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19 Dec 2009

The report for the November meeting of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group has been posted. Thanks, folks.

View the meeting report.

18 Dec 2009

A memorial for Larry Paige, OTB, is now posted. Thanks, John Burnett.

17 Dec 2009

The annual Christmas Dinner meeting of the Edmonton Regional Group was great fun!

15 Dec 2009

The BNAPEX 2010 web pages have been updated. Thanks, Mike Street and Greg Spring.

15 Dec 2009

A memorial for Dr. Sandy Clark is now posted.

14 Dec 2009

New and replaced BNAPS Circuit pages have been added. Please check these as the "new" and "replaced" tags will be replaced in the new year.

5 Dec 2009

5 Dec 2009

The Book Department proudly announces the publication of the latest book in its Exhibit series:

Postal Service in the Bathurst District of Upper Canada (Upper Ottawa Valley) by R.F. (Hank) Narbonne.

View BNAPS Books for details.

1 Dec 2009

We are pleased to provide the initial web pages for BNAPEX 2010 in Victoria, BC. Start packing, folks!!

27 Nov 2009

We regret to inform that philatelist Sam Horton passed away on 16 November at the age of 88.

15 Nov 2009

A multi-year summary of the Youth Program is found on the Youth Activities page. Thanks, Bob Dyer.

15 Nov 2009

A new web page is available for the First Day Cover crowd.

Check it out!

15 Nov 2009

About 40 new pages have been added to the BNAPS Circuits. Thanks, Andy.

View the Circuit pages.

9 Nov 2009

The Golden Horseshoe Regional Group has posted its latest meeting report.

View the report.

9 Nov 2009

The Webmaster is back.

10 Oct 2009

The Atlantic Provinces Regional Group met at NOVAPEX 2009 on 25 September.

View the report.

On 12 September, the Regional Group coordinators met at BNAPEX 2009 in Kingston.

View the report.

10 Oct 2009

BNAPS welcomes two new groups:

The Dead Letter Office Study Group. Details about the new Group and all the other Study Groups are found on the Study Groups page.

The British Isles Regional Group. Details about the new Group and other Regional Groups are found on the Regional Groups page.

29 Sep 2009

Issue 16 of the KG VI Study Group newsletter is now available in the members area of the Study Group's website.

27 Sep 2009

The Awards presented at BNAPEX 2009 are now posted. Thanks Bob Dyer and Jeffrey Wallace.

25 Sep 2009

As a result of heavy usage of the Exchange Circuit at BNAPEX Kingston, Andy has provided a number of replacement Circuit pages.

18 Sep 2009

New and replaced Circuits pages have been uploaded.

7 Sep 2009

The Book Department has published a new book:

Catalogue of Canadian Railway Cancellations and Related Railway Postmarks including Selected Waterway Postmarks by Ross D. Gray

View BNAPS Books for details.

5 Sep 2009

BNAPS Secretary Pete Jacobi is back and can be reached at his regular email address.

29 Aug 2009

The Webmaster will be absent from 1 September to 17 September. Members wishing to have something posted on the website are asked to please check to see if any of the web team is responsible for the item. Failing that, please send your material and request to Jeffrey Wallace at jeffanddana@gmail.com.

Please note that web team members Greg Spring and Charles Livermore will be at BNAPEX.

24 Aug 2009

The Book Department has published two new books:

Stamp Perforations with Particular Emphasis on Canadian Stamps by Richard A. Johnson

Canadian Interrupted Flight Covers by Richard K. Malott (another volume in the BNAPS Exhibit series)

View BNAPS Books for details.

11 Aug 2009

Another success story for the Youth program.

4 Aug 2009

Andy has posted new Circuits pages.

View them here.

31 Jul 2009

BNA Topics 2009Q3 (July-September) is in the mail and copies have been delivered to some members. Among the many interesting articles in this issue is "The Lost Villages of the St. Lawrence Seaway" by David McLaughlin, which recalls how some villages were moved to make way for the St. Lawrence Seaway Project.

The article coincides with BNAPEX 2009 SEAWAYPEX, BNAPS' annual convention, exhibit and bourse, which takes place from 11-13 September at the Ambassador Conference Resort in Kingston, Ontario, not far upstream from the western end of the Seaway.

See Table of Contents.

26 Jul 2009

24 Jul 2009

Belatedly, the Table of Contents for BNA Topics, April-June 2009, is now posted.

23 Jul 2009

BNAPEX Notice: BNAPEX 2009 SEAWAYPEX Hotel Reminder!

Members who plan to attend the annual BNAPS convention in Kingston, Ontario from 11-13 Sept. should take note that the special Ambassador Resort Hotel room rates are only available until 14 August.

