Cumulative Index to The Admiral’s Log, Nos. 1 to 19

Title Index

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1¢ Admiral Dies   (Leopold Beaudet)   12-11
1¢ Green Booklet Essay   (David Bartlet)   19-20
1¢ Green Dropped Transfer Roll   (Ralph E. Trimble)   18-74
1¢ Green Major Re-entry 12LR35 – Part 2   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-27
1¢ Green Misperf Vertically on a Postcard   (Peter Douglass)   17-27
1¢ Green, Retouched Die, Design Types   (Richard M. Morris)   14-11
1¢ Green Squat Printing Used on Postcard   (Peter Douglass)   17-143
1¢ Green Used on 4 January 1914   (original title)   (Yohann Tanguay)   18-73
1¢ Green Used on 4 January 1912   (corrected title)   (Yohann Tanguay)   18-73
1¢ War Tax Design Types   (Pierre Thibaudeau)   12-21
1¢ War Tax Major Re-entry on Plate 16   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-98
1¢ War Tax Plate Survey   (Leopold Beaudet)   12-24
1¢ Yellow Die II Imperforate   (Richard M. Morris)   12-27
The 1¢ Yellow Imperforates   (Glen Lundeen)   15-54
1¢ Yellow Precancel with Type D1 Lathework   (Adrian Ellis)   17-17
1¢ Yellow St. Thomas Precancel with Type D1 Lathework   (Yohann Tanguay)   18-75
1¢ Major Re-entry   (no author listed)   2-2
1T¢ War Tax Stamp, Die I: Are Sheets and Coils Spaced Differently?   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-148
1T¢ War Tax Stamp, Die I: Coil Stamp in Sheet Format, Perf 12 X 12   (Randall Van Someren)   18-146
2¢ Carmine Bisect on Christmas Postcard   (Robert Haslewood)   18-149
2¢ Carmine Bisect on Nova Scotia Postcard   (Peter Douglass)   18-149
2¢ Carmine Colour Study   (Richard Judge)   18-11
2¢ Carmine Design Type R15 ERD   (Randall Van Someren)   18-77
2¢ Carmine Experimental Die & Plates 87, 88, 90   (Richard M. Morris)   15-71
2¢ Carmine, Plate 4   (Leopold Beaudet)   10-3
2¢ Carmine Provisional Coil Design Type   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-79
2¢ Carmine with Engraver’s Slip and Curl Flaws   (Ralph E. Trimble)   17-34
The 2¢ Green Dry Printing on Thin Paper   (Charles Séguin)   16-93
2¢ Green Dry Printing with Type D Lathework   (John Smallman)   8-98
2¢ Green on Horizontal Wove Paper   (Yohann Tanguay)   18-102
2¢ Green Part Imperf – Wet Printing   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-38
2¢ Green Plate 167 on Thin Paper   (Charles Séguin)   17-36
2¢ Green, Plate 187   (Charles Séguin)   17-37
2¢ Green Thin Paper, Dry Printing   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-37
2¢ Green with Fredericton Precancel   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-104
2¢ Green with Strong Line at Bottom   (Randall Van Someren)   17-36
2¢ Green With Strong Line at Bottom – New Finds   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-103
2¢ Green with Type D1 Inverted Lathework   (Jonathan Woensdregt)   19-14
2¢ Red Bisect on Cover   (Graham Searle)   18-150
2¢ War Tax Design Types   (Pierre Thibaudeau)   15-90
2¢+1¢ Brown Die I Imperf with Punched Hole   (Richard Gratton, Leopold Beaudet)   17-99
3¢ Admiral Plate Survey   (Leopold Beaudet)   12-15
3¢ Brown Admirals with Spurs   (Randall Van Someren)   17-67
3¢ Brown Blob Flaw is Constant   (Bill Burden)   18-11
3¢ Brown Cracked Plate Flaws   (Randall Van Someren)   17-54
3¢ Brown Dry Printing   (Ralph Keir)   14-18
3¢ Brown File Marks Update   (Richard M. Morris)   18-111
3¢ Brown Gouge and Blob Flaws   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-75
3¢ Brown Gouge Flaw is Constant   (Leopold Beaudet)   8-11
3¢ Brown Plate 23 Imprint Material   (Leopold Beaudet)   14-25
3¢ Brown Plate 92   (Leopold Beaudet)   14-18
The 3¢ Carmine Imperfs from Plates 129-131   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-95
3¢ Carmine Part Perforate   (Jack Forbes)   17-87
3¢ Perf 12 Sidewise Coil?   (Richard M. Morris)   14-20
3¢ Plate 23 Retouches – Part 2   (Ed Beaubien, Leopold Beaudet)   13-38
5¢ Blue – 3UR22   (Randall Van Someren)   17-91
5¢ Blue Re-entry in C of CANADA, E of POSTAGE   (Ralph E. Trimble)   17-88
5¢ Blue With Doubled Design   (Ralph Keir)   14-31
5¢ Violet Plate Tectonics   (Leopold Beaudet)   13-45
The 6c UPU Postcard Rate Shortpaid to China   (Allan Steinhart)   2-5
7¢ Die Proof in Orange   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-140
8¢ Plate Flaws   (Richard M. Morris)   17-93
10¢ Blue with Type D Inverted Lathework   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-20
10¢ Plum – Type 1 and a Retouch   (Richard M. Morris)   18-143
10¢ Plum Discoveries   (Richard M. Morris)   14-37
10¢ Plum with 7UR19 Re-entry   (Bill Burden)   18-144
The 20¢ Orange   (Leopold Beaudet)   15-88
20¢ Re-entry on Plate 1   (Walter Krasowski)   17-93
The 1916 War Tax – 2c + 1c Brown Stamp   (no author listed)   4-12


