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24 Dec 2019

John M. (Jack) Wallace passed away in Victoria, BC, on 4 November 2019. A lifelong collector, he specialized in the stamps and postal history British Columbia and Vancouver Island. His exhibits won Gold and were the subject of a BNAPS Exhibits Series book.

Jack supported many philatelic organizations including the Royal Philatelic Society London (Fellow), Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (Fellow), Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain, Postal History Society of Canada, and the 21 Club in Vancouver.

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19 Dec 2019

The Pence-Cents Era Study Group has just published its latest newsletter, Vol. VIII, No. 4, Dec. 2019. The feature articles discuss:

â–º  First Cents covers to Norway (only seven known) by Vic Willson

â–º  Use of First Cents stamps and postal stationery after 1868 by Ron Majors

â–º  Plate flaws on the Five Cents Beaver stamp by Michael D. Smith

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3 Dec 2019

Darin P. Cherniwchan is the new Chairman of the Large and Small Queens Study Group. He replaces Bill Radcliffe who was Chairman for many years.

Victor Willson replaces Glenn Archer as editor of the newsletter, Confederation. Vic is looking for contributions. Do you have a new stamp variety or an interesting cover to share with the Study Group? Contact Vic at lloydwill@aol.com.

Large and Small Queens Study Group newsletters

1 Dec 2019

The Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group has published the November issue of its newsletter, No. 81. Editor Dave Lacelle, who also chairs the Study Group, introduces his Associate Editor, Mike Halhed.

As always, the newsletter spans a diverse range of postmarks reported by an enthusiastic membership. Reports came from Robert Lemire (at the BNAPEX Study Group meeting), Robert Coulson, new member Norbert Hobrath, Bill Wegman, David Dawes, Bruce Craw, Luc Freve, Mike Street, Daryl Friedhandler, Mike Halhed, and Guy Jeffery.

Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group newsletters

26 Nov 2019

The 500-page Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue of Canada & Newfoundland, 8th Edition, 2019, is available only in a print edition published by Unitrade Associates.

Earle L. Covert, a Catalogue co-editor, has complied addenda to the Catalogue. The addenda consist of an additional 150 pages that have been separated from the main catalogue, and are available as a set of freely-downloadable PDF files.

The addenda cover Canada Premium Products, which include Registered Prepaid Envelopes, Priority Post Envelopes, Xpresspost Envelopes, Prepaid Parcel Labels, and several other specialty items.

View the addenda to the Webb Catalogue

7 Nov 2019

Adri Veenstra has compiled the awards won by BNAPS members for BNA exhibits between July and Sept. The exhibits were won at International shows and at National level shows in North America.

The listing includes five events and almost 80 awards.

View the 2019 BNA exhibit awards

29 Oct 2019

Michael D. Smith, recently retired editor of Dots and Scratches, the newsletter of the Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties Study Group, has made the eight regular issues published in 2018 and 2019 available on the BNAPS website. A Special Edition issue published in 2018 was put online shortly after publication.

Mike volunteered to edit the Study Group newsletter in 2014. During his six years at the helm, he published 23 issues plus the Special Edition in 2018. He also prepared several presentations given at meetings of the Study Group at BNAPEX conventions. In 2016 and again in 2019, he was awarded the John S. Siverts Award for best Study Group newsletter.

The Study Group is searching for a new editor. Do you have an interest in re-entries and other plate flaws? Would you like to try your hand at editing and publishing a newsletter? If so, contact Mike at dotsscratchesnwsltr@hotmail.com.

Newsletters of the Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties Study Group

24 Oct 2019

The Prairie Beaver Regional Group held a day-long get-together on Saturday, 19 Oct. 13 members attended.

Besides presentations by George Dresser, Jeff Switt, and Jay Stotts, the program included a clothesline exhibit, book reviews, and a silent auction.

Read the meeting report

12 Oct 2019

The Admiral Study Group has provided two presentations made at its Study Group meeting at BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa:

1. "Diode Laser Analysis of 2¢ Carmine Ink" by Richard Judge
Describes how a diode laser can identify shades of the 2¢ carmine.

2. "Queries, Discoveries, and Curiosities" by Leopold Beaudet
Re-entries on 2¢ green, 10¢ blue, and 50¢; major plate flaw on 5¢ blue; scarce precancel on 20¢; two covers with rate problems.

