Vice-President Regional Groups

BNAPS created the position of Vice President Regional Groups in 1993, and eliminated the position of Second Vice President. Vice President Regional Groups is an elected position with a term of two years. The Vice President Regional Groups is an officer of the Society and a member of the Board of Directors.

The Vice President Regional Groups has the following responsibilities:

  • Prepare an action plan to guide BNAPS’ activities in the areas of Regional Groups
  • Oversee the implementation of the action plan
  • Encourage and support the creation and development of Regional Groups throughout the world
  • If required, appoint assistants in consultation with the President
  • Assume, in addition to his regular duties, the duties of the First Vice President if the First Vice President is unable to carry out those duties
  • Prepare a column published in BNA Topics that outlines current activities of the Regional Groups
  • Carry out the duties of a Director

BNAPS Policy & Procedures Manual

FromToVice President Regional Groups / Member ServicesNote
Sep 2022 Mark Oakley
Sep 2015 Aug 2022 David Bartlet
Oct 2014 Aug 2015 Vacant
Sep 2008 Sep 2014 J. A. (Jack) Forbes Jr.
Apr 2004 Sep 2008 Robert K. Lane
Sep 2001 Apr 2004 Tracy Cooper 2
Jan 1997 Sep 2001 Larry Paige 1
Sep 1995 Jan 1997 Vacant 1
1993 Sep 1995 John Burnett


1. In BNA PortraitS, Vol. 3, No. 3, Apr.-June 1996, it was announced that the Vice President Regional Groups would be responsible for membership, publicity, and promotional activities in addition to Regional Groups. To reflect the expanded mandate, the position was renamed Vice President Member Services. It was expected that the Vice President would delegate the duties associated with the added responsibilities. In fact, BNAPS has had a Publicity Officer since 1993.

2. At BNAPEX 2001 in Ottawa in September, when Tracy Cooper assumed the position, the name reverted back to Vice President Regional Groups.

Regional Group Coordinator

Before the creation of the Vice President Regional Groups in 1993, the duties of this position were carried out by a Regional Group Coordinator. The Regional Group Coordinator was also the Second Vice President.

FromToRegional Group Coordinator
1983 1992 Robert V. C. Carr
1981 1982 Robert H. Pratt
Regional Group Reporter

Between 1985 and 2001, there was a Regional Group Reporter, an appointed position. The Reporter wrote a column in BNA Topics, "Regional Group Ramblings", that described the activities of the Regional Groups based on reports received from them. The column moved to BNA PortraitS when it began publication in 1993.

When Tracy Cooper became VP Regional Groups in September 2001, he wrote the column himself, renaming it "Regional Groups - The Heart of BNAPS". The focus of the column changed. Instead of reporting on specific Regional Group meetings, it dealt with Regional Groups as a whole. Specific Regional Group activities were still published, but under the byline of a reporter for that Regional Group.

Under Robert K. Lane, Regional Group reports continued to be published in BNA PortraitS. In addition, they were published on the BNAPS website on pages dedicated to each Regional Group.

Jack Forbes was the VP Regional Groups when BNA PortraitS ceased publication at the end of 2009. He instituted the column "Regional Group Rant" in BNA Topics in 2010 to report on Regional Group activities. In addition, the website continued to carry meeting reports.

FromToRegional Group Reporter
1997 2001 Ron Ribler
Oct 1994 1996 Frank Waite
Jan 1985 Sep 1994 Jim Goben
Regional positions not tied to Regional Groups

At different times, BNAPS appointed regional representatives. They promoted BNAPS in their geographic area, but were not associated with Regional Groups.

Regional Coordinators

Jack White, Ritch Toop, and Larry Paige were appointed Regional Coordinators for the period from 1 September 1991 to 31 December 1992 (BNA Topics, Vol. 48, No. 6, Nov.-Dec. 1991, p. 35).

1 Sep 1991 31 Dec 1992 Jack White Western Canada & U.S.
1 Sep 1991 31 Dec 1992 Ritch Toop Eastern Canada
1 Sep 1991 31 Dec 1992 Larry Paige Eastern U.S.

Regional Representatives

Edward A. Richardson, Robert V. C. Carr, and Trelle Morrow were listed as Regional Representatives beginning in BNA Topics, Vol. 33, No. 5, Sept.-Oct. 1976. Carr was last listed in BNA Topics, Vol. 34, No. 5, Sept.-Oct. 1977, and Richardson and Morrow in Vol. 39, No. 6, Nov.-Dec. 1982.