Accent Over C of CENTS Flaw   (Charles Séguin)   16-20
Admiral Album Pages   (Peter Douglass)   18-12
Admiral and Other Changelings   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-44
Admiral Bisect Cover   (Andy Ellwood)   15-89
Admiral Booklet Pane Primer   (Leopold Beaudet)   10-7
Admiral Booklet Pane Types   (John Cooper)   10-12
An Admiral Cancel   (Robert Elias)   16-39
Admiral Corner Folds   (Leopold Beaudet)   12-28
Admiral Corner Folds – Part 2   (Leopold Beaudet)   13-59
Admiral Covers Displaying Human Errors in Usage   (John Watson)   6-6
Admiral Covers Displaying Human Errors in Usage (Part 2)   (John Watson)   7-4
Admiral Era Table of Rates 1912 to 1928   (Larry Paige, Allan Steinhart)   1-4
Admiral Imperf Pairs with Vertical Guide Arrows   (John Smallman)   19-5
Admiral Issue Centenary   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-17
The Admiral Issue of Canada – A Field for Specialization   (George C. Marler)   16-42
Admiral Literature   (Andy Ellwood)   10-7
Admiral Oddities   (Bob Bayes, Bill Longley)   2-4
Admiral Panes At Auction   (Leopold Beaudet)   10-16
Admiral Paper Creases   (Charles Séguin)   18-55
Admiral Plate Census   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-9
An Admiral Postage Due Stamp   (Peter Douglass)   18-152
Admiral Postal History   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-136
Admiral, Saskatchewan, Postscript   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-12
Admiral Stamps on Horizontal Wove Paper   (Leopold Beaudet)   13-54
Admiral Study Group Meeting at BNAPEX 2007 in Calgary   (Robert Haslewood)   16-12
Admiral Study Group Meeting at BNAPEX 2008   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-14
Admiral Study Group Meeting at BNAPEX 2009 – Kingston ON   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-9
Admiral Study Group Meeting at BNAPEX 2010 – Victoria BC   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-10
Admiral Study Group Meeting at BNAPEX 2011 – North Bay ON   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-15
Admirals: A Different View   (Andy Ellwood)   12-39
Admirals and Precancels   (Andy Ellwood)   14-39
Allan Steinhart   (no author listed)   2-6
Another 2¢+1¢ Brown Die I Imperf Pair   (Eirwyn Jones)   19-16
Another Vital Miscut   (R. Parama)   17-33


