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In 2006, BNAPS established an Education Committee under John Burnett to provide content on its website that would explore and explain the diverse collecting areas offered by BNA philately. The content would be freely available, and be geared to different levels of collecting expertise from novice to advanced. With the support of the Webmaster, John created an area of the website containing articles on a wide variety of BNA subjects catering to different levels of expertise.

In 2010, Leopold Beaudet became the Chair of the Education Committee. He consolidated the Education area of the website with several others offering similar content. Having the content listed together under the one classification scheme made it easier for viewers to find topics they were most interested in. In 2012, the area underwent a name change from Education to Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE).

Online Resources and Exhibits Committee

The Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE) area of the BNAPS website explores the philately of British North America (BNA). The topics covered encompass postage stamps, postal stationery, postage meter stamps, permit stamps, stampless mail, postal history, revenue stamps and their usage, ephemera, and cinderellas. BNA includes Canada, its provinces and territories, and the former colonies that joined Confederation.

The ORE area focuses on overview, tutorial, and reference material. Its content takes on several forms:

  • Books, handbooks, and longer articles that provide overview, tutorial, and reference information
  • Short articles on specific topics
  • Online exhibits of specialized areas of BNA philately
  • Links to noteworthy BNA material on other websites

The ORE Committee manages the ORE area of the website. Its functions are to:

  1. Publish content on the BNAPS website to make it widely, freely, and easily accessible to all collectors.
  2. Classify content to make it intuitive and logical to find and access.
  3. Solicit and produce new content.
FromToOnline Resources & Exhibits Committee Chair
2012 Leopold Beaudet
FromToEducation Committee Chair
2010 2012 Leopold Beaudet
2006 2009 John Burnett
FromToOnline Resources & Exhibits Committee members
2012 John Walsh
2011 2015 John Burnett
2011 2015 Ken Lemke
2011 2015 Vic Willson
2011 2013 George Dresser

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