BNAPS Book Updates

Most of the books that BNAPS publishes are the result of ongoing studies. This page lists updates to these books to keep collectors informed on the latest findings between book revisions, which may only occur after several years.

Updates are listed in chronological order, most recent first.

Links to the updates open in a new window. Closing the window returns you to this page.

Publication and update Author
Travelling Post Office Postmarks of Newfoundland & Labrador (second edition)

Update #2 - May 2020
Note: this is a cumulative update. It includes the data in Update #1 - Oct. 2018.
Brian T. Stalker
Fancy Cancels on Canadian Stamps 1855 to 1950 (third edition)

1. Appendix 10, Fantasy or Joke “cancels” (reprint) - February 2019
2. Errata - February 2019
David Lacelle
Travelling Post Office Postmarks of Newfoundland & Labrador (second edition)

Update #1 - October 2018
Brian T. Stalker
Arthur Klass’ Christmas Seal Ads on Canadian Postcards, 2nd edition

Update 01 - November 2017
Robert D. Vogel, editor
The Hunting, Fishing and Conservation Stamps of Canada

Updates - January 2014
Clayton Rubec
Canada and Newfoundland Wartime Ration Books and Coupons

Updates - January 2014
Clayton Rubec
The BNAPS Catalogue of Military Mail Markings, Volume 3 - From Victory in 1945 to Afghanistan

Update 1 - June 2007
C. Douglas Sayles
The Dead Letter Office in Canada 1830-2002

Updates - March 2007
Brian C. Plain

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