Order of the Beaver Novice Award

This award is given to the best first time exhibitor at a BNAPEX. It was established in 1964, and was renamed the Order of the Beaver (OTB) Novice Award in 2010.

For BNAPEX 1950, the New York Group (a BNAPS group that formed in 1944 and met once a month in New York City) donated an award for an exhibit that had never won an award in an international or national show. There was no Novice Award given between 1950 and 1964.

2023 Pat Burns The Nova Scotia Post: Early Mail and Markings
2022 David A. Biltek Variations in the Key of “G”
2021 Robert G. Leigh The Western District of Upper Canada: The Development of Postal Communications and Postal Markings, 1800-1850
2020 No award. The convention was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 Guillaume Vadeboncoeur Canada – The Small Queens of 1870-1897
2018 Yan Turmine Le courrier transfrontalier par la route commerciale du lac Champlain avant 1867
2017 Gordon William Turnbull Booklets and Coils of Canada -- The Canadian Postal System Enters the Machine Age
2016 Reg Beck Canada Queen Victoria Postal Stationery Envelopes and their Uses, 1860-1905
2015 Eldon Godfrey Foreign Exchange Control in Canada. The Role of Canada Post 1939-1951.
2014 David D'Alessandri Cross-Border via the Cunard Line: Mail Between the United States and Nova Scotia 1840-1867
George B. Dresser The King Edward VII Issue of Canada July 1, 1903 - October 6, 1908
The award was presented at the 2015 BNAPS Board of Directors meeting.
2013 Martin Eichele Nova Scotia until UPU
2012 Iain Stevenson Vancouver Island: Explorations in Social Philately
2011 Ron Majors United States Civil War Patriotic Covers Sent To and From Canada (1860 - 1868)
2010 Larry Margetish Canada’s Caricature and Landscape Issues
2009 Edward Nixon Canada - 1870-1897 - Small Queen Issue
2008 Jack Forbes Colours, Shades and perforations as seen in Blocks of Canada's Small Queen Era, with Cancellation Commentary
2007 Joel Weiner The Centennial Booklets of Canada 1967-1973
2006 William Radcliffe III Two Ring Numeral Cancels of Canada
2005 David Brown The Search for Gold: Airmail History of Northwestern Ontario
2004 No award
2003 Charles Livermore Thanks for the Smokes
Richard Lamb Rennie's Seeds
2002 Tom Watkin The Development of Canada's Semi-Official Airmail
2001 M. R. Cusworth Prince Edward Island - Developments 1794-1873
2000 No award
1999 Charles Jacobson The Maple Leaf Forever: A Study of Canada’s 1897-98 Maple Issue
1998 No award
1997 John G. Butt Revenue Issues of Newfoundland
1996 R. Parama District of Alberta Postal Development
1995 Kevin O’Reilly Eastern Arctic Patrol 1922-65
1994 Colin Troup Postmark Niagara, 1789-1859
1993 J. M. Smith Golden Prairie Diamonds
1992 No award
1991 W. B. Plomish First Airmail Stamp - C1 and C3
**** No award between 1985 and 1990
1984 Robert Bayes Original Issue of the Admirals
1983 Fred Fawn Study of the 1898 Map Stamp
**** No award between 1977 and 1982
1976 E. Kaasalasinen
1975 Gerald C. Carr
T. W. Murray
**** No award between 1970 and 1974
1969 Jack Wallace B.C. and Vancouver Island
**** No award between 1966 and 1968
1965 Roger W. Lamson Newfoundland cover study - Postal Rates, 1865-90
1964 Jacque Houser Canada, Early British Columbia postmarks

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