Back on Track/Articles Needed   (Bill Longley)   2-6
Back to the Past   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-135
Back to the Past – Again   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-22
Bahamas Special Delivery   (Robert Bayes)   3-8
The Best Take – Two Relief Breaks   (Randall Van Someren, Richard M. Morris, Leopold Beaudet)   17-65
Bisected 2¢ War Tax   (Neil Sipkes)   18-150
Blank “Admiral” Stamps   (Leopold Beaudet)   14-24
Block of Four With Cracked Plate Flaws   (Richard M. Morris)   17-59
A Blue 1¢ Green   (Richard M. Morris)   14-18
Booklet Stamps – Earliest Known Usage   (John Cooper)   11-17
The Booklet with Two 3¢ Brown Panes   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-103


Canada’s #133 - Fake or Genuine   (R. C. Martin)   5-10
Canada’s George V War Tax Stamps in Booklets   (Christopher D. Ryan)   17-120
Canada’s George V War Tax Stamps in Coil Form   (Christopher D. Ryan)   17-116
Canada’s Provisional War Tax Revenue Stamps   (Christopher D. Ryan)   17-123
The Case of the Missing Plate Number   (Leopold Beaudet)   14-16
The Case of the Missing Plate Number – Part 2   (Charles Séguin, Leopold Beaudet)   15-9
Census of 1¢ Green Re-entry 12LR35 – Reboot   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-57
Census of 3¢ Carmine Imperforate, Plates 129-131   (Charles Séguin)   18-125
Census of the 2¢ Carmine Plate 4   (Charles Séguin)   15-58
Census of the 2¢ Carmine Plate 4 – Addendum 1   (Charles Séguin, Leopold Beaudet)   16-90
Census of the 10¢ Brown Lathework   (Charles Séguin)   15-78
Census of the 10¢ Brown Lathework – Addendum 1   (Charles Séguin, Leopold Beaudet)   16-104
Chairman’s Comments   (Andrew Chung)   17-3
Chairman’s Comments   (Andrew Chung)   18-3
Chairman’s Comments   (Andrew Chung)   19-2
Chairman’s Comments   (Andy Ellwood)   5-2
Chairman’s Comments   (Andy Ellwood)   6-2
Chairman’s Comments   (Andy Ellwood)   7-1
Chairman’s Comments   (Andy Ellwood)   10-1
Chairman’s Comments   (Andy Ellwood)   11-1
Chairman’s Comments   (Andy Ellwood)   12-1
Chairman’s Comments   (Andy Ellwood)   13-1
Chairman’s Message   (Andy Ellwood)   9-1
Circular Rate during the Admiral Period   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-132
Coil Strips   (Hans Reiche)   8-5
A Colourful display of Scott #114   (Vic Willson)   5-9
Colours and Shades of the Admiral Issue   (Richard M. Morris)   15-22
Comments from the Chairman   (Andy Ellwood)   8-2
Comments Regarding Covers to UPU Destinations   (Vic Willson (interview with)   11-28
Commercial Use Coil Cover to France   (John Fretwell)   13-14
A Complete Booklet with Pyramid Lines   (David Bartlet)   19-22
Complete Pane of 3¢ Reversed Essay   (Leopold Beaudet)   15-19
Compulsory Registration to Great Britain   (Allan Steinhart)   3-10
Covers Deserve a Second Look   (Clinton Many)   4-10
Cracked Plate Interlude   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-58
Creased Admirals   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-22
Crescent Flaws   (Sandy Mackie)   15-16
Current Listing of Study Group Members   (Andy Ellwood)   7-8


