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About the ORE

What is the ORE?

The Online Resources and Exhibits (ORE) area of the BNAPS website explores the philately of British North America (BNA). The topics covered encompass postage stamps, postal stationery, postage meter stamps, permit stamps, stampless mail, postal history, revenue stamps and their usage, ephemera, and cinderellas. BNA includes Canada, its provinces and territories, and the former colonies that joined Confederation.

What is in the ORE?

ORE focuses on overview, tutorial, and reference material in contrast to BNA Topics and the BNAPS study groups, which focus on specialized topics and detailed research.

The ORE content takes on several forms:

  • Books, handbooks, and longer articles that provide overview, tutorial, and reference information on specific collecting areas
  • Short articles on specific topics
  • Online exhibits of specialized areas of BNA philately
  • Links to noteworthy BNA material on other websites

Longer expositions typically describe the material available in some collecting area, provide background information, explain technical terms, recommend references for further specialization, etc. Shorter articles focus on some aspect of a specific topic. Online exhibits disseminate knowledge and expertise in some specialized area to a wider audience than is possible at the venue of a stamp exhibition.

Who is the ORE for?

The ORE caters to both beginning and experienced BNA collectors. The goal is to guide and encourage collectors who:

  • Have chosen what they want to collect and are searching for information in their area of interest.
  • Are browsing for ideas and possibilities and want to explore "what's out there".

Who manages the ORE?

The ORE is managed by the BNAPS ORE Committee. We appreciate your comments on the ORE articles and exhibits. Do you have suggestions for improvement? Ideas for new contributions? A distinctive exhibit on a subject not currently covered? If so, please contact us.

All contributions have been produced by, and are the responsibility of, the authors. Questions and comments should be sent to the author, either directly or through the ORE Committee.

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