Jack Levine Fellowship Award

Created in 1993, the Jack Levine Fellowship Award recognizes one or more “spark plugs” who have made major contributions to the success of a regional group. It is named in honour of Jack Levine who founded BNAPS in 1943 and was its Secretary until he passed away on 4 October 1974.

The criteria for the award include but are not limited to:

  • Dedication and support to the continuing work of a regional group
  • Creativity and energy in contributing to the programs and activities of a regional group
  • Long-term service and participation in the activities of a regional group

The award is a framed certificate that is presented at BNAPEX by the Vice President Regional Groups.

The BNAPS Regional Groups page lists the regional groups and their upcoming events.

2022 Nick Poppenk Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
2021 John (Jeff) Furlong Prairie Beaver Regional Group
2020 Mark Oakley Pacific Northwest Regional Group
2019 Hugo Deshaye Lower Canada / Bas Canada Regional Group
2018 Mike Street Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
2017 * * * Prairie Beaver Regional Group
The award was given to the Regional Group as a whole.
2016 Peter Fralick Pacific-Northwest Regional Group
2015 Geoff Newman Recognizes Geoff's outstanding contributions to the St. Lawrence Seaway Regional Group over the past twenty plus years.
The award was presented by President George Dresser at the St. Lawrence Seaway Regional Group meeting at ORAPEX 2015.
2014 No award
2013 Richard Judge Reinvigorating the Midwest Regional Group.
2012 No award
2011 Mark Isaacs Formation of the Florida Regional Group.
**** 2008 - 2010 No award
2007 Peter McCarthy Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
Honourable mentions:
Jack Forbes Jr
Joe Schlitt
Atlantic Provinces Regional Group
Golden West Regional Group
2006 Mike Street Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
2005 Cecil and June Coutts Pacific Northwest Regional Group
David Piercey Edmonton Regional Group
2004 Gray Scrimgeour Pacific Northwest Regional Group
**** 1997 - 2003 No award
1996 Ritch Toop St. Lawrence Seaway Regional Group
1995 No award
1994 Jeff Switt Prairie Beaver Regional Group
1993 No award

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