Damaged, DLO Soldier Mail   (no author listed)   2-1
Defective Transfer on the 50¢   (Madhukar Belkhode)   17-96
Design Types of the 1¢ Green Original Die   (Sandy Mackie)   12-12
Design Types of the 1¢ Green Retouched Die   (Sandy Mackie, Leopold Beaudet)   13-18
Detecting Forged One-line Overprints on the 3¢ Carmine   (Neil Sipkes, Leopold Beaudet)   18-137
Die Proofs of the 1¢ and 2¢ War Tax   (Charles Séguin)   16-107
Die Proofs of the Admiral Issue   (D. G. Lundeen)   1-5
The Difference Between Type D and D1 Lathework   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-18
Discovery Pane - 1¢ Green Booklet Pane, Type BR-4, Vert Wove   (John Cooper)   12-8
Distinguishing Wet and Dry Printings   (Richard M. Morris)   16-38
Domestic Postcard Rates of the Admiral Period   (John Watson)   14-49
Double Paper Variety – Postscript   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-34
Double Paper Variety on 3¢ Carmine   (Yohann Tanguay)   15-21
Dramatic Paper Crease on 2¢+1¢ Brown   (Anonymous)   12-41
A Dry Re-entry   (Richard M. Morris)   15-18


The Earliest 2¢ Vertical Coil   (Allan Steinhart)   3-12
Early 2c Coil Use   (Allan Steinhart)   2-2
Early Date on 1¢ Green   (John Watson)   13-16
Early dates for the 1¢ Green   (Karl Siemens)   18-71
Editor’s Notes   (Bill Longley)   1-3
Engraver’s Slip on 3¢ Brown Sidewise Coil   (Madhukar Belkhode)   17-79
Errata – 5¢ Blue Articles in the Last Log   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-90
Excise Luxury Tax of 1920 paid by Admiral Postage Stamps   (Christopher D. Ryan)   17-110
Excise Luxury Tax Postscript   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-11
An Extraordinary Re-entry on the 1¢ Green   (Randall Van Someren)   19-6


Fantasy Overprints   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-97
Fifth 8UR34 Re-entry on 3¢ Brown Sidewise Coil   (Leopold Beaudet)   8-123
Fifty-cent Admiral Blocks Paying the Federal Excise Tax on a Stock Transfer   (Christopher D. Ryan)   12-41
File Markings on the 3¢ Brown   (Richard M. Morris)   17-40
Final Note from the Editor   (Jim Kirch)   4-12
Five Pyramid Guidelines on a Booklet Pane   (Robert Traquair)   17-100
Flat Versus Curved Plates in the Admiral Series   (Charles Neyhart)   18-52
Flaws on Plate 1 of the 50¢   (Walter Krasowski)   17-94
Foreign Acknowledgement of Receipt Card   (Robert Bayes)   3-9
Four Flaws and a Question on the 10¢ Plum   (Randall Van Someren)   18-141
Fourth Copy of Re-entry on 3¢ Brown SR4 Coil   (Richard M. Morris)   17-84
The Frederick T. Norris Admiral Collection   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-27
From the Editor’s Desk   (Patrick Durbano)   3-1
From the Editor’s Desk   (Jim Kirch)   4-1
From the Editor’s Desk   (Jim Kirch)   5-1
From the Editor's Desk   (Jim Kirch)   6-1
From the Editor's Desk   (Jim Kirch)   7-1
From the Editor’s Desk   (Jim Kirch)   8-1
From the Editor’s Desk   (Jim Kirch)   9-1
From the Editor’s Desk   (Leopold Beaudet)   10-2
From the Editor’s Desk   (Leopold Beaudet)   12-2
From the Editor’s Desk   (Leopold Beaudet)   13-2
From the Editor’s Desk   (Leopold Beaudet)   14-1
From the Editor’s Desk   (Leopold Beaudet)   15-2
From the Editor’s Desk   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-3
From the Editor’s Desk   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-4
From the Editor’s Desk   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-4
From the Editor’s Desk   (Leopold Beaudet)   19-3
From the Files   (Tom E. Almond (see errata 11-4)   4-7


