BNAPEX 2021 VIRTUAL 2-6 September 2021

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Check this page periodically for updates to BNAPEX 2021 convention information.

14 July 2021

Exhibit upload to website

Exhibitors can now upload their exhibit pages to the website. Go the the BNAPEX 2021 "Exhibits" web page and click on the "Online Form" button, the same button used to enter your exhibit entry form and upload the synopsis and title page.

The format of exhibit page file names MUST be as follows:


At one point, the exhibition prospectus erroneously stated that there should be a hyphen between the frame number and the page number. There should NOT be one. An updated prospectus is posted on the Exhibits page.

You can upload multiple files in one operation; however, you are limited to an aggregate file size of about 16 MB, and as you approach the limit, the file upload will be noticeably slow, on the order of 15 to 20 seconds.

Exhibit submission ends on 22 August.

6 July 2021

Competitive Exhibit Availability

Due to a dropout, we have an opening in the Competitive Multi Frame class. Please enter your exhibit on the Exhibits page if you would like to compete.

2 July 2021

Souvenir page updated

The souvenir page has been updated with the Picture Postage booklets and overprinted stamps. Purchasing information is also included.

The Study Group seminar schedule has been updated.

1 July 2021

Competitive Exhibits Space Full

As of 1 July 2021, we now have a full complement of exhibits with 20 single frame exhibits and 20 multi-frame exhibits. We can still accept any entry as Non-Competitive. If someone cancels from the Competitive exhibits, we will offer the exhibit space to one of the Non-Competitive exhibits. Priority is still for new exhibitors or new exhibits.

21 June 2021

The seminar schedule was updated.

There are still six slots open for competitive exhibits. There are no limits on non-competitive exhibits. All exhibit entries must be submitted on or before 10 July. Uploading exhibit pages begins on 12 July.

18 May 2021

Frame space is still available for competitive exhibits at BNAPEX 2021 Virtual. To date, 28 exhibits have been entered, 16 of which are single frame exhibits. This leaves 12 slots still open. Four of them can be single frame exhibits.

The initial acceptance period ends on 31 May. The subsequent acceptance period goes from 1 June to 10 July.

There are no frame limits on non-competitive exhibits. They can be submitted at any time up to 10 July.

3 May 2021

The schedule for study group meetings is available. Note that it is subject to change as planning for the convention progresses.

18 April 2021

The Exhibit Entry Form is available on the Exhibits page. BNAPS members are invited to submit competitive and non-competitive exhibits. Two versions of the entry form are available, online and PDF.

Subject to frame limits for competitive exhibits, entries can be submitted up to 10 July.

26 March 2021

The English and French convention home pages, the exhibits page, and the dealers page have been updated. Here are highlights.

Non-members are welcome to attend the BNAPEX convention. Attendance is FREE, but registration is required. Registration begins in mid July.

BNAPEX 2021 Virtual will have a virtual exhibition. Competitive and non-competitive exhibts are invited. The Exhibition Prospectus is available on the Exhibits web page. There are NO FRAME FEES!

There will be a virtual bourse where dealers can introduce themselves and post price lists. Attendees have the option of meeting participating dealers one-on-one virtually using a virtual meeting application such as Zoom or by telephone.

20 March 2021

The dates for BNAPEX 2021 Virtual have been set. The convention will take place over a five-day period, from Thursday, 2 Sept., to Monday, 6 Sept.

1 March 2021

Ron Majors, President of BNAPS, and Mark Berner, Chairman of the Board of Directors, announce the cancellation of BNAPEX 2021 WINNIPEX because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In its place, Ron and Mark announce that BNAPS will hold a virtual online convention, BNAPEX 2021 Virtual.

The convention will include an online exhibition of single and multi-frame exhibits to be judged by a qualified jury, Study Group virtual meetings and seminars, the Annual General Meeting of the Society, social sessions and, if at all possible, a virtual bourse that will allow members and dealers to interact online.

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