Vincent G. Greene Award

In April 1947, Vincent G. Greene donated a trophy to be presented annually to the author of the best article or series of articles appearing in BNA Topics [Yearbook for 1947, May 1947, pp. 12-13].

A Committee was formed to select each year's winner. Initially, the committee consisted of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, the members of the Board of Governors, and the Donor [BNA Topics, March 1948, p. 35]. Each Committee member selected the best, second, and third best article or series of articles authored by a member or members of BNAPS and published in BNA Topics during the year. Points were awarded for each ranking, and the article with the most points won.

In 1988, the process of selecting a winner was streamlined. The BNA Topics Editorial Board reviewed all articles published during the year and made a selection of those eligible. This list was circulated to the members of the Board of Directors who voted for the winning article or series.

Today the selection committee consists of the members of the Publications Committee, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the President, and the Past President. Each committee member ranks the article(s) by his or her first, second, and third choice. The first choice is awarded five points, the second three point, and the third one point. The article(s) receiving the highest number of points is the winner. The winner receives a pewter stein adorned with the BNAPS seal on which the year of the award and the recipient’s name are engraved. The award is funded by the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation.

Members of the selection committee use their own judgment in evaluating the article(s). There are no specific criteria. Factors that may enter into the ranking may include the original research contained in the article, the appeal of the article to a wide range of readers, and the importance and significance of the article to BNA philately.

The winners of the award are listed below. The year listed is the year in which the winning entry appeared in Topics. The award is announced at the BNAPEX convention the following year.

