BNAPS Offices - Website

BNAPS established the following positions and committees to manage its website.

  • Web Advisory Committee
  • Webmaster
  • Web team
  • Database Administrator
Web Advisory Committee

Provides oversight and guidance regarding the management and future direction of the BNAPS website. This includes:

  1. Establishing objectives for the website
  2. Suggesting, evaluating, prioritizing, and approving new website projects

The Committee was established in 2014.

FromToWeb Advisory Committee member
2014 Leopold Beaudet (Chair)
2014 Dave Bartlet
2014 Charles Livermore
2014 John Walsh
2014 Andy Ellwood

Responsible for the design, development, management, maintenance, and operation of the BNAPS website. Requires knowledge of web technologies and standards.

The office was created in 1995 when BNAPS established its website.

2014 Leopold Beaudet
2012 2014 Dave Bartlet
2010 2011 Greg Spring
1995 2010 Bob Lane
Web Team

Help the Webmaster with the design, development, management, and operation of the BNAPS website. Should be familiar with web technologies and standards.

FromToWeb team member
2013 2014 Leopold Beaudet

Dave Bartlet
2009 2011 Gary Steele
2006 2011 Greg Spring
2006 2011 Jeffrey Wallace
2002 2015 Charles Livermore
Database Administrator

Responsible for the design, installation, administration, maintenance, and security of the BNAPS membership database.

The office was created in 2014 to manage the BNAPS membership database implemented in 2013.

FromToDatabase Administrator
2014 Leopold Beaudet

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