BNAPS Board Members, Officers and Committee Personnel

In 1995 the Library was discontinued and materials were distributed
to various libraries. The remainder of material was auctioned with the
proceed going to BNAPS

Robert J Duncan (11/1945-12/1962)
Edgar C Black (4/1963-12/1965)
Stewart S Kenyon (1/1966-4/1970)
Michael Squirell (5/1970-12/1979)
Harry W Machum (1/1980-10/1982)
Don Makinen (11/1982-10/1986)
Clinton A Phillips (11/1986-12/31/1994)


Library Committee
Library Advisory Board
Frank W Campbell Chairman (1/1946-1/1961)
Ivan J DeLisle (1/1946- )
Heinz Hoffmann (1/1946-1/1951)
Robert J Duncan (1/1951-12/1959)
Wilfred J Sprung (/1959-12/1960)
John H M Young (2/1961-)
Vincent G Greene OTB (Chairman) (4/1963-10/1982)
Edward A Richardson OTB+ (Chairman)(11/82-1989)
Ed. Christman (11/1982-10/1991)
Vic Willson (11/1982-10/1992)Chairman (11/1992-12/31/1992)
Clinton A Phillips (11/1992-12/31/1992)
Howard Twichell (11/1992-12/31/1992)
Arthur Klass OTB (11/92-12/31/92)