BNAPEX 2021 VIRTUAL 2-6 September 2021

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Thursday to Monday      2 - 6 September

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, BNAPS replaced the convention planned for Winnipeg with its first virtual BNAPEX convention. The five-day convention took place over an extended Labour Day weekend. The convention exhibits and the videos of past study and regional group meetings remained online until 1 November.

BNAPS would like to thank the over 500 viewers who registered, examined the exhibits, watched the videos, and attended the study group meetings. Your interest and participation have made the first virtual BNAPEX convention a success.


The convention exhibits have been removed from the website, and are no longer available for viewing. The BNAPEX Convention Committee thanks the exhibitors for their participation in this first virtual BNAPEX. The exhibition featured:

  • 41 exhibits, 112 frames
  • Competitive and non-competitive exhibits
  • Online display from mid-July to 1 November

The BNAPEX 2021 Virtual Palmares announcing the exhibit and non-exhibit awards was posted on 8 September.

Several exhibit frames

Convention Survey

There were 56 respondents to the convention survey to choose the People's Choice awards for the Best One Frame, Best Multi-frame and Overall Best Exhibit.

Everyone who completed the survey was given a free BNAPEX survey cover.

Show survey cover

Free BNAPEX survey cover

Meetings and study group seminars

The seminars and AGM are open to all BNAPEX registrants

  • Live virtual Study Group seminars
  • Awards presented after the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • 20 seminars over 5 days
  • Video recordings of the meetings posted
  • Questions, feedback, comments

The Board of Directors meeting (Wed, 1 Sept.) is restricted to BNAPS members


Video recordings of past meetings

Videos of study and regional group meetings from the past year were made available to convention registrants up to 1 November. Over 40 videos were posted.

The videos are no longer available to convention registrants. However they are available to BNAPS members. The videos are listed on the study and regional group pages.

Slide from meeting presentation

Dealer bourse

The virtual bourse consists of over 30 dealers who have had tables at BNAPEX conventions during past five years. Also included are new dealers who have asked to attend BNAPEX 2021.

All the dealers are BNAPS members.

Dealer bourse

Important dates

  • 31 May - Last day for initial acceptance period for requesting exhibit frames (exhibitors must be BNAPS members)
  • 10 July - Last day for subsequent acceptance period for requesting exhibit frames
  • 12 July - Online registration begins
  • 24 Aug - Last day for exhibit submission
  • 2 - 6 Sept - Convention
  • 1 Nov - Exhibits removed from website

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