German Inflation Postage Due   (Allan Steinhart)   3-6


Hairlines On War Tax Stamps   (Jim Watt)   11-27
Hans Reiche   (Andy Ellwood)   8-1
Horizontal Line Flaw on 10¢ Blue   (Michael D. Smith)   19-17


Identification of 10¢ Blue on Horizontal Wove Paper   (Don Krause)   13-50
Imperf and Part Perf 2¢+1¢ Brown   (John Smallman)   19-15
Imperf Vertical Pair   (Ian Kimmerly, Leopold Beaudet)   15-14
Imperial Oil Advertising   (no author listed)   1-1
Incredible Admiral Decalomania Essays   (Bill Longley)   1-1
Inflation Postage Due in Austria   (Allan Steinhart)   2-3
Informal Summary of the Fiscal Use of Admiral Postage Stamps, 1915-1923   (Christopher D. Ryan)   17-106
Inking Variety on Two-line Surcharge   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-36
Interesting Coil Covers   (John Fretwell)   14-47
Irregular Vertical Line on 2¢ Carmine   (Simon Taylor-Young)   18-78
Issue Dates for Three Series of Canada’s War and Excise Tax Stamps   (Christopher D. Ryan)   17-112


Lathework Du Jour   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-15
Lathework Type D1   (John Jamieson, Jennifer Denman)   15-14
Let’s Do It   (Bill Longley)   1-2
Letter from Daniel Rosenblat to Stan Lum, 23 Feb. 1999   (Daniel Rosenblat)   13-15
Letter to the Chairman   (Sandy Mackie)   7-2
Letter to the Chairman   (Tom E. Almond)   7-2
Letter to the Editor   (Robert Bayes)   7-3
Letters & Notes   (no author listed)   13-11
Letters & Notes   (no author listed)   14-8
Letters & Notes   (no author listed)   16-12
Letters & Notes   (no author listed)   17-13
Letters & Notes   (no author listed)   18-9
Line of Dots Flaw   (Richard M. Morris)   15-18
Lovely Lathework, Vital Miscut   (Charles Séguin)   15-16


Machine Cancels   (Hans Reiche)   8-5
Major Re-entry on 10LL91   (Sandy Mackie)   14-13
Major Re-entry on 10LL91   (Charles Séguin)   15-12
Major Re-entry on 161LL69   (Randall W. Van Someren)   16-22
Major Re-entry on 228UR49   (Richard M. Morris)   16-22
Major Re-entry on 3¢ Brown Coil, Type SR1   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-80
Major Re-entry on 3¢ Brown Coil, Type SR4   (Randall Van Someren)   17-82
Major Re-entry on Plate 2   (Richard M. Morris)   16-41
Major Re-entry on Plate 16   (John Jamieson)   16-40
Major Re-entry on the 3¢ Carmine   (Richard M. Morris)   18-124
Major Re-entry, 12LR35   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-15
A Medley of Fiscal Cancels   (Peter Douglass)   17-107
Members’ Letters   (no author listed)   8-2
Membership   (no author listed)   1-8
Membership Dues   (no author listed)   4-5
Minor Misperf Variety   (Leopold Beaudet)   15-21
Minor Misperf Variety – Postscript   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-37
Miscut Booklet Panes   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-20
Misperf 2¢ Carmine   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-35
Misperf Pair   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-37
Monthly Supplement to Canada Postal Guide   18-9
More Admiral Covers – Scarce Single Frankings   (Robert Bayes)   17-131
More Articles Needed   (Patrick Durbano)   3-12
More Circular Rate Bulk Payment Forms   (Randall Van Someren)   18-151
More Miscut 2¢ Carmine Booklet Panes   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-34
More Mystery Markings on the 3¢ Brown   (Randall Van Someren)   17-62
Mystery Markings on Admiral Stamps   (Leopold Beaudet, Richard M. Morris)   16-47
Mystery Markings on the 3¢ Carmine   (Randall Van Someren)   17-87
Mystery Marks on the 2¢ Carmine and 2¢ Green   (Randall Van Someren)   18-88


