CPS 2022 BNAPEX - Calgary 2 - 4 September 2022

Contacts    Personnes-ressources

BNAPS Co-Chairman Dave Freeman bnapexchairman@bnaps.org
CPS Co-Chairman Murray Bialek bnapexchairman@bnaps.org
Treasurer Dwayne Eadie bnapextreasurer@bnaps.org
Registration David Bartlet bnapexregistration@bnaps.org
Exhibits Dave Russum bnapexexhibits@bnaps.org
Seminar Coordinator (Study Groups) Ron Smith varfor@gmail.com
Dealer liaison and bourse chairman Ray Villeneuve bnapexdealers@bnaps.org
Souvenir cover sales David Bartlet bnapexsouvenirs@bnaps.org
BNAPEX Webmaster David Bartlet bnapexwebmaster@bnaps.org
Roommate Coordinator David Bartlet bnapexroomie@bnaps.org
General Information Requests David Bartlet CPS2022BNAPEXInfo@shaw.ca

Please include CPS 2022 BNAPEX in the subject line of emails for priority response.

Correspondence for CPS 2022 BNAPEX should be addressed to:
c/o Dave Freeman
Box 1478
Calgary AB T2P 2L6

Make cheques or money orders payable to CPS 2022 BNAPEX Exhibits Committee,
and mail to:
Calgary Philatelic Society (CPS 2022 BNAPEX)
c/o Dwayne Eadie
Box 1478
Calgary AB T2P 2L6

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