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The British North America Philatelic Society Ltd. - BNAPS - is an international organization (founded 1943) devoted to the collecting and study of the stamps, markings, and postal history of Canada and the pre-confederation colonies of British North America (British Columbia, Canada, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island).

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BNAPS switches to HTTPS

The BNAPS website has switched to the secure HTTPS communications protocol. This protocol encrypts data exchanged between the web server and your browser while in transit over the Internet. Update your bookmark. The website URL has changed from to (note the "s" after "http" and the elimination of "www").

Dues renewal

Members who need to renew their membership for 2021 will receive a dues renewal notice by email from the treasurer. To pay your dues online via PayPal, log on the website and select "Dues renewal" in the drop-down menu under "Member Routines" in the top menu bar. You save 10% if you pay for 3 years. Paying promptly reduces the treasurer's workload.

Membership Benefits

Cover of current issue of BNA Topics Our award winning journal, BNA Topics, contains articles on all aspects of BNA philately. The issues are all available online.

The most recent five years are available to BNAPS members only:

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As a BNAPS member, you can join one or more specialized Study Groups, many of which have their newsletters online.

In many areas of Canada and the United States, you can find a Regional Group that offers further opportunity for fellowship with collectors of BNA.

BNAPS operates a Sales Circuit that allows members to buy and sell specialized material.

To join, complete the application form. You can pay dues via PayPal if you wish.

BNAPEX Convention

BNAPEX exhibits
BNAPEX, the annual stamp show and convention of BNAPS, is held in different locations from year to year.

BNAPEX 2021 Virtual
September 2021

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, BNAPEX 2021 will be a virtual online convention this year. Convention planning is under way. As details become available, they will be posted on the convention news page.

All about BNA Stamps & Postal History

Cover of the book Canadian Philately - An Outline Canadian Philately - An Outline is a freely available handbook that provides an overview of the many fascinating areas of BNA philately.

Online Resources and Exhibits (ORE) provides a wide range of overview, tutorial, reference, and specialized articles and online exhibits covering all facets of BNA philately.

The Horace W. Harrison Online Library contains the back issues of BNA Topics, and provides a searchable index to Topics, Maple Leaves, and the PHSC Journal.

In the Study Group newsletters, you will find the discoveries and ongoing research of the BNAPS Study Groups.

Member Forum

Cover of a book published by BNAPS BNAPS publishes 10 to 15 books per year devoted to BNA philately, and offers over 150 on its website.

The books cover the postage and revenue stamps and postal history of Canada and its provinces and territories from the stampless era to modern Elizabethan material.

There are detailed studies and comprehensive catalogues. There is also an Exhibit series that features award-winning BNA exhibits.

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Upcoming Events
Mar 6/21Railway Post Offices Study Group Zoom virtual meeting
Mar 10/21Calgary Regional Group Zoom Virtual Meeting
Mar 13/21George VI Study Group Zoom Virtual Meeting
Mar 20/21Golden Horseshoe Regional Group Zoom Virtual Meeting
Mar 23/21Pacific Northwest Regional Group Zoom Virtual Meeting
Apr 7/21CANPEX National Virtual One Frame Philatelic Exhibition

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