BNAPEX 2021 VIRTUAL 2-6 September 2021

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The BNAPEX 2021 Virtual convention will feature an online competitive exhibition. The exhibit classes, frame limits, exhibit rules, judging, and awards will be similar to physical conventions. There are three major differences:

  • Exhibits are displayed online rather than mounted in frames. Each exhibit page is displayed as a separate image.
  • Viewing isn't constrained to the tight three-day window imposed by a physical convention. Exhibits are displayed from the time they are submitted, between mid July and late August, until they are removed from the website on 1 November.
  • Best of all, there are NO FRAME FEES! And no insurance hassles, no transportation worries.

Non-competitive exhibits are also welcome. First time exhibitor? Want to spark interest in, or get feedback about, your area of specialization from fellow collectors? A non-competitive exhibit avoids the judging pressures and the frame fees.

Who can exhibit

Exhibitors must be members of BNAPS. You can exhibit under a pseudonym. Make your wishes known when you submit your Exhibit Entry Form.

Entry Forms must be submitted between 15 April and 10 July. This period is divided into an initial acceptance period and a subsequent acceptance period as described in the Exhibition Prospectus.

Exhibits must be submitted between 12 July and 22 August. They will be posted on the website as they are submitted.

Who can view the exhibits

BNAPEX 2021 Virtual is open to BNAPS members and non-members; however, everyone must register to "attend" the convention. Registration is free. Only registered individuals will be given access to exhibits, study group seminars, and the virtual dealers' bourse.

Exhibition Prospectus and Exhibit Entry Form

Here is the Exhibition Prospectus:

The online Exhibit Entry Form will be available around 15 April. This form or its PDF equivalent must be used to enter all exhibits, competitive and non-competitive. For competitive exhibits, a synopsis and title page must be submitted electronically at the same time as the Entry Form. The files can be submitted either by uploading them to the website or via email to the Exhibit Coordinator.

How to upload exhibit image files

Images file names MUST conform to the rules specified in the Exhibition Prospectus.

Instructions for uploading image files to the website will be posted here on or before 12 July.


Questions about this virtual exhibition should be directed to the Exhibits Coordinator, David Bartlet, by email:

Exhibit Synopsis and Judging

Guidelines for synopsis preparation and information on judging at BNAPEX exhibitions are available below.

As a specialist society, BNAPS has developed its own Judging Guidelines for BNAPEX exhibits. However, the following references offer useful suggestions and guides for the preparation of exhibits.

The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) has published an informative series articles covering various aspects of exhibiting by David Piercey in its journal, The Canadian Philatelist. These articles are available online at the RPSC website. To date, the articles have explored such topics as designing the title page, producing an effective exhibit synopsis, preparing that first exhibit, and the importance of planning, telling a story, presentation, and research.

The American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE) website has articles about creating an exhibit, preparing the synopsis and title page, and judging criteria (but note that the AAPE rules apply to AAPE awards). The website also offers examples of successful exhibits.

The Online Resources and Exhibits (ORE) area of the BNAPS website has several examples of award-winning exhibits, many of them shown at previous BNAPEX conventions.

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