Online resources on Admiral stamps (items flagged with "NEW 2019-10-12")

8 Oct 2019

The reports of BNAPS officials tabled at the Board of Directors meeting at BNAPEX 2019 in Ottawa are online. The approved minutes of the Board of Directors meeting and Annual General Meeting at BNAPEX 2018 in Quebec City are also posted.

The Treasurer's Report is for fiscal year 2018. It includes the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement that were published in BNA Topics in previous years.

Access to these reports and minutes is restricted to BNAPS members. You must log in to view them.

Reports of BNAPS officers and appointed officials

1 Oct 2019

The results of the 16th National New Zealand Philatelic Literature Exhibition 2019, hosted by the Christchurch (NZ) Philatelic Society Inc., were announced on 28 Sept.

Of the 69 entries, six were from Canada. Here is how they fared.

Johnson, Jonathon C.
LARGE SILVER AWARD for World War One Canadian Army Nursing Sisters Serving Overseas
80 pages, British North America Philatelic Society, 2019 Exhibit Series Book no 105

Stillions, C.A.
SILVER AWARD for Newfoundland’s Last Definitives: The Waterlow Printings
110 pages, British North American Philatelic Society, 2019, Exhibit series no 104

Hargeaves, C. & Balcaen, P., editors
LARGE VERMEIL AWARD for The Canadian Aerophilatelist, Issues 110 –117
Canadian Aerophilatelic Society. Inquiries: www.aerophilately.ca

Beaudet, Leopold, webmaster
GOLD AWARD for British North America Philatelic Society website www.bnaps.org

Houde, Michel, webmaster
VERMEIL AWARD for Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada website www.philatelicspecialistssociety.com

Trimble, Ralph, webmaster
GOLD AWARD, Felicitations, and Best in Class for Re-entries website www.re-entries.com

1 Oct 2019

Major changes are being made to the operation of the BNAPS Book Department.

Effective 30 September 2019, Sparks Auctions will cease to be the agent for BNAPS Book Department sales. Thereafter, a new Agent will be handling the sale and distribution of BNAPS books:

Bill Longley
c/o Longley Auctions
PO Box 620
Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0

We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Bill Longley.

We thank Sparks Auctions (and earlier Ian Kimmerly Stamps) for their strong support of the BNAPS publications program over the last 15 years. The great assistance of Brian Wolfenden over that time is especially appreciated.

The storage location for the books is being moved from Ottawa to Burlington, ON. During the transition and reorganization, book sales are being suspended until approximately mid-November. Watch for further information in the “What’s New” area on the BNAPS website home page and in the next issue of BNA Topics.

BNAPS books

27 Sep 2019

The Prairie Beaver Regional Group has published the Sept. 2019 issue of its newsletter, Beaver Chatter.

Besides the agenda for the Regional Group's meeting on 19 October, the newsletter features a BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa roundup and articles by George Dresser and Vic Willson ranging from Queen Victoria mourning covers to the recent Canada Post Bear stamps.

See Beaver Chatter on the Prairie Beaver Regional Group web page

27 Sep 2019

Robin Moore's three-frame exhibit, Newfoundland Postage Meters 1928-1949, is available in the Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE). It won Gold at two BNAPEX and two RPSC Royal shows.

The exhibit is a study of the four types of postage meters used by Newfoundland businesses before Confederation on 1 April 1949. It includes information on, and photos of, the meter machines with their denomination values and rates. It displays an imprint of every known meter number in use.

New additions to the ORE

26 Sep 2019

The Florida Regional Group has been folded into the Dixie Beavers Regional Group. The states covered by the Dixie Beavers Regional Group now include Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

For more information about the Dixie Beavers Regional Group and their next meeting, contact the Chairman, John Burnett. His email address is jb45855@aol.com

Dixie Beavers Regional Group

17 Sep 2019

The Lower Canada / Bas Canada Regional Group provided a report on its meeting at BNAPEX 2019 in Ottawa.

At the meeting, Dave Schurman gave a presentation on "Federal and Quebec Revenues: A (very) brief overview". The presentation can be viewed from the Regional Group page or the Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE) area.

Meeting report and presentation

12 Sep 2019

The Sept. 2019 newsletter of the Pence-Cents Era Study Group (Vol. 8, No. 3) features contributions from several of its members: Jim Jung (the editor), Earl Noss, Jim McCormick, James Watt, and Wayne Smith.

