Ed and Mickey Richardson Award

The Ed and Mickey Richardson Award is awarded to the exhibit that best represents the collecting and exhibiting interests of the late Ed Richardson, OTB:

  • Originality
  • Innovativeness
  • Research
  • High standard of presentation

Any exhibit in any of the competitive classes at BNAPEX is eligible to win the award.

The award was established in 1983 by the Prairie Beaver Regional Group on the occasion of the 50th wedding anniversary of Ed and Mickey Richardson, and is sponsored by the Group. The award recognizes the extensive contributions of Ed and Mickey to BNA philately, BNAPS, and to members of the Regional Group.

Ed was a president of BNAPS, a two-time BNAPEX Grand Award winner, the chairman of two BNAPEX conventions, and a frequent BNAPEX jury member. In addition, he undertook extensive research in many areas of BNA philately and published numerous articles and handbooks to share his findings.

2023 Doreen Fitzgerald The Story of Kaulbach Island Local Carriage Service
2022 Leopold Beaudet The Philatelic Scene during the Admiral Era
2021 John Hall Rates and Usages of the Canadian National Parks Stamps
2020 No award. The convention was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 Barry Millman Mail Labels from the Inter-University Transit System (IUTS)
2018 Richard Judge The Chemistry of the War Time Admiral
2017 David Bartlet Vended Postage Automation
2016 Gary Steele Ottawa Dead Letter Office Handstamps 1872 to 1950
2015 Peter Motson E. R. Krippner – from Saxony to San Francisco
2014 Colin Banfield Canada Postal Stationery Letter Cards of the Victorian Period, 1893 - 1899
2013 Tony Shaman Delivering Joy to Children
2012 Robert J. Elias Canadian Wilding and Associated High-Value Definitives
2011 P. Charles Livermore Toronto – a Philatelic Adventure
2010 Brian Stalker Coastal Labrador Mail Steamer Services
2009 Hank Narbonne Postal Service in the Bathurst District of Upper Canada
2008 Brian T. Stalker Newfoundland’s South Coast Traveling Post offices: Routes, Postmarks, Steamships and Mail Clerks: 1888 – 1968
2007 Peter Jacobi The Historic Kootenays
2006 Earle Covert Private Order Special Letter Envelopes
2005 Susan Sheffield Inside Out: German Prisoner-of-War Camp 20 Gravenhurst
2004 Jon Johnson Canadian Military Hospitals at Sea
2003 Barry Brown Canadian Revenues For War: World War I & World War II
2002 Earle Covert Permits
2001 Brian Murphy Routes, Rates & Regulations - International Mail 1874-8
2000 Earle L. Covert War Excise & Tax Paid
1999 Peter Jacobi Mining B.C.'s Heritage
1998 Earle L. Covert Canadian Postal Notes and Money Orders
1997 Terrace R. Harris Newfoundland Tobacco Stamp
1996 Horace Harrison Express Company Operations, Competing with the Post Office in Quebec & Ontario
1995 John Frith Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1917, Canadian Army Medical Corps Hospitals and Field Units
1994 Jeff Switt General Delivery Mail of Canada
1993 John Frith The 1st Contingent, C.O.E.F.
1992 Jeff Switt Canada Mourning Covers
1991 John S. Keenlyside 3c Small Queen perf. 12 1/2
1990 Jeffrey Switt Postal Operations of the Foreign Exchange Control Board 1939-1945
1989 Earle L. Covert Stationery used in the Priority Postal System
1988 Roger Grigson Post Office Directional Markings 1870-1899
1987 No award - all exhibits were by invitation only
1986 Harry W. Lussey 5 Cent Registration Stamp, Plate #2
1985 Henry Lubke Four Ring Numeral Cancels of Canada after July 1, 1859
1984 Larry Paige Flag Cancellations on Cover

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