A New Admiral Discovery   (Hans Reiche)   3-5
New Colour Guide for the Admirals   (Andy Ellwood)   8-4
New EKUs on Admiral Stamps   (Richard M. Morris)   12-25
New ERD for 1¢ Green Design Type R6   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-69
New ERD for 2¢ Carmine from Plate 4   (Karl Siemens)   18-76
A New File Mark Pattern on the 3¢ Brown   (Randall Van Someren, Richard M. Morris, Leopold Beaudet)   18-107
New Information about the 3¢ Reversed Essay   (Rob B. Turner)   16-33
New Mystery Mark on 7¢ Red Brown   (Richard Hautala)   19-16
New Printing Order Number on 7¢ Bistre   (Charles Séguin)   14-34
New Re-entry on the 3¢ Brown   (Richard M. Morris)   16-29
New Reports of Major Re-entry on 5¢ Blue   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-89
No Less Than Three Misplaced Entries of the 3¢ Brown   (Richard M. Morris)   17-70
Note on ‘A Precancel Oddity’   (Warren Bosch)   16-19
Notes on Postal History   16-39
Notes on the 1¢ Green   14-11
Notes on the 1¢ Green   16-15
Notes on the 1¢ War Tax   16-40
Notes on the 1¢ Yellow   15-14
Notes on the 2¢ Carmine   15-16
Notes on the 2¢ Carmine   16-20
Notes on the 2¢ Green   15-14
Notes on the 2¢ Green   16-22
Notes on the 2¢+1¢ Brown   16-41
Notes on the 3¢ Brown   14-18
Notes on the 3¢ Brown   15-17
Notes on the 3¢ Brown   16-27
Notes on the 3¢ Carmine   15-21
Notes on the 3¢ Carmine   16-34
Notes on the 5¢ Blue   15-21
Notes on the 5¢ Blue   16-36
Notes on the 5¢ Violet   16-37
Notes on the 7¢ Red Brown   16-38
Notes on the 50¢   16-38


An Odd 1¢ Yellow Variety   (Leopold Beaudet)   19-20
An Olive Green 3¢ Brown and the 1¢ Chrome Yellow   (Richard M. Morris)   14-19
On Active Service Overseas Mail   (A. Sandy Mackie)   5-7
The One Cent Green on Greyish Paper   (Hans Reiche)   7-6
Orange Overprint Essay   (Yohann Tanguay)   16-34
Original Die with Straight Edges   (Leopold Beaudet)   14-11


Pane of 3¢ Reversed Essay – Postscript   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-33
Paper Creases on 2¢ Green and 5¢ Violet   (Peter Douglass)   17-21
Peculiar Bulk Mail Receipt   (Jack Forbes)   17-134
The Phantom R-GAUGE   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-35
The Phantom R-GAUGE on the $1.00   (John Smallman)   19-19
A Philatelic Phable   (Max Harrow)   8-7
Plate 7 Re-entry   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-38
Plate Flaw?   (Ralph Keir)   14-19
Plate Flaws on the 2¢ Green   (Richard M. Morris)   16-26
Plate Flaws on the 3¢ Brown   (Richard M. Morris)   16-30
Plate Flaws on the 3¢ Brown   (Randall Van Someren)   17-69
Plate Flaws on the 5¢ Blue   (Richard M. Morris)   16-36
Plating Cracks, Inch by Inch   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-121
Pre-print Crease on the 1¢ Green   (Richard Hautala)   17-21
A Precancel Oddity   (Leopold Beaudet)   15-10
Precancels on Registered Mail   (Stan Lum)   14-46
Presentation Booklets of the Admiral Issue   (Jerome C. Jarnick)   3-2
Preserving Study Group Newsletters   (P. Charles Livermore)   16-13
Pricing of 3¢ Admiral Sheet Stamps   (Leopold Beaudet)   11-6
Proposal for Classifying Flaws   (Bill Burden)   18-13
Pyramid Guidelines on Booklet Panes   (Leopold Beaudet, John Jamieson)   16-78
Pyramid Lines on Booklet Panes – Addendum 1   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-100