The articles illustrate plate flaws on the 1851 Half Penny Queen Victoria, Six Pence Prince Consort, and 1859 Five Cent Beaver. There are also articles on a fake cover and the defaced Twelve Pence plate plus reminiscences of the recent PHSC Symposium in Hamilton and BNAPEX in Ottawa.

Pence-Cents Era Study Group newsletters

11 Sep 2019

BNAPS has published NEWFOUNDLAND Early Legal Documental History: via Stampless Precursor and 1898 Queen Victoria First Revenue types by John M. Walsh. It is No 106 in the BNAPS Exhibit Series.

John's award winning exhibit upon which the book is based displays a wide variety of Newfoundland legal documents and the revenue stamps affixed to them to pay legal fees. Because of the physical size of the documents, John mounted them vertically on “legal size” paper. Accordingly, the resulting BNAPS Exhibit Series book is, for the first time ever, also printed and bound in 8.5”×14” legal size format.

New BNAPS books

9 Sep 2019

The new ORE contribution, The Admirals after Marler by Leopold Beaudet, describes discoveries made after Marler's 1982 book, The Admiral Issue of Canada, was published. Topics covered include plates, lathework, pyramid lines, booklets, re-entries and retouches, design types, plate flaws, and fluorescent ink.

A shorter version of this presentation was given at Royal 2019 Royale, the RPSC convention in Mississauga, ON, in June.

View the presentation

6 Sep 2019

The Palmares for BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa is available. There were 18 Gold, 12 Vermeil, 3 Silver, and 2 Silver-bronze medals awarded.

The lists of special award winners, both exhibit and non-exhibit, have been updated to reflect the 2019 winners.

View the Palmares

27 Aug 2019

The Harry Sutherland Philatelic Research Library (HSPL) will have a table in the entry hall during BNAPEX. The HSPL is part of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation.

The Reference Librarian, Kathy Hartley, will be in attendance on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 2. She will be joined by Library and Archives Canada Archivist James Bone on the Saturday. All are welcome to stop by, say hello, and pick our brains!

BNAPEX 2019 news

27 Aug 2019

The Precancel Study Group has published the August 2019 issue of its newsletter (whole No. 10). The newsletter features articles on diverse subjects:

â–º   Whether some early bar cancels are specific to a particular town

â–º   An exciting Amherst precancel discovery on the 1¢ yellow Admiral stamp

â–º   Notes on Style X precancels

â–º   An unusual cover with a pair of precancelled 1928 2¢ Scroll stamps

The articles raise several questions. Can you provide answers?

Precancel Study Group newsletters

26 Aug 2019

BNAPS has published a new book, Krippner Covers North America by Peter Motson.

At the turn of the 20th century, German philatelic dealer ER Krippner prepared and mailed over 200 colourful covers, most franked with stamps of the Newfoundland Royal Family issue. This book describes Krippner's life and the covers he created.

New BNAPS books

25 Aug 2019

The BNAPEX souvenir items available at the convention include:

â–º   Three Picture Postageâ„¢ booklets

â–º   Eight covers commemorating anniversaries of five different events and past BNAPEX shows hosted in Ottawa

â–º   A special booklet containing ten 1973 1¢ Sir John A. Macdonald Caricature definitives overprinted to mark the 80th anniversary of the 1939 Royal Train visit

View the BNAPEX 2019 souvenir items

14 Aug 2019

Here are recent updates to the BNAPEX 2019 dealer bourse and seminar schedule.

1. Sparks Auctions of Ottawa will have a table at the bourse.

2. Seminar changes include:
a) The Fancy Cancel and Miscellaneous Markings Study Goup will meet on Sunday from 11:00 to 12:00.
b) Wayne Smith will discuss his cover census projects at the Pence-Cents Era Study Group meeting on Sunday.
c) The Dead Letter Office Study Group meeting moves from Saturday to Sunday.

BNAPEX 2019 news

9 Aug 2019

In his presentation "Canada's Five Cents Beaver Plate Proofs with Various Plate Flaws", Michael D. Smith illustrates a large number of plate flaws on the 1859 Beaver stamp.

Only one plate of 100 subjects was prepared for this stamp, but it was repaired ten times, and thus exists in 11 states. The illustrations are of stamps from the plate proofs of states 1, 4, and 10/11.

New additions to the ORE

9 Aug 2019

Wayne Smith has updated his census of 1851 Pence Issue covers.

The census lists over 4,200 covers in two ways:
1) By stamp/paper variety – lists the number of covers known for each rate paid by the stamp.
2) By rate – lists the number of covers known for each way to pay the rate.

