Philadelphia Group Trophy & Niagara Frontier Group Trophy

The Grand Awards given at the first two BNAPEX conventions were given the names of Regional Groups.

At the first BNAPEX convention, hosted by the Niagara Frontier Group in Buffalo in 1949, the Grand Award was named the Philadelphia Group Trophy.

At the second BNAPEX convention, hosted by the Philadelphia Group in Philadelphia in 1950, the Grand Award was named the Niagara Frontier Group Trophy.

After the first two conventions, the highest award was simply called "The Grand Award".

1949 William S. & Daniel C Meyerson The Philadelphia Group Trophy (Grand Award)
Newfoundland: Postal History; Pre 1900; After 1900; Airmails
1950 Walter W. Chadbourne Niagara Frontier Group Trophy (Grand Award)
Maritime Provinces

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