Sep 1976 Dec 1982 Edward A. Richardson Southwest U.S.
Sep 1976 Oct 1977 Robert V. C. Carr Northeast U.S.
Sep 1976 Dec 1982 Trelle Morrow Western Canada

Committee of Regional Directors

Jun 1949 Sep 1950 Mervyn V. Quarles

Reference: BNA Topics, Vol. 6, No. 6, June 1949, p. 118.

Regional Directors

Groups of about 20 Regional Directors were appointed by the First Vice President in 1947, 1951, and 1955. The duties of Regional Directors are "to further the interests of the Society and to advance its welfare in the various regions for which they are appointed." (BNA Topics, Vol. 8, No. 5, May 1951, p. 129)

Regional Directors appointed in mid 1955

▼ = was also appointed Regional Director in 1951.
(Reference: BNA Topics, Vol. 12, No. 9, Oct. 1955, p. 279; BNA Topics, Vol. 13, No. 9, Oct. 1956, p. 230)


Director Location
Georges April Quebec City, QC
Walter S Bailey Toronto, ON
W. C. Beckman Regina, SK
E. M. Blois Halifax, NS
Edmund A. Harris Edmonton, AB
E. H. Hiscock St. John's, NL
George C. Kemp Montreal, QC
Harris A. MacMaster Vancouver, BC
C. W. Pickard Moncton, NB
Lloyd W. Sharpe Hamilton, ON
E. P. Warren Winnipeg, MB

United States

Director Location
John S. Bain Santa Rosa, CA
Leon W. Banks Bethlehem, CT
Frank W. Campbell Royal Oak, MI
Walter W. Chadbourne Wilmington, DE
J. T. Culhane Norristown, PA
Henry Gates Fresh Meadows, NY
Richard P. Hedley Buffalo, NY
Jack Levine Charlotte, NC
Harry W. Lussey New Milford, NJ
Edward A. Richardson La Marque, TX
L. D. Shoemaker Sarasoda, FL
Mrs E. A. Totten Minneapolis, MN
William E Tutton Ithaca, NY

Regional Directors appointed in May 1951

▼ = was also appointed Regional Director in 1947; ▲ = was also appointed Regional Director in mid 1955.
(Reference: BNA Topics, Vol. 8, No. 5, May 1951, p. 129)


Director Location
C. A. Anderson Saskatoon, SK
H. E. Canham Regina, SK
Charles P. deVolpi Montreal, QC
R. J. Duncan Armstrong, BC
Ed Goodale Hamilton, ON
A. K. Grimmer Temiskaming, QC
T. B. Higginson Finch, ON
C. G. Kemp Montreal, QC
Gordon P. Lewis Brampton, ON
Harris A. MacMaster Vancouver, BC
T. G. Miller St James, MB
A. W. Pearen Toronto, ON

1. Ed Goodale died on 11 March 1955.
2. Leopold Baresch was appointed in Nov. 1951.

United States

Director Location
Russell Allison Niagara Falls, NY
Thomas .E Boggs Syracuse, NY
Walter W. Chadbourne Wilmington, DE
James T. Culhane Norristown, PA
Robert Dempsey New York, NY
Henry Gates Detroit, MI
Lester N. Littlefield Melrose, NJ
Edward A. Richardson Ithaca, NY
John S. Siverts Minneapolis, MN
Ray W. Tiede Cleveland, OH

Great Britain

Director Location
Leopold Baresch England
J. C. Cartwright England
A. E. Stephenson Scotland

Regional Directors appointed in April 1947

▲ = was also appointed Regional Director in 1951.
(Reference: Tne British North America Philatelic Society Yearbook for 1947, Many 1947, p. 8)


Director Location
R. J. Calder Calgary, AB
H. E. Canham Regina, SK
Charles P. deVolpi Montreal, QC
Robert J. Duncan Armstrong, BC
C. N. Fouse Preston, ON
Edward Goodale Hamilton, ON
Vincent G. Greene Toronto, ON
M. Mackintosh Wyoming, ON
W. F. B. Martin Ottawa, ON
A. P. Ranger Burquitlam, BC
V. C. Walton Niagara Falls, ON

1. R. J. Calder died in 1950.

United States

Director Location
Charles C. Abbott Auburn, ME
Walter W. Chadbourne Wilmington, DE
Clarence Coleman Fitchville, CT
K. M. Day Pittsburgh, PA
Henry Gates Detroit, MI
John D. Graham Devils Lake, ND
Charles McDonough Philadelphia, PA
Ray A. Menendian Columbus, OH
John S. Siverts Minneapolis, MN
Raymond H. Smith Topagna, CA
A. C. Stagg Lexington, KY
Roy W. Trickey Des Moines, IA

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