The BNAPEX committee would also like to remind you to register for the convention as soon as possible so they know how many members will be attending. BNAPEX exhibitors please note - confirmation of your exhibit frame request will be sent to you shortly. See you in Kingston!

22 Jul 2009

Past-President Bill Pawluk has been named a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. The notice of his appointment reads:

"William S. (Bill) Pawluk of Calgary, Alberta has been a board member of all the major Canadian philatelic organizations and is presently the immediate past president of BNAPS. His contribution to philatelic seminars and stamp conventions is well recognized. He has received Gold and Grand awards at a number of shows with his 'Canadian Postal History 1895-1910', and he has co-authored innumerable articles with George Arfken for The Canadian Philatelist and other philatelic publications. He is a national-level RPSC and BNAPS judge".

Also named were Peter Butler, Michael Nowlan, and Margaret Schulzke. Congratulations to all.

22 Jul 2009

New and replaced Circuits pages are available.

View them here.

22 Jul 2009

A report of the May meeting of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group has been posted.

Read the report here.

12 Jul 2009

We have received the sad news of the passing of Rosemary Nickle.

A memorial has been posted.

11 Jul 2009


This note is to thank you for your generous grant contribution of $250 for our StampCamp USA Program. These funds will help us get appropriate hobby tools into the hands of our Beginner Campers, so they can be encouraged to continue with their collections after attending Camp. The support you extend to so many is greatly appreciated. You are to be commended! On behalf of StampCamp USA, you have our sincere thanks.

Cheryl Edgecomb, CEO
StampCamp USA
P.S. My application [for BNAPS membership] is in the mail!

23 Jun 2009

Issue 15 of the KG VI Study Group newsletter is now available in the members area of the Study Group's website.

22 Jun 2009

New and replaced Circuits pages have been posted.

View them here.

18 Jun 2009

The Edmonton Regional Group held its final Spring meeting at a restaurant, a new tradition.

4 Jun 2009

Sound the trumpets! The Secretary, Pete Jacobi, and entourage have returned to the Summer Palace in Montana.

4 Jun 2009

The Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation has prepared an invitation to celebrate the official opening of "HER MAJESTY'S Stamps", on Thursday, 18 June 2009.

View the press release.

2 Jun 2009

We are experimenting with new ways to present shows and exhibits. Dr. Jim Watt has prepared a presentation, Modern Flower Coil Definitives, in two file formats:

Submit your questions and/or feedback on these two formats to the Webmaster. Thanks to Mike Street and Dr. Jim Watt of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group, and Greg Spring of the web team.

29 May 2009

New Circuits pages are in; also some replacements.

View them here.

25 May 2009

The Collectors Club of Chicago (CCC) has announced that Brian T. Stalker has won the 2009 Pratt Award for his book, Traveling Post Offices Postmarks of Newfoundland and Labrador, published by BNAPS.

The award is named for Robert H. Pratt, the eminent Newfoundland collector, researcher and author, who bequeathed funds to the CCC for an award of US$1,000 to be given to the author(s) of the best philatelic article(s) or book(s) on Newfoundland philately published in a given year. If there is more than one author or recipient, the award is shared equally among them.

The first Pratt Award was given in 1997. Previous winners, all BNAPS members, include Norris R. Dyer, Sammy Whaley, Colin Lewis, C. R. McGuire, Dean Mario, John Walsh, and John Butt. In some years there were combinations of these, as multiple winners.

21 May 2009

To see how one Regional Group has fun, check out this report from the Pacific Northwest Regional Group.

18 May 2009

We have learned the sad news of the passing of Albert Tanner, Postcard Consultant.

18 May 2009

The Book Department has published two new books in its Exhibits series:

Newfoundland Airmail Stamps and Air Mail Flights: 1918-1949 by Peter Motson

Prince Edward Island - Postal Rates July 1, 1851 to June 30, 1873 by Warren S. Wilkinson

View BNAPS Books for details.

18 May 2009

The webmaster is back and thanks members of the web team for their hard work in his absence.

24 Apr 2009

The St Lawrence Seaway Regional Group will meet at ORAPEX in early May. Mike Street will speak about Peace Issue rates.

See the Regional Group page for contact information.

23 Apr 2009

On April 28, the webmaster will head for the Yukon, via the Pacific Northwest Regional Group meeting at Kelowna. During much of May, any urgent web business can be handled by the web team.

Specifically, please consult both Greg Spring and Jeffrey Wallace. They will decide how to handle your requirement. Charles Livermore can be consulted regarding the Archives and the Horace Harrison Online Library.

20 Apr 2009

The date for applications for Youth program funding has been extended.

16 Apr 2009

A memorial is now posted for the sad passing of long-time member Floyd McNey.

15 Apr 2009

A link to Philatelic Collections (Library and Archives Canada) has been added to the Philatelic Website Links page.