The June 2019 update adds 1,200 3 pence single use covers to the census. Other enhancements include a new section on the various rates of the Pence era, and clarifications to the headings and tables.

New additions to the ORE

8 Aug 2019

The Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group has issued a new newsletter, No. 80, August 2019. In it, Chairman Dave Lacelle describes the latest finds from Study Group members. They include new cancels, early or late uses of previously reported cancels, and fakes.

The newsletter includes four pages of cancel reproductions from the Bowman collection. There's a twist! The 1959 reproductions were deliberately distorted to prevent future cancel fakers from having good examples to copy.

Dave Lacelle notes that the Study Group will have a meeting at BNAPEX 2019 in Ottawa. The meeting is on Sunday, 1 Sept., at 11:00 AM.

Fancy Cancel Study Group newsletters

6 Aug 2019

To reduce inventory and save space, BNAPS is having a sale on the black and white versions (only) of those Handbooks and BNAPS Exhibit Series Books that were printed in both colour and black and white.

The sale price is 35% of the normal retail price, approximately 25% lower than the original member price.

List of books and quantities available

4 Aug 2019

The 6th Edition is an extension from the 5th edition that was done with information gathered by Conrad M. Tremblay in the 1980’s/1990’s and entered into the 5th edition by Ron Pazdzierski and Jim Graham to form the 6th edition. Many additions to the various perfins have been added in this release.

See the new perfin Handbook Edition 6

31 Jul 2019

The exhibit awards won by BNAPS members for BNA exhibits in April, May, and June have been posted. Thanks to Adri Veenstra for compiling the listing.

View the 2019 BNA exhibit awards

20 Jul 2019

Wayne Smith compiled a list of 1868 Large Queen covers over many years. He has updated the census of over 7,000 covers to include the 127 he recorded in 2018. The latest census has been extensively reformatted, and representative cover illustrations have been added.

The census begins with domestic mail (4,600 plus covers), and then lists foreign mail to Newfoundland (40 covers), United States (1,400 covers), Great Britain (1,000 covers), and other foreign destinations broken down by country (200 covers).

Census of Large Queen covers to the end of 2018 - posted July 2019

18 Jul 2019

The initial BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa seminar schedule is online.

The schedule is subject to change. Check the seminars page periodically for updates.

BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa seminars and study group meetings

16 Jul 2019

BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa exhibit frames are still available.

All exhibit requests received to date have been accepted. Exhibitors, including those who have already requested frames, may request additional space for one or more single frame exhibits and/or up to an 8-page multi-frame exhibit.

Frames are available on a first come, first served basis.

BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa news

7 Jul 2019

Robert A. Lee passed away on 7 June 2019.

Many will remember him for the auctions featuring specialty BNA material meticulously broken down into individual lots. He also published major books on BNA philately including the 38-volume Proof Strikes of Canada compiled by J. Paul Hughes.

He was on the BNAPS Board of Directors from 1998 to 2000, First Vice President from 2000 to 2002, President from 2002 to 2004, and Treasurer from 2005 to 2010. He was inducted into the Order of the Beaver in 1997.

Robert A. Lee memorial

6 Jul 2019

The Pence-Cents Era Study Group has published a new newsletter - Vol. 8, No. 2, June 2019.

The newsletter features articles by David Schurman ("Canadian Revenue Stamps – a VERY brief overview") and Michael D. Smith ("Canada’s Five Cents Beaver Proofs with Various Plate Flaws" - part 1). It also features a reprint of an article by Clayton Huff and Arthur Groten on 1859 5¢ Beaver flaws with added commentary by Jim Jung.

Pence-Cents Era Study Group newsletters

1 Jul 2019

In his ORE contribution, "First Special Service Force 1942 - 1944", Ken Ellison chronicles the story of the joint USA-Canada F.S.S.F. (also known as the Devil's Brigade and the Black Devils). The F.S.S.F. was formed in 1942 during WW II and was disbanded in December 1944.

Ken tells the story through covers from the Force's Canadian members showing usage from all points where the F.S.S.F. served.

First Special Service Force 1942 - 1944

29 Jun 2019

Earle L. Covert has provided a listing of illustrated indicia for permit mail with an image of each one.

The indicia date from 2006 when Canada Post introduced the feature. The listing also includes forerunners, indicia with illustrations that appeared before 2006.

