Study Group Reporter

The Study Group Reporter does the following:

  • Receives and reviews all issues of study group newsletters
  • Prepares a summary of each newsletter for publication in BNA Topics. The objective is to provide BNAPS members information that might encourage them to join a study group and contribute to its activities.
  • Participates in the selection of the John S. Siverts Award winner for best study group newsletter published during the preceding year

Study groups are asked to send issues of their newsletter to the Study Group Reporter as they are published.

FromToStudy Group Reporter
Jan 2022 Robert Lemire
Apr 2014 Dec 2021 Peter McCarthy
Jan 2009 Mar 2014 Derek Smith
Jan 2002 Dec 2008 Robert Lemire
Jul 2001 Dec 2001 Herbert A. Trenchard
Jan 1997 Jun 2001 David Whitely
Mar 1991 Dec 1996 Peter McCarthy
May 1984 Feb 1991 Frank Waite

Frank Waite became the first Study Group Reporter in 1984, and began writing a column entitled "Study Group Centreline" in BNA Topics. The first column appeared in Vol. 41, No. 3, May-June 1984. The purpose of the column was to:

  • Report on the activities of the study groups and keep BNAPS members informed about what the groups were doing.
  • Discuss the non-philatelic aspects of the study groups - organization, membership obligations, etc.

In 1993, BNAPS began publishing BNA PortraitS, a quarterly newsletter. The first issue was dated Sept.-Dec. 1993. The "Study Group Centreline" column, then being written by Peter McCarthy, moved from BNA Topics to BNA PortraitS where it was renamed "On the Fringes". Under this arrangement, the last column in Topics appeared in Vol. 50, No. 4, July-Aug. 1993.

Towards the end of 1994, it was decided that the study group column should be split between the two publications. The column in Topics, "Study Group Centreline", would be devoted to the philatelic content of the newsletters whereas the one in BNA PortraitS, "On the Fringes", would concentrate on people-related subjects.

When Herbert A. Trenchard became the Reporter in July 2001, he renamed the Topics column "For the Study Groups". There was no column in BNA PortraitS.

Robert Lemire succeeded Trenchard in January 2002. He continued with the title "For the Study Groups" in Topics until the Oct.-Dec. 2002 issue when the column reverted to its original title, "Study Group Centreline". The title hasn't changed since. The columns in BNA PortraitS continued under the title "Study Group Forum" until the last one in Vol. 10, No. 1, Jan.-Mar. 2003.

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