BNAPEX 2021 VIRTUAL 2-6 September 2021

Dealers    Les négociants

A major attraction of the BNAPEX 2021 Virtual convention is the dealers' virtual bourse. The bourse dealers are all BNAPS members.

Each dealer has a "virtual table" web page. On this page, you will find:

  • The dealer's address, email address, telephone number, website, eBay store, specialties, etc.
  • Offerings from stock, price lists, BNAPEX specials, etc.
  • The opportunity to schedule a one-on-one virtual meeting with the dealer to discuss your "wants" and view the dealer's stock. If a video meeting is not possible, it may be possible to arrange a one-on-one session by telephone.

Dealer virtual table web pages

The list of dealers and the links to their "virtual table" web pages will be posted when available. Note that these web pages are accessible only to registered convention "attendees".

For information about the virtual bourse, contact the BNAPEX 2021 Dealer Liaison and Bourse Chairman, Hugo Deshaye, at

Virtual one-on-one meetings

One popular virtual meeting application is Zoom, although dealers are free to use whichever application they wish. The BNAPEX study group meetings and seminars all use Zoom. If the dealer you wish to meet uses Zoom and you want to familiarize yourself with it before the meeting, you can attend one of the seminars.

Here is a Zoom tutorial document:

There are tutorial videos on the Zoom website:

If you still have Zoom questions, you can contact BNAPEX Exhibit Coordinator Dave Bartlet at:


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