The listing reflects the explosion in the number of illustrated indicia since 2014 as bulk mailers adopted the concept.

View the illustrated indicia on Permit Mail

7 Jun 2019

The BNAPEX 2019 registration information and forms are posted.

The registration package includes a dinner on the Friday at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Among the features are tours of the Library and Archives Preservation Centre in Gatineau, QC, and the Diefenbunker Cold War Museum, in Carp, ON.

Details and forms on the Registration page

20 May 2019

Edmund A. (Ed) Harris passed away on 26 April 2019 at the age of 93.

Ed was a member of BNAPS for over 60 years. He served as Treasurer 1975-1982, a Director 1983-86, First Vice-President 1986, President 1987-88 and a member of the Finance Committee 1989-90. He was elected to the BNAPS Order of the Beaver in 1987 and a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada in 1997.

Memorial for Edmund A. (Ed) Harris

16 May 2019

BNAPS has published two new books in its long-running Exhibit Series:

► Newfoundland’s Last Definitives: The Waterlow Printings - C.A. Stillions (Exhibit Series No.104)
This is the second of two exhibits on Newfoundland’s long running “Industries” issue, that was produced by three different printers. The first exhibit was also the subject of a BNAPS book, Newfoundland’s Last Definitives: The Perkins Bacon and Sprague Printings.

â–º WWI Canadian Army Nursing Sisters Serving Overseas - Jonathan C. Johnson (Exhibit Series No.105)
The exhibit illustrates, through letters sent to them from Canada and their letters home, the story of Canadian Army Medical Corps nurses who served with great distinction in England, France, Greece, Egypt and Russia during World War I.

BNAPS books

16 May 2019

The report for the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group 30 March meeting is posted on the GHRG web page.

View GHRG pages

23 Apr 2019

The exhibit awards won by BNAPS members for BNA exhibits between January and March have been posted. Thanks to Adri Veenstra for compiling the listing.

View the 2019 BNA exhibit awards

19 Apr 2019

The Lower Canada / Bas Canada Regional Group held a very successful day-long meeting in Cote St. Luc, a Montreal suburb, on Sunday, 7 April.

A report of the meeting is now posted.

Lower Canada Regional Group meeting report

12 Apr 2019

Wayne Smith's newest ORE contribution, Canada Pence Issue 1851 – 1859 Cover Census, lists over 3,000 Pence Issue covers. The census is presented in two ways:

1) By stamp/paper variety – lists the number of covers known for each rate paid by the stamp.

2) By rate – lists the number of covers known for each way to pay the rate.

This is Wayne's fourth census of early Canadian covers available in the ORE.

New ORE contributions

12 Apr 2019

On 8 April, BNAPS President Ken Lemke announced the appointment of Bill Longley to the position of BNAPS Publicity Officer. In his announcement, Ken wrote:

“Bill is well known to BNA collectors as the owner of Longley Auctions, and has a table at the bourse of most of the major shows. Most recently, he and Hugo Deshaye provided the popular hospitality venue at BNAPEX 2018 in Quebec City. Bill is also a co-founder of the Postal History Society of Canada Symposium.

I have come to know Bill as an energetic individual, and I would like to thank him on behalf of the membership for accepting the position.

I would also like to thank David McLaughlin, our previous Publicity Officer, for all his publicity efforts on behalf of BNAPS. David had asked to step down from the Publicity Officer position, which he handled for many years, as he has accepted the position of Chair of the International Liaison Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. David will continue to support BNAPS in other activities.”

In response, Bill wrote:

"I am happy to help the Society as Publicity Officer. I think my BNAPS membership stretches back to about 1985 or so, with a year or two off during university. I recognize that “my generation” has benefited from the very extensive volunteer work of the older members and it is time for us youngsters to pitch in.

We certainly have a challenge to cut through the noise of constant bombardment of advertising, social media, etc. to deliver our message. I see that valuable message as being BNAPS is a welcoming Society of very knowledgeable collectors willing help newcomers and share information. The BNAPEX convention and the journal, BNA Topics, are important, but the personal connections will keep collectors as members.

If you have any suggestions or identify opportunities to promote the Society, please contact me. My email is: bill@longleyauctions.com."

BNAPS officers, directors, and appointed officials

1 Apr 2019

Hugo Deshaye and Mark Berner revived the Lower Canada / Bas Canada Regional Group in 2018. The inaugural meeting of the Group was on Saturday, 22 September, at BNAPEX 2018 in Quebec City. Very successful it was too, with 27 people attending.