Year Author Article(s) in BNA Topics
2022 Anthony Thompson and John Wiseman “Canada’s 7¢ ‘bistre’ Admiral and its shades, Part II: Analytical description”, BNA Topics, Vol. 79, No. 4, Oct.-Dec. 2022
2021 Anthony B. Thompson “Newfoundland’s Moiré Patterned Bookend Paper 1937–1940”, BNA Topics, Vol. 78, No. 1, Jan.–Mar. 2021
2020 Jon Johnson “WWII Ocean-going Canadian Merchant Navy Postal History” – Part 2, BNA Topics, Vol. 77, No. 1, Jan.-Mar. 2020.
2019 Alexander Globe “Canada’s Post Office in the 1850s, and its multiple 4-ring stamp obliterators featuring the same number”, BNA Topics, Vol. 76, No. 1, Jan.-Mar. 2019, and
“Canada’s Post Office in 1869, and its multiple 2-ring stamp obliterators with the same number”, BNA Topics, Vol. 76, No. 3, July-Sept. 2019
2018 Chris Ellis The mysterious postal stationery card Webb Catalogue #P18b: New discoveries and insights. Part I
2017 Rick Parama Returned for War Tax: A second look (Parts I and II)
**** William Wilson Special award presented at BNAPEX 2018 for writing 93 “New Issues” columns in BNA Topics between 1991 and 2018
2016 David Piercey The “St John’s East” Post Office
2015 Larry Margetish Researching the Caricature and Landscape Issues at Library and Archives Canada, parts 1, 2, and 3
2014 Chris Hargreaves Update on the “D.w.” Covers, parts 1 and 2
2013 Anthony B. Thompson Two articles:
The Intaglio printing of Newfoundland's 1932-1941 Industrial issue by Perkins Bacon
Intaglio printings of the Newfoundland 1¢ “Pile of Cod” stamps
2012 Paul Binney A Re-examination and Classification of the GPO Triangles on Naval Mail from HMCS Avalon, St. John's Newfoundland
2011 Christopher D. Ryan Semi-official Distribution of Federal Revenue Stamps in the 1890s
2010 Brian T. Stalker,
H. M. (Mike) Street
Labrador Winter Mail - Challenges & Heroics - Mail Courier Ernest B. Doane's Crossings of the Strait of Belle Isle, 1910 & 1911 - A Centennial Tribute
2009 Charles G. Firby,
George B. Arfken
The Twelve-Penny Black Covers
2008 C. Ronald McGuire Communications Across the Atlantic
2007 Norris (Bob) Dyer The Man from Sandy Point
2006 P. Charles Livermore Thanks for the Smokes
2005 Christopher D. Ryan The Excise Tax on Cheques & Other Commercial Paper, 1915-53
2004 Colin Lewis Newfoundland Oporto
2003 Jean Walton,
Lola Caron
Magdalen Islands Postal History II. Post Offices
2002 C. Ronald McGuire Canadian Postal Guide Illustrated
2001 Dean Mario Newfoundland's Paid-All and Postage-Paid Markings: 1897-1948
2000 Christopher D. Ryan Law Stamps of Ontario and the Province of Canada
1999 Brian Murphy Covers Between British North America and Africa / British West Indies (series)
1998 David Whiteley The Foreign Exchange Control Board and the Canadian Post Office: 1939-51
1997 William Pekonen Map Stamp Chronology
1996 Norris (Bob) Dyer Newfoundland's 'Missing Three' Provisional - a Mirage?
1994 Christopher D. Ryan The Nature of, and Circumstances Surrounding the Printing of the First Issue of Canada's Bill Stamps
1993 George B. Arfken Several articles on different topics
1992 Melvin L. Baron,
Stan Lum
First Day Covers of the Classic Issues of Canada: Part 2 - First Day Covers
1991 Walter Plomish Various articles on airmail
1990 Robert S. Parsons Canada - West Indies Mail Service (three-part series)
1989 William C. Walton Newfoundland Postal Stationery: Some Additions and Corrections to the Pratt Article
1988 George B. Arfken A 2¢ Small Queen Bisect - Philatelic?
1987 E. R. (Ritch) Toop The Canadian Airgraph Service (multi-part series)
1986 Harry W. Lussey Various articles on different topics
1985 Robert H. Pratt Newfoundland Postal Stationery and Other Stamped Paper
1984 There were two winners this year.
Lewis M. Ludlow Jr The RPO Cowcatcher (series)
James C. Lehr Two articles on PEI philately
1983 Edward A. Richardson Canadian Military Postal History (series)
1982 C. Ronald McGuire Mail Transportation in Nineteenth Century Ontario (six-part series)
1981 Robert H. Pratt Newfoundland - The Postage Stamps of 1897 - A Tale of Two Secretaries (series)
1980 Maggie Toms Letters Exchanged via England between British North American and France
1979 Charles deVolpi Canada Domestic Rates and Postmarks (six-part series)
1978 Wally G. Gutzman Patriotic Post Card Series
1977 Allan L. Steinhart Various articles on different topics
1976 Allan L. Steinhart Various articles on different topics
1975 William G. Moffatt Rounding Up Squared Circles (series)
1974 Lewis M. Ludlow Jr The RPO Cowcatcher (series)
1973 Lewis M. Ludlow Jr The RPO Cowcatcher (series)
1972 Kenneth G. Rose Tagging Along (series)
1971 Horace W. Harrison Postal Stationery and the CPR (six-part series)
1970 There were two winners this year.
Fred Stulberg Toronto Branch and Street Post Offices (three-part series)
Max Rosenthal Series on early post offices
1969 Max Rosenthal Series on early post offices
1968 Max Rosenthal Series on early post offices
1967 A. Graham Fairbanks A Centennial Article (multi-part series)
1966 Max Rosenthal Series on early post offices
1965 Max Rosenthal Series on early post offices
1964 Max Rosenthal Series on early post offices
1963 Max Rosenthal Series on early post offices
1962 Lloyd W. Sharpe Various articles on different topics
1961 Stanley Cohen,
Horace W. Harrison
Numeral Cancels on Canada's Large Queens
1960 Edward A. Richardson Various articles on different topics
1959 Lloyd W. Sharpe The Origin, History and Postal History of the Canadian National Exhibition (series)
1958 E. A. Smythies Series of articles on cancellations
1957 Alfred Whitehead Rounding Up Squared Circles (series)
1956 Edward A. Richardson Various articles on different topics
1955 Daniel C. Meyerson Trail of the Caribou
1954 The Perfin Study Group Series of articles on perfins written by the Study Group
1953 Lloyd W. Sharpe Prisoner of War Mail - Canada (series)
1952 James C. Goodwin The Post Horn and Saddle Bag (series)
1951 William S. & Daniel C. Meyerson Various articles on Newfoundland material
1950 Murray Campbell Postal History of Red River, British North America
1949 William S. & Daniel C. Meyerson Pre-Adhesive Postal History and Postal Markings of Newfoundland
1948 Richard P. Hedley Early Canadian Railroad (series)
1947 William S. & Daniel C. Meyerson

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