsletters (No. 27 to 32) from the First Day Cover Study Group have been posted.

These newsletters along with additional information on Canadian FDCs including a large display of FDC cachets are available on the First Day Cover Study Group website.

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25 Jul 2017

The special hotel room rate of $159 expires on 30 July. Book your room on the BNAPEX 2017 Accommodation page to get this rate before it is gone - time is running out!

BNAPEX 2017 Website

16 Jul 2017

The second edition of the year of the PNWRG newsletter has been posted to the website.

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16 Jul 2017

Due to hotel scheduling issues, the Saturday evening auction has been moved to Friday evening, and the Palomino dinner has been moved from Friday to Saturday. Please adjust your plans accordingly. We regret any inconvenience this causes.

BNAPEX 2017 Website

8 Jul 2017

The Squared Circle Study Group has agreed to make its newsletters available online.

110 newsletters have been posted on the website!

Update: on 9 July, Bruce Kalbfleisch provided an electronic copy of the Nov. 1996 issue (Vol. 18, No. 2) that had been missing from the website.

On 15 July, the remaining ten issues that were missing were posted on the website. Thanks to Bill Wegman for providing electronic copies of the issues. The website now has all 121 issues of the newsletter published to date.

Squared Circle Study Group newsletters

6 Jul 2017

The exhibit awards won between April and June by BNAPS members for BNA exhibits have been posted. Thanks to Adri Veenstra for compiling the listing.

2017 Q2 exhibit awards

29 Jun 2017

BNAPS published three new books in June:

â–º The Arthur W. Leggett Exhibit Decimal Stamps of Canada
Probably the classic exhibit of Decimal issue stamps and covers, in book form for the first time.

â–º Benjamin Franklin and Postal Services in British North America - Gary Dickinson
First Day and event covers honouring a man who played a large part in developing the postal system in early British North America.

â–º Canadian Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees in Europe during the Great War - J. Michael Powell
Detailed study of Canadians held in camps in Europe during World War I.

For more information and to order

27 Jun 2017

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19 Jun 2017

13 members attended the Prairie Beaver Regional Group meeting of 27 May. There were three presentations, a clothesline exhibit, a philatelic literature sale, and several discussions about BNA philately. A meeting report has been posted.

View the report.

4 Jun 2017

The meeting reports for the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group from 27 May have been posted.

View Golden Horseshoe Regional pages

4 Jun 2017

New circuit pages have been added to the Exchange Circuit.

June Updates to the Circuit pages

23 May 2017

New circuit pages have been added to the Exchange Circuit.

Visit the Exchange Circuit

22 May 2017

The awards won by BNAPS members for BNA exhibits for 2017 Q1 are posted.

View the BNA exhibit awards

19 May 2017

The May 2017 issue of Beaver Chatter contains the schedule of activities for the upcoming 27 May meeting of the Prairie Beaver Regional Group. It also includes commentary on ORAPEX 2017 Ottawa and other articles.

Prairie Beaver Regional Group newsletters

17 May 2017

The Exhibit Awards pages list the awards won by BNAPS members for BNA exhibits and BNA literature in National exhibitions in Canada and the United States and FIP-sponsored International exhibitions.

The exhibit award listings for all of 2015 and 2016 are now available. In addition, the listing for 2014 has been completed. Adri Veenstra compiled the listings.

Exhibit award listings

17 May 2017

The meeting reports for the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group from 28 January and 25 March have been posted.

GHRG Meeting Report

15 May 2017

The May 2017 newsletter of the Pence-Cents Era Study Group contains several fascinating articles:

►  Ron Majors describes the practice of sending mourning covers in the Pence-Cents era, and illustrates several examples

►  Jim Jung writes about some of the lesser known but nonetheless interesting plate flaws found on the 10¢ Consort

►  Vic Willson reports on a recently discovered Pence-era soldier’s letter. Just five examples had previously been reported in Canada’s Pence Era, the book by Arfken, Leggett, Firby, and Steinhart.

View the newsletter

8 May 2017

Norris (Bob) Dyer, OTB, passed away suddenly on 3 April 2017.

He was President of BNAPS from 2012-2014, compiled the ‘Exhibit Awards Won by BNAPS Members’ on the BNAPS website from 2001 to 2014, and was Coordinator of the BNAPS Youth Program from 2005 to 2013.

In December 2000, Bob became Chairman of the Newfoundland Study Group and Editor of the Newfie Newsletter, for which he received the John S. Siverts award in 2004, 2010 and 2012.

Bob was elected to the Order of the Beaver in 2008.

View the memorial

9 Apr 2017

BNAPS lists the awards won by its members for BNA exhibits and BNA literature to acknowledge their efforts and the success they have achieved in exhibiting BNA material. The listing covers National exhibitions in Canada and the United States and FIP-sponsored International exhibitions.

Bob Dyer compiled the listing from 2001 to 2014. Adri Veenstra volunteered to continue where Bob left off, and has compiled award winners for the first three months of 2015.

2015 Q1 BNA Exhibit Awards

4 Apr 2017

BNAPS members will be saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Norris (Bob) Dyer, OTB, in Petaluma, CA, on Monday, 3 April 2017. For many years Chairman of the Newfoundland Study Group and Editor of its newsletter, Newfie News, Bob also coordinated the BNAPS Youth Program from 2005-2102 and was Vice-President and then President of the Society from 2010-2014. A memorial to Bob will be posted at a later date.