14 Apr 2009

New and replaced Circuits pages are available!

View them here.

8 Apr 2009

The addition of Gary Steele's Bulletin Board is a reminder to regularly check our Philatelic Website Links page to see what's new there.

8 Apr 2009

The Chairman of the Youth Activities Program received a letter of thanks to BNAPS at the recent St. Louis Stamp Expo.

View the Youth Activities Program page.

8 Apr 2009

A link to the British Library Philatelic Collections has been added to the Philatelic Website Links page.

8 Apr 2009

The report on the latest meeting of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group has been posted.

Read the report here.

7 Apr 2009

The first set of BNA competition awards won by BNAPS members in 2009 has been posted.

View the Exhibit Awards page.

31 Mar 2009

Bill Pawluk was guest speaker at the annual BNAPS breakfast organized by the Edmonton Regional Group.

30 Mar 2009

New Circuits pages and some replacement pages have now been posted.

View them here.

26 Mar 2009

The Treasurer, Bob Lee, has a new email address, found on the BNAPS Officials page.

26 Mar 2009

The Canadian Museum of Civilization is preparing for a royal visit this summer - from Her Majesty's Stamps, a new exhibition that will feature postage stamps and other philatelic gems from the personal collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This Canadian exclusive will be presented from 19 June 2009 to 3 January 2010.

25 Mar 2009

Issue 14 of the King George VI Study Group newsletter, the King George VI Post & Mail, is now available in the members area of the Study Group's website.

Paid-up members of the Study Group can see all issues of the Post & Mail. Non-members can access issues 1 to 7.

17 Mar2009

The BNAPS Web Team wishes to welcome Gary Steele to the team. Initially, Gary wishes to check on broken links, in particular those in the members' emails and the philatelic websites. Thanks, Gary.

16 Mar 2009

A memorial tribute has been received for member Peter Zariwny, noted collector of booklets and postal stationery, who passed away on 20 November 2008.

A memorial tribute has also been received for long-time member Harry Duckworth who passed away on 18 December 2008.

16 Mar 2009

The full web presentation for BNAPEX 2009 is now posted. Thanks, Greg Spring and the organizers.

13 Mar 2009

The table of contents for the current issue of BNA Topics is now posted.

1 Mar 2009

The Pacific Northwest Regional Group has announced the details of its May meeting.

28 Feb 2009

Sadly, today we received news of the passing of long-time member Herb Marrion.

22 Feb 2009

A meeting,"BNAPS in the UK", will be held in the UK on 20 June 2009.

20 Feb 2009

The forms required for BNAPEX 2009 registration and exhibiting are now available.

11 Feb 2009

Meeting dates for the Edmonton Regional Group are now posted.

8 Feb 2009

More exciting news from the Youth Program. See the ARIPEX story, 8 February 2009.

7 Feb 2009

With apologies to Bob Dyer for the late posting of this item:

"This is the fourth year of our Youth Activity Program. To date, almost 50 cash grants have been issued to encourage children and young adult to pursue philately. This year BNAPS has received a helping hand from the Philatelic Society of Los Angeles in this worthwhile effort. See this page for the rules and application.

Grants go to school clubs, scouts, junior stamp clubs, or to support youth activity tables at stamp shows. Free stamps are also available by the thousands. Keep your eyes open for possible candidates. Applications must be submitted by 1 May 2009."

2 Feb 2009

Stampfest, the Kitchener-Waterloo Philatelic Society's annual show and bourse will be held at the Community Christian Reformed Church 1275 Bleams Road, at Fischer-Hallman Road, Kitchener, Ontario. Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Saturday, 18 April 2009.

2 Feb 2009

The report of the January meeting of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group is now posted.

2 Feb 2009

Replacement Circuit pages, especially Perfins, are available.

View them here.

2 Feb 2009

The Book Department has published two new books:

Transatlantic Stampless Mails to and from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island 1757 to 1859 by Derek Smith

Plating the Twelve and a Half Cents Yellow Green, Scott #18 by Kenneth A. Kershaw

View BNAPS Books for details.

22 Jan 2009

We have received the sad news of the passing of Chris McGregor on 29 December 2008.

A memorial is found here.

15 Jan 2009

The table of contents BNA Topics for the fourth quarter of 2008 is now posted. The Interim Editors announce that it has gone to the printer and will be sent out in a couple of weeks.

14 Jan 2009

The Golden Horseshoe Regional Group has a reminder about its upcoming January meeting.

6 Jan 2009

The Society's publication, Canadian Philately - An Outline, by John Burnett, Gray Scrimgeour and Victor Willson is now available in full colour on the website. Thanks to Greg Spring for his web work.

6 Jan 2009

The summary of BNAPS members' exhibit awards for 2008 is posted. Thanks Bob and Jeffrey.

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