BNAPEX 2024 KINGSTON 23 - 25 August 2024


Co-chairmen David McLaughlin
Chris Hargreaves
Treasurer Ron Smith
Registration Mark Oakley
Exhibits Chairman David Bartlet
Seminars Ron Smith, VP Study Groups
Dealer Liaison and Bourse Chairman Chris Green
Souvenirs David Bartlet
BNAPEX Webmaster Leopold Beaudet
Roommate Coordinator David Bartlet
Accommodation Nick Poppenk
Audio/Visual Simon Claughton
Wayne Schnarr
Program Earle Covert
Ron Majors
Publicity Chris Anstead
Chris Hargreaves
Reception & Banquet Robert Lemire
Social Media Paul Grimm
Sponsorships David McLaughlin
Night out John Beddows
Venue David McLaughlin
Volunteers Chris Anstead
Chris Hargreaves

Please include BNAPEX 2024 in the subject line of emails for priority response.

Correspondence for BNAPEX 2024 should be addressed to:
c/o David McLaughlin
703-1600 Charles Street
Whitby ON  L1N 0G4

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