BNAPEX 2017 CALTAPEX - Calgary 1 - 3 September 2017

BNAPEX 2017 Calgary Exhibits

The BNAPEX Frame Limits, Exhibition Prospectus, Entry Form and Palmares are posted below. The Exhibition Prospectus and Exhibit Entry Form were mailed to members with the 2017 First Quarter issue of BNA Topics.

You can pay for the exhibit frame fees here using your bank account or credit card (PayPal account not required). You can also pay by cheque.

BNAPEX Frame Fees

Questions should be directed to the Exhibits Coordinator, Norma Nielson, by email to:

BNA Exhibit Descriptions

Frame 1-3 Court of Honour - Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation
Frame 4-9 Court of Honour - Development of Bolivian Airmail Service 1905-1945
Frame 10 Adobe Reader logo A History of Canada's Airmail Stamps, 1928-1939
Frame 11-17 Adobe Reader logo The Centennial Booklets of Canada 1967-1973
Frame 18 See Regional Exhibits
Frame 19 Adobe Reader logo Cello-Paqs 1961 to 1967
Frame 20-27 Adobe Reader logo Booklets and Coils of Canada --The Canadian Postal System Enters the Machine Age
Frame 28 See Regional Exhibits
Frame 29-36 Adobe Reader logo A Postal History Of Labrador Before Confederation
Frame 37 Adobe Reader logo 1991 Flag Stamp on Postal Stationery
Frame 38-39 Adobe Reader logo Special Delivery Service between Canada and the U.S.: 1898-1946
Frame 40-45 See Regional Exhibits
Frame 46 Adobe Reader logo The 12 1/2c and 17c Stamps of 1859
Frame 47-50 See Regional Exhibits
Frame 51-55 Adobe Reader logo WWI Canadian Army Nursing Sisters Serving Overseas
Frame 56 Adobe Reader logo Canada: The Development of Official International Airmail Routes 1928-42
Frame 57-59 Adobe Reader logo The Railway Post Office Operating between Halifax and Sydney
Frame 60-64 Adobe Reader logo Newfoundland's 1897 Royal Family Issue
Frame 65-69 Adobe Reader logo Vending Automation of Canadian Postage
Frame 70-73 Adobe Reader logo The Maple Leaf Flag
Frame 74 Adobe Reader logo 1917 Confederation Issue of Stamps: Usages and Rates as well as Related Research
Frame 75 Adobe Reader logo Canadian Railway Post Office Markings
Frame 76-83 Adobe Reader logo Passage to Confederation (Fathers and Mothers)
Frame 84 Adobe Reader logo Fakes, Forgeries, and Fantasies: Some Call Them Album Weeds
Frame 85-86 Adobe Reader logo The B.N.A. Faked Bisect Covers of Raoul Ch. de Thuin
Frame 87-91 Adobe Reader logo Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan Territory Mail 1846-1905
Frame 92 Adobe Reader logo The One Cent Small Queens 1870-1897
Frame 93-100 Adobe Reader logo Steamship Mail in the Early Decimal Period of Newfoundland 1865-1910
Frame 101-110 See Regional Exhibits
Frame 111 Adobe Reader logo Eclectic & Eccentric Admiral Postal & Fiscal History
Frame 112-119 Adobe Reader logo Canadian Postal Rates and Fees: Early Elizabethan Era (1952-1967)
Frame 120 Adobe Reader logo The 1949-1951 Vending Booklets Exposed
Frame 121-128 Adobe Reader logo Canadian Postal History: A Rate Study using Decimal-Franked and Stampless Covers (1859-1868)
Frame 129-136 Adobe Reader logo Canadian Centennial Postal Stationery
Frame 137-141 Adobe Reader logo Religious Groups Using Illustrated Permits
Frame 142-146 See Regional Exhibits

Calgary Regional Exhibition

The Calgary Philatelic Society is holding a separate, Regional Exhibition in conjunction with BNAPEX 2017. The Regional Exhibition is open to anyone wishing to exhibit outside the BNAPEX exhibition.

Exhibits will be judged by RPSC regional standards, not by BNAPS standards. 60 frames are available for the Regional exhibit. Entry forms must be received no later than Friday, 30 June 2017. Use the Exhibit Entry forms for BNAPEX to submit your entry.

Questions should be sent by email to the Exhibits Chair, Norma Nielson.

Regional Exhibit Descriptions

Frame 18 Adobe Reader logo Exporta 100 peso Strawberry
Frame 28 Adobe Reader logo Time of Dinosaurs
Frame 40 Adobe Reader logo Promoting the Games: Olympic Poster Stamps 1906-1956
Frame 41-45 Adobe Reader logo Horses: Origin, Breeds and Roles
Frame 47-50 Adobe Reader logo 22nd World Scout Jamboree at Rinkabi, Sweden July 27-August 6, 2011
Frame 101-105 Adobe Reader logo Lampooning the Three Axis Amigos
Frame 106-110 Adobe Reader logo Earth Science - From Flat Earth to Planetary Tectonics
Frame 142-146 Adobe Reader logo Christina Broom: Her Work as a Photographer

Synopsis Preparation and Judging

Guidelines for synopsis preparation and information on judging at BNAPEX exhibitions are available below.

As a specialist society, BNAPS has developed its own Judging Guidelines for BNAPEX exhibits. However, the following references offer useful suggestions and guides for the preparation of exhibits.

The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) has published an informative series articles covering various aspects of exhibiting by David Piercey in its journal, The Canadian Philatelist. These articles are available online at the RPSC website. To date, the articles have explored such topics as designing the title page, producing an effective exhibit synopsis, preparing that first exhibit, and the importance of planning, telling a story, presentation, and research.

The American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE) website has articles about creating an exhibit, preparing the synopsis and title page, and judging criteria (but note that the AAPE rules apply to AAPE awards). The website also offers examples of successful exhibits.

The Online Resources and Exhibits (ORE) area of the BNAPS website has several examples of award-winning exhibits, many of them shown at previous BNAPEX conventions.

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