Question Regarding Parcel Rate to UK   (John Watson)   11-38
Quick Index To Marler   (Pierre Thibaudeau)   12-10


A Really Really Early Date   (Randall Van Someren)   18-139
Re-entries and Retouches on the 1¢ Green   (Sandy Mackie)   15-25
Re-entries for Trade   (Bill Burden)   18-14
Re-entry on 3¢ Sidewise Coil   (John Jamieson, Ralph E Trimble, Leopold Beaudet)   16-31
Re-entry Reminiscences   (Warren Bosch)   15-24
Registered Postcard to Roumania   (Tom E. Almond (see errata 11-4)   4-7
Registered Rates of First Class Matter to the United Kingdom in the Admiral Period   (John Watson (see errata 11-4)   9-2
Registered Third Class Mail   (Clinton Many)   5-5
A Relief Break – Take 1   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-27
A Relief Break – Take 1 Again   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-66
A Relief Break – Take 2   (Richard M. Morris)   16-29
A Relief Break – Take 3   (Richard M. Morris)   17-63
A Relief Break – Take 4   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-64
A Relief Break – Take 4 Again   (Randall Van Someren)   18-122
Relief Break on 1¢ Green Perf 12 Endwise Coil   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-72
Retouched 3¢ Brown from Plate 23   (Don Krause)   12-18
Reversed Reverse 3¢ Admiral Essay   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-77
Rural Mail Delivery Service – Part 1   (Sandy Mackie)   12-44
Rural Mail Delivery Service – Part 2   (Sandy Mackie)   14-56


Scarce 2¢ Green Lathework   (John Jamieson, Leopold Beaudet)   18-99
Scarce and Unusual Lathework   (Leopold Beaudet)   14-21
Scott #131 iv – The Toronto Experimental Coil   (C. Coleman)   6-10
Shade Analysis   (Ralph Trimble)   18-14
Shilling Mark of 1¢ Green Sheet Stamp   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-70
Shilling Mark on the 1¢ Green Endwise Coil   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-26
Short-Paid U.P.U. Mail to China   (Allan Steinhart)   4-6
Shortpaid Mail to Germany 1912-1928   (Vic Willson)   11-29
The Smoking Admiral – 10¢ Bistre Brown   (Jim Jung)   19-18
Some Admiral Covers   (Robert Bayes)   6-8
Some Colourful Items   (Robert Bayes, Vic Willson)   4-9
Some Colourful Philatelic Covers   (Robert Bayes)   7-7
Some Observations on Colours and Printing   (Robert Bayes)   9-8
A Specialised Admiral Priced Catalogue   (Hans Reiche)   6-3
Stamp Colour Reproduction   (Hans Reiche)   8-3
Stitch Watermark on 1¢ Green and 2¢ Carmine   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-24
Strange Markings on the 50¢   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-97
String of Dashes on 3¢ Brown Design Type 10   (Ralph E. Trimble)   17-60
String of Dashes on 3¢ Brown Design Type 11   (Randall Van Someren)   17-61
String of Dashes on 3¢ Brown Nailed Down   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-122
Strong Flaw Behind King’s Head   (Ralph E. Trimble)   16-27
Strong Re-entry on RE1 Stamp   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-23
Study Group Membership Status   (no author listed)   10-3
Study Group Membership Status   (no author listed)   11-5
Suggested Study Group Project   (D. G. Lundeen)   1-2
Survey of 3¢ Carmine with Orange Overprint   (Charles Séguin)   17-85