New web pages provide information about the Group, its inaugural meeting, and the next meeting, a day-long meeting on Saturday, 7 April, at 6030 Cavendish Blvd, Cote Saint-Luc. The activities include presentations by Laurent Belisle and David Bartlet.

View the new web pages and meeting information

30 Mar 2019

Updates to the Circuit pages have been made. New pages under Queen Elizabeth, King George, Newfoundland, Precancels and more. Look for sheets marked Mar19 for new sheets or with Rpl Mar19 for revised sheets

Circuit Pages

30 Mar 2019

The exhibit awards won by BNAPS members for BNA exhibits between October and December 2018 have been posted along with a year-end summary. There were more competitive exhibits listed in 2018 than any year since 2001 when the awards list was first compiled.

Thanks to Adri Veenstra for compiling the listing.

View the 2018 BNA exhibit awards

28 Mar 2019

To honour the memory of Bob Dyer who promoted youth philately within BNAPS for many years, BNAPS sponsors the Norris “Bob” Dyer $1,000 Youth Scholarship. The Scholarship, which is administered by the APS, helps defray the costs for a young collector between the ages of 16 and 24 to attend the APS Annual Summer Seminar on Philately.

This year, the seminar takes place on 24-27 June at the American Philatelic Center in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

Applicants must be residents of the United States or Canada, and 16 years of age but not older than 24 years of age as of 1 June 2019 to apply. The application deadline has been extended to 15 April.

Scholarship information and application form

23 Mar 2019

The BNAPEX 2019 exhibit frame fee can now be paid online via PayPal. See the Exhibits page for details.

You must still submit the filled-in Exhibit Entry Form and five copies each of the Exhibit Title/Plan page and Synopsis to the Exhibits Committee by regular mail, not by email.

BNAPEX 2019 Exhibits page

23 Mar 2019

The March 2019 newsletter (Vol. 8, No. 1) of the Pence-Cents Era Study Group edited by Jim Jung features three articles:

â–º Use of Cents Issue stamps after 1868 (Part 1) by Ron Majors
â–º Unlisted varieties on the 5 cents Beaver by Jim Jung
â–º Error, freaks, and oddities by Jim Jung

Read the newsletter

22 Mar 2019

In the March 2019 newsletter (No. 79) of the Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group, David Lacelle describes the latest findings reported by Study Group members.

He also lists errata to the 3rd edition of Fancy Cancels on Canadian Stamps 1855 to 1950 published by BNAPS in August 2018, and reprints Appendix 10, Fantasy or Joke “cancels”, because of problems with the illustration in the book.

These updates to the book are appended to the newsletter. They are also available separately on the BNAPS Books update page.

Read the newsletter

21 Mar 2019

The Prairie Beaver Regional Group met in College, TX, on Saturday, 2 March. The 15 attendees heard presentations by Nick Escott on the Manitoba-Ontario boundary dispute of 1878-1889, John Furlong on the Halifax Explosion of 1917 and the aftermath, George Dresser on Ontario Fair covers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and Vic Willson on Jubilee postal history.

There was also a trade-sell session and a clothesline exhibit.

Read the meeting report for details.

5 Mar 2019

The Precancel Study Group has published a new newsletter, No. 9 dated March 2019.

It features a variety of interesting covers with precancelled stamps from the collection of the late Bruce Field. Field was a co-editor of the Canadian Precancel Catalogue.

Precancel Study Group newsletters

3 Mar 2019

Ken Lemke, BNAPS President, is pleased to announce that Richard H. Judge has been appointed to the BNAPS Board of Directors.

Richard fills a position on the Board that has been vacant since September 2018. He will complete the position's remaining term of office, which was 2016 - 2020.

List of BNAPS officers and officials

21 Feb 2019

The Prairie Beaver Regional Group has published the Feb. 2019 issue of its newsletter, Beaver Chatter.

Besides the agenda for the Regional Group's meeting on 2 March, the newsletter features a census by Vic Willson of covers with the 1893 20 and 50 cent Widow Weed stamps.

See Beaver Chatter on the Prairie Beaver Regional Group web page

3 Feb 2019

Dixie Beavers held a meeting in Atlanta on 26 January. Visit their Regional Group web page to see what happened.

Read the Dixie Beavers Report

3 Feb 2019

The report for the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group 26 January meeting is posted on the GHRG web page.

