About the Admiral plate census

This Admiral plate census was compiled by Glen Lundeen. It includes material compiled in 2013 from six anonymous collectors and the following private collections:

  • Glen Lundeen
  • Don Parnell
  • John Smallman
  • Leopold Beaudet
  • Maurice Malenfant

It also includes the material sold at auction from the following collections:

  • "Bessemer" - Eastern Auctions, October 2013
  • "Hillside" - Sparks Auctions, Sale 13, 20-22 August 2013
  • "Pearl" (Stan Lum) - R. Maresch & Son, Sales 496-499, 24-26 September 2013
  • "Phillips" - Eastern Auctions, June and October 2013, and February 2014
  • Ron Brigham - 22 November 2014 (Back of the book & Sheets) and 6-7 March 2015 (Admiral Issue)

Click on the stamp to see the plate census for that stamp,
including paper, perforation, and surcharge varieties.

Image with the message About this plate census Admiral 1 cent green single Admiral 1 cent yellow single Admiral 2 cent carmine single Admiral 2 cent green single Admiral 3 cent brown single Admiral 3 cent carmine single Admiral 4 cent bistre single Admiral 5 cent blue single Admiral 5 cent violet single Admiral 7 cent bistresingle Admiral 7 cent red brown single Admiral 8 cent blue single Admiral 10 cent plum single Admiral 10 cent blue single Admiral 10 cent bistre brown single Admiral 20 cent olive green single Admiral 50 cent black single Admiral 1 dollar orange single Admiral 1 cent green War Tax single Admiral 2 cent carmine War Tax single Admiral 2 cent plus 1 cent carmine War Tax single Admiral 2 cent plus 1 cent brown War Tax single Admiral War Tax overprint single

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