BNAPEX 2021 VIRTUAL 2-6 September 2021

The jury    Le jury

David Piercey (Chief Judge)

David Piercey, Chief judge David Piercey is a Canadian national-level exhibitor and judge. He was elected a Fellow of the RPSC in 2010, and served on its Board of Directors 2008-2016. He judges regularly at national level shows throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest, and has twice judged at the American Philatelic Society’s StampShow.

An author, David writes the column “Let’s Talk Exhibiting” for The Canadian Philatelist and “The Philatelic Bookshelf” for Canadian Stamp News. He has several recent award-winning research articles on Newfoundland postal history in BNA Topics, PHSC Journal, Maple Leaves, and The Canadian Philatelist, with more forthcoming. David maintains a wide variety of collecting interests, including postal history of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Newfoundland. Society affiliations include the RPSC, BNAPS, PHSC, PSSC, APS, CPSGB, and AAPE.

Hugo Deshaye

Hugo Deshaye, Judge Hugo Deshaye is a dealer in BNA and Canadian postal history. He attends most major stamp shows held in Canada. His catalogues are emailed to clients around the world and posted on his website. His business is conducted throughout the year primarily through mail/email orders and private consultations.

Hugo is the current BNA Topics Advertising Manager, a member of the board of directors of the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS), a committee member of CAPEX 22, a member of the Canadian Stamp Dealers’ Association and President of the Société d'histoire postale du Québec (SHPQ). Hugo holds memberships in the Collectors Club of New York, the Royal Philatelic Society of London, the American Philatelic Society, the Postal History Society of Canada and many other societies.

On a personal note, Hugo has been a collector for 35 years and a dealer for 25. He is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran, and is married and the father of two children. He personally collects ”Prohibited Mail” and the 3¢ Scroll issue on cover. In 2017, he was inducted into the Order of Military Merit by the Governor General of Canada. In 2019, he received the BNAPS Jack Levine Fellowship Award for his work with the Lower Canada / Bas Canada Regional Group of BNAPS.

Bill Longley

Bill Longley, Judge Bill Longley started collecting as a child, joining BNAPS as a youth and attending his first BNAPEX convention in Toronto in 1993. As a dealer, his first show was at the Oakville Stamp Club where Bill Coates gave him one foot of table space and he sold over $2,000, much of it to Allan Steinhart. That part-time venture soon grew into full time activity as a dealer and auctioneer, leading to Longley Auctions, a public auction firm specializing in selling worldwide stamps, postal history, postcards and philatelic literature.

Bill’s volunteer work in philately includes editor of the PHSC journal, assistant chair for the PHSC Symposium, BNAPS Publicity Officer, and BNAPS book department agent. In 2021, Bill was invited to join the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Expertising Committee. He is also serving as the Bourse Committee Chair for CAPEX 22. CAPEX 22, the International One Frame Stamp Exhibition, will be held in Toronto in June 2022.

Bill has exhibited his collection of Uruguay’s Cifras issue, winning the Grand, Gold and AAPE award in his first attempt, also exhibiting internationally and winning an International Large Vermeil in 2006 at Malaga, Spain, and in 2007 at Bogota, Colombia. In 2021, he won a gold for a one frame exhibit on Ruggles (changeling) postmarks, qualifying and hopefully accepted for CAPEX 22. His primary interest is Canadian postal history including collections of Sandwich, UC, machine cancels, postal mechanization, 1939 airmail network, development of the postal code, breaking postal rules, certain military areas, meters and permits, postal hammers, post office publications (guides and reports), and even stamps (Postal Code, McCrae, 2c on 3c Arch).

In addition to being on the jury for BNAPEX 2021 Virtual, Bill has served on the jury for BNAPEX 2006 Sudbury, BNAPEX 2012 Calgary and BNAPEX 2016 Fredericton.

Grégoire Teyssier

Grégoire Teyssier, Judge Grégoire Teyssier’s first philatelic exhibit, "French postal history", received a silver medal at Canada '82, the International Youth Exhibition in Toronto in 1982. During the 1980s, his interest turned to the postal history of Quebec, and in 1992 he became Editor of Bulletin d'histoire postale et de marcophilie, the journal of the Société d'histoire postale du Québec (SHPQ). He wrote his Master’s thesis on “The postal distribution of the Quebec periodical press from 1851 to 1911” at Quebec’s Laval University in 1996.

Grégoire has written dozens of articles for Bulletin d'histoire postale et de marcophilie, Philatélie Québec, The Canadian Philatelist and BNA Topics. He has also continued exhibiting. In recent years, he has received: Gold and the Reserve Grand Award at ORAPEX 2015, Gold and the Meyerson Award at BNAPEX 2015 Niagara Falls, an International Large Vermeil at NEW YORK 2016, GOLD and the Horace Harrison Grand Award at BNAPEX 2016 Fredericton, Gold and the Allan Steinhart Reserve Grand Award for different exhibits at BNAPEX 2018 Quebec and BNAPEX 2019 Ottawa.

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