GHRG Meeting Reports

3 Feb 2019

The pages for BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa have been posted on the website.

The annual BNAPS convention takes place on the Labour Day weekend: Friday, 30 August, to Sunday, 1 September. It will feature 160 frames of BNA exhibits, a 25-dealer bourse, study group meetings and seminars, and tours in Ottawa and Gatineau.

BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa web pages

25 Jan 2019

Jeff Arndt is reviving the Mid-Atlantic Regional Group. The region consists of Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, and Maryland.

If you live in one of these states or even if you don't but would like to participate with the Group, Jeff would like to hear from you. His email address is arndt123@aol.com.

Jeff is also co-editor of BNA Topics.

Regional Groups

19 Jan 2019

The three most recent newsletters published by the Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group are now available:

â–º No. 76, published in Dec. 2017
â–º No. 77, published in Apr. 2018
â–º No. 78, published in Aug. 2018

Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group newsletters

15 Jan 2019

The latest Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE) contribution is the one-frame exhibit "The Chemistry of the War Time Admiral" by Richard Judge.

The exhibit studies the ink used for the 1911 Admiral 2¢ carmine stamp using reflectance, X-ray fluorescence, and Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy. The 2¢ carmine stamp is well known for its aniline ink and shade varieties. The exhibit uses spectroscopy to analyze these varieties.

The exhibit won Vermeil and the Ed and Mickey Richardson Award at BNAPEX 2018, Quebec City, QC.

New ORE postings

9 Jan 2019

A memorial for Richard M. Morris, who passed away on 14 December, has been posted.

Richard is noted for his research on the 1911-1928 Admiral Issue and the colour and shades found on early Canada and U.S. stamps. His philatelic accomplishments include articles and books describing the results of his research and a Gold medal exhibit of the Admiral Issue. He was on the BNAPS Board of Directors from 2003 to 2006.

Richard M. Morris memorial

8 Jan 2019

To ring in the New Year, BNAPS has published four new books, two of them in its Exhibit Series.

â–º Brant County Postmarks and Cancels to 1930 - Robert G. Anderson (Exhibit Series No. 103)
Uses postmarks and covers to illustrate the postal history of the many towns and villages that grew up, and occasionally disappeared, in Brant County, ON.

â–º Three Brands of First Day Covers from Regina - Gary Dickinson
Unravels the mystery behind three brands of FDCs: Litho-Art, Philatelic Supply Company and Phila Coin.

â–º Japanese Canadians in World War II - Censored Mail from the Uprooting in British Columbia - Louis Fiset
Canadian postal history used in a unique way to illustrate the sad story of the internment of Canadians of Japanese origin during World War II.

► Newfoundland’s Last Definitives: The Perkins Bacon and Sprague Printings - C. A. Stillions (Exhibit Series No. 102)
Explores the printings of Newfoundland’s “Industries” Definitive issue, released on 2 January 1932, by Perkins Bacon and W. W. Sprague.

BNAPS books

7 Jan 2019

PNWRG Fall Newsletter contains a full report of the fall meeting in Victoria held in conjunction with VICPEX.

Visit the PNWRG Regional Page

3 Jan 2019

Newsletters from 12 Study Groups have been posted. The year of publication, Study Group, and number of issues are listed below:

â–º 2013 British Columbia Postal History - 4 issues
â–º 2016 King George VI - 4 issue
â–º 2013 Large and Small Queens - 3 issues
â–º 2013 Military Mail - 5 issues
â–º 2013 Newfoundland - 4 issues
â–º 2013 Perfin - 3 issues
â–º 2013 Postal Stationery - 3 issues
â–º 2017 Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties - 4 issues (a special issue that appeared in 2018 was posted as soon as it was published)
â–º 2013 Revenue - 4 issues
â–º 2014 RPO - 6 issues

These study groups have requested a delay of 1 to 5 years between publication of their newsletters and posting on the website. Several study groups (such as the Dead Letter Office, Pence-Cents Era, and Precancel Study Groups) have no delay period. Their newsletters were posted upon publication in 2018.

The following two study groups also have no delay period. Their most recent newsletters are now posted on the website.

â–º 2018 First Day Covers - 4 issues plus the final issue of 2017 (also available on the Study Group's website)
â–º 2015 to 2018 Squared Circle Cancels - 12 issues in all

Great reading! Thanks to the editors and contributors for making these newsletters available.

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