Meyerson Award

The Meyerson Award is presented for the best exhibit of a province before Confederation or a territory (Assiniboia, Athabasca, British Columbia, Keewatin, Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Upper Canada, Yukon) shown at the BNAPEX convention. All types of competitive exhibits including stamps, postal history, postal stationery, and aerophilately are eligible.

In 2003, 2005, and 2006, two Meyerson Awards were given. One was for the best Newfoundland exhibit. The other, the "Meyerson Provinces Award", was for the best exhibit of a pre-Confederation province other than Newfoundland.

The Meyerson Award was established in 1965 in honour of Daniel C. and William S. Meyerson who carried out extensive research and published numerous articles on Newfoundland philately. The two brothers teamed up to win the Grand Award at the first BNAPEX in 1949. Daniel C. Meyerson won a second BNAPEX Grand Award at the BNAPEX in 1960.

2023 Pat Burns The Nova Scotia Post: Early Mail and Markings
2022 David Piercey Steamship Mail in the Early Decimal Period of Newfoundland 1865 to 1910
2021 Robert G. Leigh The Western District of Upper Canada: The Development of Postal Communications and Postal Markings, 1800-1850
2020 No award. The convention was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 David Piercey The Cancellations of Newfoundland 1865 – 1908: Corks, Fancy Cancels & Other Obliterators
2018 John M. Walsh Newfoundland Early Legal Documental History via Stampless Precursor and 1898 Queen Victoria First Revenue types
2017 Kevin O’Reilly A Postal History of Labrador before Confederation
2016 John Cooper Way Mails of New Brunswick
2015 Grégoire Teyssier Quebec: 1763-1851
2014 Kevin O'Reilly A Postal History of the Yukon
2013 Martin Eichele Nova Scotia until UPU
2012 Richard Fleet The Law Stamps of British Columbia - The Early Printings
2011 Derek Smith Transatlantic "Ship Letter" Mail Between Great Britain and NB, NS and PEI - 1780 - 1835
2010 Bob Forster British Columbia and Vancouver
2009 David Bartlet Savings Booklets, Certificates and Stamps of Newfoundland
2008 Peter Motson Newfoundland Airmail Stamps and Airmail Flights: 1919 – 1948
2007 Kevin O’Reilly A Postal History of Labrador Before Confederation
2006 Norris (Bob) Dyer OTB Edward & Alexandra, Newfoundland's Homage to the Prince and Princess of Wales
George Lafontaine The Halifax Post Office in the 18th and 19th Centuries
2005 Kevin O'Reilly A Pre-Confederation Postal History of Labrador
Warren Wilkinson Prince Edward Island Postal Rates - 1851-1873
2004 Martyn R. Cusworth PEI Philately - 1794-1873
2003 John M. Walsh Newfoundland 1897-1918: Royal Family, Dead Letter Seal & Map Stamp Issue
Warren S. Wilkinson British Columbia And Vancouver Island Postal History: 1850-1871
2002 Norris (Bob) Dyer OTB Postal Shortages, and Surcharged Issues of Newfoundland
2001 Colin D. Lewis Newfoundland - Postal Rates & Destinations 1857-1900
2000 John M. Walsh Newfoundland Plate Numbers
1999 John M. Wallace British Columbia and Vancouver Island
1998 G. M. Cooper Resources of Newfoundland
1997 John M. Walsh 1897 Royal Family
1996 Robert V. C. Carr OTB British Columbia - Confederation and Express Covers
1995 David Piercey Corks and Other Fancy Cancels on Newfoundland Cents 1865-1900
1994 No award
1993 Robert V. C. Carr OTB Prince Edward Island
**** No award between 1987 and 1991
**** No record of award being given between 1966 and 1986
1965 Robert H. Pratt OTB Newfoundland Proofs

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