BNAPEX 2017 CALTAPEX - Calgary 1 - 3 September 2017

Study Group Meeting & Seminar Schedule

If you have questions about the meeting and seminar schedule, please contact
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This webpage contains the latest schedule.
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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Time Room Seminar/Meeting Chair Speaker/Topic
0900-1600 Bannerman BNAPS Board of Directors Charles Livermore Annual meeting

Friday, 1 September 2017

Time Room Seminar/Meeting Chair Speaker/Topic
1000-1100 Herald      
1030-1130 Doll      
1100-1200 Herald      
1130-1230 Doll      
1200-1300 Herald      
1230-1330 Doll      
1300-1400 Herald      
1330-1430 Doll      
1400-1500 Herald Perfins Study Group Jon Johnson Gary Tomasson - 5 hole OHMS checklists
1430-1530 Doll      
1500-1600 Herald Admiral Study Group Leo Beaudet  
1530-1630 Doll      
1600-1700 Herald Dead Letter Office Study Group   Gary Steele

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Time Room Seminar/Meeting Chair Speaker/Topic
0700-0800 Thompson Restaurant (private) Order of the Beaver breakfast Bill Walton
0800-0930 Bannerman (private) Order of the Beaver meeting Bill Walton Annual meeting
1000-1200 Bannerman RPSC Board Mtg (Private) Jim Taylor Board Meeting (private)
1000-1100 Herald Airmail Chris Hargreaves AAMS Catalog Revisions
1030-1130 Doll Military Mail Study Group Mike Street Jon Johnson - WWII Merchant Navy
1100-1200 Herald Newfoundland Study Group Dave Bartlet Show and Tell
1130-1230 Doll CALTAPEX Judges' Critique    
1200-1300 Herald      
1230-1330 Doll Fakes and Forgeries Study Group   Ken Pugh
1300-1400 Herald Postal Stationery Study Group Earl Covert  
1330-1430 Doll Faking by Fred Eaton   Ken Pugh
1400-1500 Herald Elizabethan Study Group Bob Elias  
1430-1530 Doll Philatelic Specialists Society Ingo Nessel Sandy Freeman - Development of Bolivian Airmail 1905-1945
1500-1600 Herald Pence-Cents Era Study Group   Ron Majors
1530-1630 Doll George VI Study Group   Gary Steele
1600-1700 Herald Large & Small Queens Study Group   Vic Willson - "Small Queen Stamp Usages"
1630-1730 Doll Pre UPU NS and Canada Jim Taylor Jim Taylor - Pre UPU usage NS and Canada

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Time Room Seminar/Meeting Chair Speaker/Topic
0800-0900 Herald BNAPS Annual General Meeting Eldon Godfrey - BNAPS President BNAPS Society business and members' meeting
0900-1030 Herald BNAPEX Judges' Critique    
1030-1130 Doll      
1100-1200 Herald BNAPS Judging Criteria Bill Walton  
1130-1230 Doll Revenue Study Group Fritz Angst  
1200-1300 Herald Precancel Study Group Andy Ellwood  
1230-1330 Doll Re-entries Study Group Dave Freeman Dave Freeman - "Re-entries"
1300-1400 Herald Regional Group Meeting Dave Bartlet  
1330-1430 Doll RPO Study Group Peter McCarthy  
1400-1500 Herald FDC Study Group    
1500-1600 Herald Study Group Meeting Ron Majors  

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