BNAPS Offices and Committees

Here are the Offices and Committees that BNAPS has established since it was founded in 1943.


  1. Some of the Offices and Committees are no longer active. The active ones are in boldface.
  2. Each Office and Committee is linked to a page listing the individuals who were in the Office or participated in the Committee.
  3. A "+" after the name indicates that the individual died while in office.
  4. The information for the period between 1949 and 1997 was compiled by the first BNAPS Historian, Ed Whiting.
Admissions Committee
Ambassadors' Program
Advertising Manager
Awards Coordinator
Ballot Committee
BNA PortraitS Editor
BNA Topics (all positions)
Board of Directors Board of Examiners
Board of Governors
Books Department
Catalog Committee
Circulation Manager
Circulation Manager (Assistant)
Contributions Advisers
Convention Committee
Database Administrator
Editorial Board
Education Committee
Elections Committee
Ethics Committee
Exchange Circuit Manager
Finance Committee
Handbook Committee
Judging Committee
Judging Coordinator
Library Committee
Member Services
Membership Committee
Member Recognition Coordinator
Nominations Committee
Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE) Committee
Policy and Procedures Manual
Publications Committee
Publicity and Information
Regional Groups
Vice President Regional Groups
Regional Group Reporter
Resolutions Committee
Rules & Bylaws Committee
Secretary (Assistant)
Secretary (International)
Vice President Study Groups
Study Group Reporter
Temporary Officers (1944)
Vice President (First)
Vice President (Second)
Vice President Member Services
Yearbook Committee
Youth Coordinator
Ways and Means
Web Advisory Committee
Web Team

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