Horace W. Harrison Grand Award - Chronological List

The Horace W. Harrison Grand Award is presented for the best competitive exhibit shown at a BNAPEX convention. The award is a piece of artwork selected by the BNAPEX Convention Committee. A small plaque is affixed to it.

The Grand Award has been in existence since the first BNAPEX convention held in 1949. It was renamed the Horace W. Harrison Grand Award in honour of the late Horace W. Harrison, OTB, a former president of BNAPS, a BNAPEX Grand Award winner in 1989, and a major benefactor to the Society. Horace Harrison passed away on 4 October 2002.

The award recipients are listed chronologically below. An alphabetical list is also available.

2023 Halifax, NS Pat Burns The Nova Scotia Post: Early Mail and Markings
2022 Calgary, AB David Piercey Steamship Mail in the Early Decimal Period of Newfoundland 1865 to 1910
2021 Virtual Robert G. Leigh The Western District of Upper Canada: The Development of Postal Communications and Postal Markings, 1800-1850
2020 The convention was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic
2019 Ottawa, ON Guillaume Vadeboncoeur Canada – The Small Queens of 1870-1897
2018 Quebec, QC Michael Powell The Great War Internment Camps of Canada
2017 Calgary, AB Ronald E. Majors Canadian Postal History: A Rate Study using Decimal-Franked and Stampless Covers (1859-1868)
2016 Fredericton, NB Grégoire Teyssier Quebec 1763-1867: Un Siècle d’Histoire Postale et de Marcophilie
2015 Niagara Falls, ON Martin Eichele Postal History of Nova Scotia to UPU
2014 Baltimore, MD Kevin O'Reilly A Postal History of the Yukon
2013 Charlottetown, PE David McLaughlin The Maple Leaf Issue of Canada 1897 - 1898
2012 Calgary, AB Gary W. Steele 1937-1938 Definitive Issue
2011 North Bay, ON Hendrik Burgers Canadians In Russia 1918 - 1920: The Last Contingent of World War I
2010 Victoria, BC Bob Forster British Columbia and Vancouver
2009 Kingston, ON Edward Nixon Canada: 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue
2008 Halifax, NS Gary W. Steele Dead Letter Office Handstamps - 1867-1954
2007 Calgary, AB Victor Willson Canada 19th Century Non-Letter Mail
2006 Sudbury, ON Tom Watkins The Postal History of Canada's Semi-Official Airmail
2005 Edmonton, AB Victor Willson Postal History and Usages of Post Card 1871-1928
2004 Baltimore, MD John D. Arn Canada - Cameo Definitive Issues
2003 London, ON Warren S. Wilkinson British Columbia and Vancouver Island Postal History: 1850-1871
2002 Spokane, WA Warren S. Wilkinson Postal Rates of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
2001 Ottawa, ON Warren S. Wilkinson Postal Rates of Canada 1851-1859
2000 Schaumburg, IL Graham Cooper Newfoundland Air Mails
1999 Vernon, BC Charles Jacobson The Maple Leaf Forever: 1897-98 Maple Issue
1998 Orlando, FL David Sessions Canada: Classical Flags and Associated Cancellations
1997 St. John's, NF William E. Lea The Cents Issue of Newfoundland 1865-1880
1996 Fort Worth, TX Robert V. C. Carr British Columbia - Confederation and Express Covers
1995 Edmonton, AB William S. Pawluk Canada: Postal Regulations, Rates, and Usages - Dom.& Inter. Mail, 1897-1911
1994 Burlington, VT Victor Willson Rates and Routes to North American Destinations, 1859-1914
1993 Toronto, ON Robert V. C. Carr Prince Edward Island
1992 St. Charles, IL G. H. David Special Delivery
1991 Vancouver, BC Kenneth J. Kutz Mining in Canada
1990 Galveston, TX Allan Steinhart Prestamp and Stampless Mails 1685 - 1865
1989 Hamilton, ON Horace W. Harrison Canada's Registry Stamps
1988 Virginia Beach, VA Harry W. Lussey Revenues of Some Eastern Provinces
1987 Charlottetown, PE The exhibits were by invitation only so no Grand Award was given.
1986 Dearborn, MI Lewis Ludlow The Pence Issues
1985 Calgary, AB Sam C. Nickle Province of Canada Pence Issue
1984 San Francisco, CA Harry W. Lussey Registration System
1983 Winnipeg, MB William S. Pawluk Queen Victoria Leaf Issue of 1897-1898
1982 Virginia Beach, VA Arthur Leggett Leaf and Numeral Issues - 1897-1902
1981 Ottawa, ON Julian C. Smith Classic Canada Unused
1980 McAllen, TX Charles Firby Canadian Postal Rates 1859-68 Shown on Covers of 1859 Decimal Issue
1979 Quebec, QC William L. Simpson Small Queens
1978 West Palm Beach, FL Edward A. Richardson 1868 Large Queens
1977 Edmonton, AB Fred Goodhelpsen 1859 10-cent Consorts
1976 San Francisco, CA Arthur Groten 1859 Decimals
1975 Scarborough, ON It is believed that either William E. Lea or Arthur W. Leggett won for a Large Queens exhibit.
1974 Williamsburg, VA John Young Early Postal Markings
1973 Calgary, AB Robert V. C. Carr British Columbia
1972 St. John's, NF Neville L. Clifford-Jones Newfoundland to 1880
1971 Halifax, NS Robert V. C. Carr Nova Scotia
1970 Easton, MD Robert H. Pratt 19th Century Newfoundland
1969 Vancouver, BC Sam C. Nickle Canada Pence Issue
Rosemary Nickle The Unissued MacDonald Cartier Centenary Stamps of 1914
The Grand Award was given jointly to the Nickles for their two exhibits. Several other couples had pairs of exhibits at this BNAPEX.
1968 Lakeway, TX To mark the 25th anniversary of BNAPS, all exhibits were non-competitive, by invitation only so no awards were given.
1967 Ste. Marguerite Station, QC Clare M. Jephcott Early B.N.A. Postal Markings
1966 Calgary, AB Charles P. deVolpi Western Canada Postal History with Items from Rupert Land, Keewatin, Assiniboia, and a Riel essay
1965 Chatham, MA Robert H. Pratt Newfoundland Proofs 1937-41
1964 Muskoka, ON Laurence M. Bell New Brunswick, Stampless Covers Pence, Cents
1963 Williamsburg, VA Robert V. C. Carr New Brunswick Grid Cancels
1962 Ste. Marguerite Station, QC Clare M. Jephcott Proofs & Essays of 19th Century Canada
1961 Elmira, NY Gerald Firth Specialized Collection of the 15c 1868-1899
1960 Banff, AB Daniel C. Meyerson Newfoundland Pence
1959 Atlantic City, NJ Harry Goody Newfoundland Pence Issues
1958 Ste. Marguerite Station, QC Charles P. deVolpi Adhesives on Cover 1861-68
1957 Philadelphia, PA Charles P. deVolpi Canadian Stampless Covers
1956 Toronto, ON L. S. Crosby Prince Edward Island
1955 Hartford, CT Harry W. Lussey Admirals
1954 Niagara Falls, ON James D. Smart 1868 Issue Large Queens
1953 Montreal, QC A. Graham Fairbanks New Brunswick
1952 Ithaca, NY Edward A. Richardson Booklet Panes
1951 Toronto, ON Gerald E. Wellburn British Columbia
1950 Philadelphia, PA Walter W. Chadbourne Maritime Provinces
1949 Buffalo, NY William S. & Daniel Meyerson Newfoundland: Postal History; Pre 1900; After 1900; Airmails

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