Allan Steinhart Reserve Grand Award

The Allan Steinhart Reserve Grand Award is presented for the second best competitive exhibit shown at a BNAPEX convention. The award is a piece of artwork selected by the BNAPEX Convention Committee. A small plaque is affixed to it.

The Reserve Grand Award has been in existence since the first BNAPEX convention was held in 1949. It was renamed the Allan Steinhart Reserve Grand Award in honour of the late Allan Steinhart, OTB, a former Chairman of the BNAPS Board of Directors, a former Chairman of the BNAPS Handbooks Committee, the Chairman of BNAPEX 1993 held in Toronto, a BNAPEX Grand Award winner in 1990, and, prior to his death in 1996, Canada’s preeminent postal historian.

2023 Robert Lemire Revalued Canadian Postal Stationery – Correlation with Rate Change
Grégoire Teyssier An Overview of Canadian Continental Postal Rates from 1763 to 1851 through the Quebec City Post Office Window
2022 Earle Covert 1897 Tobacco Stamps of Canada
2021 “Dylan Staecker” Canadian Permit Postage on Bulk Mail 1903 – 1938
2020 The convention was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic
2019 Grégoire Teyssier Canadian Government Official Postmarks (1841 – 1939)
2018 Brian Stalker “By Grand Trunk Railway” 1853-67
Grégoire Teyssier The Ship Mail of Quebec City, 1763-1914
2017 David Piercey Steamship Mail in the Early Decimal Period of Newfoundland 1865-1910
2016 John Cooper Way Mails of New Brunswick
2015 Douglas Irwin Postal Beginnings at Niagara Falls, Canada: 1801-1904
2014 George Dresser The King Edward VII Issue of Canada July 1, 1903 - October 6, 1908
2013 Ron Majors Canadian Postal History: A Rate Study using Decimal-Franked and Stampless Covers (1859 - 1870)
2012 Richard Fleet The Law Stamps of British Columbia - The Early Printings
2011 David McLaughlin The Maple Leaf Issue 1897-1898
Richard Thompson Canada 1868 - 1897: One, Three, Twelve and a Half and Fifteen Cents Values
2010 Malcolm Montgomery Transatlantic BNA Mails, 1759 - 1851
2009 Hank Narbonne Postal Service in the Bathurst District of Upper Canada
2008 David Hobden In Defense of the Border – Canadian Military Mails 1667 – 1885
Jack Forbes Colours, Shades and perforations as seen in Blocks of Canada’s Small Queen Era, with Cancellation Commentary
Derek Smith TransAtlantic Stampless Mail to and from N.B., N.S., P.E.I. – 1757-1859
2007 Kevin O'Reilly A Postal History of Labrador Before Confederation
2006 Doug Lingard The 1939 Royal Train Postal Marking and Their Majesties Tour of North America
2005 Kevin O'Reilly A Pre-Confederation Postal History of Labrador
2004 Martyn Cusworth PEI Philately - 1794-1873
2003 John M. Walsh Newfoundland 1897-1918: Royal Family, Dead Letter Seal & Map Stamp Issue
2002 Victor Willson Admirals Aweigh - Foreign Rates: 1912-1928
2001 John Robertson US & BNA Cross Border Mail April 6, 1851 to UPU
2000 Victor Willson 19th Century Nonletter Mail
1999 Jack M. Wallace British Columbia and Vancouver Island
1998 Horace W. Harrison Canada's Business Postal Cards
1997 J. Ronald Saint New Brunswick Die and Plate Proofs
1996 Horace W. Harrison Express Company Operations, Competing with the Post Office in Quebec & Ontario
1995 Horace W. Harrison Newfoundland Postal Stationery
1994 Colin Troup Postmark Niagara, 1789-1859
1993 George Arfken Evolution of Pre-UPU Postal Rates
1991 Guy des Rivieres Early Letters Postmarks of Lower Canada
1989 Harry W. Lussey Unofficial and Regular Issues
1986 Henry Lubke Four Ring Cancels of Early Canada
1983 Harry W. Lussey Revenues of the Four Western Provinces

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