Tagged Admirals?   (Bill Longley)   1-7
The Ten Cents Bistre-Brown Precancel   (Hans Reiche)   6-3
Thread Variety on 5 Cent Blue   (Madhukar Belkhode)   17-92
Three 1 Green Flaws   (Randall Van Someren)   17-25
Three 5¢ Blue Re-entries   (Leopold Beaudet)   16-99
Three Admiral Bisects   (Stan Lum)   16-109
Three Admiral Letter Flaws   (Randall Van Someren)   17-78
The Three Cents Carmine Re-entries   (Hans Reiche)   6-2
The Three-Cent Brown, Perf. 12, Endwise Coils   (Robert Bayes)   4-8
The Three-Cent Carmine   (Robert Bayes)   4-11
Three Tiny Dots   (Richard M. Morris)   16-23
Too Much Lathework   (Leopold Beaudet)   14-16
Transfer Roll Flaws on 2¢ Green Sidewise Coil   (Randall Van Someren)   17-39
TransPacific Cover to Harbin, Manchuria   (Bob Bayes)   1-3
Tribute to Sandy Mackie   (Richard M. Morris)   17-13
Trouble with the 10¢ Plum Shades   (Michael Scoles)   18-144
Two Airmail Covers   (David H. Whiteley)   6-5
Two-Cent Carmine Booklets   (Robert Bayes)   5-6
Two Examples of the 2¢ Green with Type D1 Inverted Lathework   (Graham Searle)   18-101
Two New Plate Cracks on the 3¢ Brown   (Randall Van Someren)   18-119
Two paper Creases   (Bill Burden)   18-55


Unique Imperforates   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-23
Unresolved Admiral Problems   (Hans Reiche)   4-3
Unsolved Mysteries I Lathework on the Dry Printings of the 2c Green   (D. G. Lundeen)   1-7
Unsolved Mysteries II 1c Yellow Imperforate   (D. G. Lundeen)   1-7
An Unusual Cover   (Andy Ellwood)   8-7
An Unusual Handstamp   (Robert Bayes)   4-12
UPU Admirals   (Bob Bayes, Bill Longley)   2-4
UPU Destinations for the 1912-1928 Period   (Vic Willson)   9-3
UPU Problem Cover   (John Watson)   11-32
UPU Rate Covers   (Sandy Mackie)   11-34
Used Pair with 12LR35 Re-entry   (Yohann Tanguay, Leopold Beaudet, Ralph E. Trimble)   15-11


Values of Admiral Plate Material   (Hans Reiche)   5-2
Vertical Line on Cover of 2¢ Carmine Booklet   (Robert Traquair, Leopold Beaudet)   17-102
A Very Early Coil Paste-Up   (R. Parama)   17-31
A Visit with Mr. Norris   (Frank W. Campbell)   18-25


War Tax as Postage Due   (Bill Longley)   2-6
War Tax Cancels During the Admiral Period   (Hans Reiche)   8-6
War Tax in Switzerland   (Allan Steinhart)   3-4
A Wet Re-entry   (Richard M. Morris, Leopold Beaudet, Ralph E. Trimble)   15-17
What is Admiral Postal History?   (John Watson)   9-6
What Is It and What Am I Missing?   (Clinton Many)   6-4
What’s with Plate 57 of the 2¢ Carmine?   (Leopold Beaudet)   18-76
When a Post Office Dies, What of the Post?   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-144
Where are all the Admiral Re-entries?   (Leopold Beaudet)   17-16
Wither Goeth the Study Group   (Andy Ellwood)   4-2

Compiled by Randall W. Van Someren
August 2018

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