Membership Committee

BNAPS Board Members, Officers and Committee Personnel
History of the Committee Membership Committee 1993-
Admissions and Membership Committee(1990-1992)
Membership Committee (1945-1990)
Membership Committee was to review and approve and/or reject all applications for membership. Objection to membership must be in writing to a member of the committee, not later than fifteen (15) days after publication of applications.

Membership Committee P. Charles Livermore 2007 -
Nick N. Sheklian, Chair (10/1987-2000)
Victor L. Willson 1999
Paul Burega 1993-1994
Membership and Admission Committee
Norman Brassler, Chair (7/1981-10/1987)

NOTE! The following information about this committee is unconfirmed

1975-1981 Alfred H Kessler+, Chairman. (1/1975-6/1981)
Clarence A Stillions OTB
1969-1974 Fred Jarrett OTB
James N Sissons OTB
Horace W Harrison OTB
Wilmer C Rockett OTB
1963 (prior ?) F H Odell.(1/63 or prior?)
Edward A Richardson OTB, Chairman. (12/63 or prior?)
1946 -
Daniel C Meyerson, Chairman
Vincent G Greene OTB
Harold R Meyers