30 Mar 2017

The Officers' reports for 2016, tabled at the Board of Directors meeting at BNAPEX 2016 in Fredericton, NB, have been posted on the website. Access to these reports is restricted to BNAPS members so you must log in to view them.

View the BNAPS Officers' Reports (BNAPS members only)

21 Mar 2017

The exhibit by Don Hedger, "Epic of Vimy - A Canadian Pilgrimage", explores the participation of Canadian veterans in the unveiling of the Vimy Ridge monument in France.

Some 6,200 Canadian veterans of World War I and their families travelled to France aboard five ships for the unveiling of Walter Allward’s Vimy Memorial on 26 July 1936 by King Edward VIII. Don Hedger's uncle, W. E. Marley, a veteran of the Royal Canadian Engineers, designed and printed covers to commemorate the pilgrimage. The original maquette of the Vimy Ridge Memorial used in the cover design, many covers, and personal items belonging to W. E. Marley are shown in this exhibit.

View the exhibit in the Online Resources and Exhibits (ORE)

6 Mar 2017

Two new newsletters are available from the Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties Study Group.

The Sept. 2015 issue (Whole No. 6) features articles on the 2¢ First Decimal Issue, the 1/2¢ Large Queen, and the 3¢ and 6¢ Small Queens.

The Jan. 2016 issue (Whole No. 7) discusses the 1/2d Pence Issue, the 6¢ Small Queen, and the 1¢ Diamond Jubilee.

View the newsletters

19 Feb 2017

The Pence-Cents Era Study Group has just published its first newsletter of 2017, Vol. VI, No. 1.

It contains articles on a 5¢ Beaver major re-entry discovered on cover, an example of the half penny printed matter rate, an amazing misplaced entry discovery on the 7 1/2 d, a 3d Beaver plating discovery, and some great detective work to unravel the secret behind a Victorian cover.

View the newsletter

15 Feb 2017

Updates to the Circuit pages have been made.

Visit the Exchange Circuit

9 Feb 2017

The Precancel Study Group has just published its latest newsletter, no. 6, dated Winter 2017.

It contains articles on Fredericton precancel varieties on the 2¢ green Admiral stamp, an unbelievable Circular Bulk Payment form, a 2¢ QV Maple Leaf precancel with a constant plate flaw, and an example of the "Portcullis" re-entry on a 5¢ KE VII precancel.

View the newsletter

9 Feb 2017

BNAPS publishes three new books in February on Quebec and Assiniboia postal history and International Machine cancels:

► Québec 1763-1867 One Century of Postal History and Postmarks Un Siècle d’Histoire Postale et de Marcophilie - Grégoire Teyssier (No. 93 in the BNAPS books Exhibit series)
The definitive study of the postmarks of Quebec City up to the time of Confederation, and the first BNAPS exhibit book with an English translation on the pages opposite the French originals.

â–º Emerging Saskatchewan: The Postal History of Territorial Assiniboia 1882-1905 - Donald W. Thompson and Norman E. Wagner
The limited printing 2004 original edition, digitally scanned and reprinted in 2017 to make the information available to a larger audience.

► International Rapid Cancelling Machines Volume 3 – Quebec, the Maritimes and Newfoundland - Cecil Coutts
The third of three volumes detailing the use of International Machines to cancel Canadian mail, with many contemporary examples.

Book details and ordering information

8 Feb 2017

Issues 28 and 29 of the newsletter of the Pacific Northwest Regional Group (PNWRG), the West Coast Express, are now available. The latest issue has details of the next PNWRG meeting in Penticton from 29 September to 1 October.

The PNWRG web pages have been redesigned. Take a look!

PNWRG web pages

6 Feb 2017

The Dixie Beavers saw 16 members and guests attend their January 28 meeting during the South East Regional Stamp Show in Atlanta Georgia. Visit the Dixie Regional pages to see details and photos.

Meeting Report

15 Jan 2017

All the newsletters of the Canadian Revenue Study Group were available online except for No. 77 from the first series. It turns out that No. 77 was mis-numbered No. 76, and it was available online. The missing issue was the "real" No. 76. Thanks to Ralph E. Trimble who provided a PDF version of the missing No. 76, and cleared up the confusion about No. 77.

Also, issue No. 160 was not available online because of an error in the newsletter listing. The error has been corrected, and this issue is now available.

Canadian Revenue Study Group newsletters

13 Jan 2017

The webpages for BNAPEX-CALTAPEX 2017 are now posted. Registrations will be posted in 3 weeks, and Exhibit entries will be accepted late February.

11 Jan 2017

Arthur A. Klass, OTB, passed away on 23 December 2016. He served as the BNAPS Treasurer from 1991-1994, and as the Chairman of the Board of Directors from 2000-2008. He was inducted into the Order of the Beaver in 2000.

View the memorial

7 Jan 2017

New newsletters from nine Study Groups have been posted. The year of publication, Study Group, and number of issues are listed below:

►  2011 British Columbia Postal History - 4 issues
►  2011 King George VI - 3 issues
►  2011 Large and Small Queens - 3 issues
►  2011 Military Mail - 4 issues
►  2011 Newfoundland - 4 issues
►  2011 Perfin - 3 issues
►  2011 Postal Stationery - 6 issues
►  2011 Revenue - 4 issues
►  2012 RPO - 6 issues

Study Group newsletters

2 Jan 2017

"My Favourite Elizabethan Varieties", a four-frame exhibit by Leopold Beaudet, was posted in the Online Resources and Exhibits area. The varieties in the exhibit were selected because of their distinctiveness and/or their revealing insights about stamp production.

View the exhibit

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