Wilmer Rockett Revenue Award

The Wilmer Rockett Revenue Award was created in 1999 to honor the memory of Wilmer Rockett. The award is funded by the Rockett family. The award is presented to the best revenue exhibit at a BNAPEX convention.


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2023 David Schurman The Supreme Court Revenue Stamps of Canada
2022 Mark Berner Fiscal History of the Third Bill Stamp Era in Nova Scotia (1868 to 1882)
2021 David Bartlet British Columbia Hospital Aid 1933
2020 No award. The convention was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 John M. Walsh Newfoundland early Legal Documental History via Stampless Precursor and 1898 Queen Victoria First Revenue types
2018 Jean Pierre Forest Les timbres de loi et d’enregistrement de la province de Québec
2017 No award
2016 John Hall Canadian Fiscal War Tax Stamps of WWI
2015 Richard Fleet The B.C. Centennial Law Stamps
2014 No award
2013 John M. Walsh Newfoundland Precursor Stampless Documents and Proper Use of 1898 Queen Victoria First Revenue Stamp Issue
2012 Richard Fleet The Law Stamps of British Columbia - The Early Printings
2011 Earl L. Covert 1897 Tobacco Stamps
2010 Richard Fleet Canada’s Second Bill Stamp Issue
2009 Peter de Groot ‘Til Death do us Part’ – Usages of the Caribou Revenues in the Lives of Newfoundlanders
2008 Earle L. Covert Tobacco Duty Paids – The Last 35 years
2007 John M. Walsh Newfoundland: Revenue Documents of 1898 Queen Victoria Revenue Issue
2006 Earle L. Covert 1897 Tobacco Stamps of Canada
2005 Ian Mowat Yukon Revenue 1899-1962
2004 Earle L. Covert 1897 Tobacco Stamps of Canada
2003 Joseph M. Shelton Canadian Unemployment Insurance Stamps
2002 No award
2001 J. Richard Fleet Province of Canada 1865 Second Bill Stamp Issue
2000 No award

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